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18 Appetizing Quotes From Food Wars To Help You Remember The Anime By

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Food Wars is one of my favorite anime for a couple of reasons.

  • I love competition, and I’m a competitive person.
  • Food Wars has a lot of “business” lessons and references.
  • It’s one of the most engaging anime of its kind.

And there isn’t an anime that competes with it, since “food” is a rare focus for an anime series in general.

But that’s what makes the quotes, commentary, moments and characters so interesting. Good enough for me to share some of the best quotes the anime has to offer.

If you love Food Wars, here are 18 quotes worth sharing…


The Best Food Wars Quotes:


1. Soma Yukihira Quotes

Soma Yukihira Quotes 4

“This is just my opinion but…I feel that those who recognize one right way will never go beyond and reach truly amazing things. But more importantly… the journey is no fun if you know where you are going.” -Soma Yukihira


Soma Yukihira Quotes 5

“Repeating trial and error and failing many times… it’s that process which makes the dishes shine.” – Soma Yukihira


Soma Yukihira Quotes 6

“You’re so pitiable, you don’t know the true joy of cooking. That’s why you can laugh, in those kinds of matches you just steal your opponent’s pride with a superficial win… I’ll never accept a cook like that.” – Soma Yukihira


Soma Yukihira Quotes 7

“Ermm… I’m Soma Yukihira. Truth be told, I didn’t expect to be admitted in this academy. I don’t plan on losing to some bunch who never stood in front of clients. I’ll use all of you as stepping stones. Now that I’m here, I’ll take the top.” – Soma Yukihira


Soma Yukihira Quotes 3

“Don’t think of unnecessary things, just make a dish that suits you!” – Soma Yukihira


Soma Yukihira Quotes 1

“I just want to eat food created by all sorts of chefs…and compete with them. The more people there are who make things completely different from my dish, the more fun it gets. I want to protect that kind of environment.” – Soma Yukihira


Soma Yukihira Quotes 2

“Do me a favour and stop deciding other people’s happiness for them.” – Soma Yukihira


Soma Yukihira Quotes

“You’re right, I’m just a piddly low life diner cook. And you may be the princess of the food world and possess the god tongue. But ya know, if you just sit at the table playing the critic, you’ll never grow in the kitchen.” – Soma Yukihira


2. Joichiro Yukihira Quotes

Joichiro Yukihira Quotes

“The trick to being a good chef, is the right woman. A woman who will make you a better man. Better at cooking. Better at everything.” – Joichiro Yukihira


3. Erina Nakiri Quotes

Erina Nakiri Quotes

“I understand what you are getting at father. And, as such… I have decided that I must relinquish my position as tenth seat. From now on I am just… just plain old Erina.” – Erina Nakiri


4. Azami Nakiri Quotes

Azami Nakiri Quotes

“By this time tomorrow, all shall be complete. This is Japan’s gourmet food kingdom and I am its new king.” – Azami Nakiri


5. Akira Hayama Quotes

Akira Hayama Quotes

“No…he is still hiding something. Even though he isn’t using any of the special spice to add into the aroma…What is it? What is the source of the complicated aroma?” – Akira Hayama


6. Hinako Inui Quotes

Hinako Inui Quotes

“When they’re faced with unknown situations, human’s field of vision suddenly narrows; their thoughts grow dull, and they make the wrong choices. This assignment is just a preliminary test. Chefs that stumble with something like this – aren’t needed in Tōtsuki.” – Hinako Inui


7. Megumi Tadokoro Quotes

Megumi Tadokoro Quotes

“I’ve always been saved by Soma and the way he faces anything positively. Today he is not here to save me like those other times but he is also fighting right now. I don’t know if I’ll able to do it by myself, but… Soma, today just lend me your courage!” – Megumi Tadokoro


8. Satoshi Isshiki Quotes

Satoshi Isshiki Quotes 1

“It’s finally here Tadokoro… the day you take flight from your small, small garden.” – Satoshi Isshiki


Satoshi Isshiki Quotes

“You were always a diligent girl who would steadily learn and master all sorts of techniques… but the other side of that is, you were merely recreating exactly what you have been taught. You never even stopped to consider the true nature of things. Will people enjoy the soba that I will make? Will the flavors really be conveyed to the people who eat it? You had no regard for such things, that is why you lost to Soma before the match even began.” – Satoshi Isshiki

Satoshi’s quote towards Alice Nakiri after she loses to Soma.


9. Alice Nakiri Quotes

Alice Nakiri Quotes

“Cooking is an art itself. It’s something that shines more beautifully as you hone it.” – Alice Nakiri


10. Kojiro Shinomiya Quotes

Kojiro Shinomiya Quotes

“If you want to grow, just look above you. There are plenty of people perfect to serve as fodder for your growth.” – Kojiro Shinomiya

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