70+ Character-Defining Monogatari Quotes To Help You Remember The Anime

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Monogatari quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Hitagi Senjougahara.
  • Meme Oshino.
  • Tsubasa Hanekawa.
  • Shinobu Oshino.
  • Kaiki Deishu.
  • Nadeko Sengoku.
  • Araragai Koyomi.

Monogatari, produced by Studio SHAFT, is a demon series with mystery and thought provoking elements.

It’s the kind of anime that makes you think about what you’re watching, and that’s why the quotes are so compelling to begin with.

Let’s talk about that.


The BEST Monogatari Quotes:


1. Meme Oshino Quotes

“No person exists that is just virtuous, and kindness is only something piled on the outside. There are no humans with just virtue and fairness. Rather, they try to be that and just build up stress.” – Meme Oshino


“It’s not like people only look for help by saying “please help me.” In similar vein, it’s not like you’re only in love with someone if you say “I love you.” Everyone has things they can’t say on impulse.” – Meme Oshino


Meme Oshino Quotes

“If praying does not work, and words are ineffective… what’s left is to fight.” – Meme Oshino


“I am not going to take sides, I am neutral. I am talking about standpoints here, that is all. Miss Class Representative (Hanekawa Tsubasa) has her point of view and her parents have their own. There is no way for an outsider to know which of them is right. Actually, there is not a right one in the first place. It is just about who is easier to agree with.” – Meme Oshino


“I don’t think much of you for sending a girl your age to the place where a weird man lives.” – Meme Oshino


“People have to save themselves. One person saving another is impossible.” Meme Oshino


2. Koyomi Araragi Quotes

“It’s impossible for someone to replace someone else.” – Koyomi Araragi


“If they find out what you did there, a lot of people will say a lot of things to you. Some will say you did the right thing. And some will say you did the wrong thing. But that’s not what matters. No matter what anyone says, you don’t have to worry. Because you didn’t do the right thing, and you didn’t do the wrong thing. It was all part of being young.” – Koyomi Araragi


“If I can, I’d like to bring back what she has lost, what she threw away.” – Koyomi Araragi


“People save themselves on their own. Nobody can ever save anyone else.” – Koyomi Araragi


“How can someone who seeks a reason from another person be right? While you’re forcing that reason on someone else, how can you take responsibility?” – Koyomi Araragi


“If you’re going to selfishly admire someone only to be disillusioned later, then maybe you shouldn’t try to get to know them better at all.” – Koyomi Araragi


“How does one figure out if they’re in love with a member of the opposite sex?” – Koyomi Araragi


“It isn’t just “others”. Not “others”. It’s my Family. I’ll force my ideals on my family. And since they’re family, I’ll lie to them. I’ll deceive them. I’ll cause them trouble. I’ll make them worry. I’ll owe them things, things I’ll never be able to repay. However, I think that’s okay. If you say that being an impostor is evil, then I will shoulder the burden of that evil. If lying is a bad thing, then I’m fine being the bad person. I don’t need them to like me. I’m fine with being the worst kind of person.” – Koyomi Araragi


“But being optimistic isn’t a bad thing, is it? It’s not like you’re doing anything bad. It’s also not like you’re cheating either.” – Koyomi Araragi


“You may be unfortunate, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. You may not be blessed, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw a fit over it. Even if bad things happen to you, just be strong!” – Koyomi Araragi


“I’m bothered by the very fact that people exist, but you’re an exception.” – Koyomi Araragi


“That’s what I call smallness as a human being. No matter how much I’m irritated by it, I can’t do anything about it. It’s not complex, just stunted. Because as a human being I’m small, or something.” – Koyomi Araragi


“The impostor is an impostor because it can’t be distinguished from the real thing. The proof of its falsity is in its resemblance to the real thing.” – Koyomi Araragi


“Come on. I don’t like this trend of explaining anything and everything about my love life. It’s impossible.” – Koyomi Araragi


“You…. Could it be that you’re just an idiot?” – Koyomi Araragi


“Even if mistaken, even if cruel, even if stupid, if many people acknowledge it, I found out that it can become the right thing. I found out that righteousness was able to be infinitely mass-produced. I found out that righteousness was established by the number of people. I found out that maneuvering for a majority was everything.” – Koyomi Araragi


“I don’t want that kind of twisted love.” – Koyomi Araragi


“There’s no point in having physical strength alone. The real deal needs to have mental strength and will.” – Koyomi Araragi


“The first requirement of being a hero isn’t being right. It’s being strong. That’s why the hero always wins.” – Koyomi Araragi


“I just want to relieve my sexual frustrations. All I feel towards a cat eared high school girl in her underwear… is lust.” – Koyomi Araragi


3. Senjougaharaa Hitagi Quotes

“Curiosity is like a cockroach. It likes to stumble upon secrets that are supposed to stay hidden.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“Unfortunately, a psychotic virgin, starved for love and likely to fall for anyone who would be a little nice to her, has set eyes on you.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“I am not a friend of justice. I am an enemy of evil.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“Kindness can sometimes translate to hostility.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“A fake with more power than the real thing is more dangerous than the real thing.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“Different conclusions are reached when one fact is viewed from two separate points of view. When that happens, there is no immediate way to judge which point of view is the correct one. There is no way to conclude one’s own conclusion is the correct one. But for that exact reason, it is also premature to decide one’s own conclusion is wrong.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“It’s like I’d want to ask what justice is doing right now if it existed in this world. Well, justice is empty and ineffectual.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“To have something you detest is about as important as having something you love. Yet you accept everything that comes in your way. Because if you like anything and everything, they all end up being the same thing in the end.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“In romance, you tend to end up looking for someone who resembles you.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“Those who get fooled are partially at fault.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“Anything at all. Just this once I’ll fulfill whatever your wish is. Whether it’s world conquest, or eternal life, or to defeat the Saiyans that are coming to earth.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“Fine. I’ll correct myself. I have no experience. I’m a virgin. More to the point, the only kind of girl who’d talk to an unappealing virgin like you are late-bloomer virgins like me!” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“If anyone else kills you, I’ll kill that person.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“Did you know every time you sigh, a little bit of happiness escapes?” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“You’ve got nice solid childbearing hips, so I think you’re sure to have healthy babies.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“My abusive language is alchemized through 40 kg copper, 25 kg of zinc, 15 kg of nickel, 5 kg of ice that keeps my cool, and 97 kg of spite.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“I told you, anything is OK, like saying you want me to end all my sentences with “nyu” for a week. Or that you want me to not wear underwear to school for a week. Or that you want me to wake you up every morning for a week, wearing nothing but an apron.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“If I fail to make my every-minute reports, a gang of 5,000 brutes will attack your whole family.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“Right now, I’m afraid of losing you. Although my life hasn’t been very fortunate until now, I’m glad if I caught your eye because of that misfortune. Because of that, I was able to fall for you. So we’ll definitely do something, but I want to wait just a bit. So, right now, the last thing I can offer you… Is this starry sky.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“By the way, Araragi-kun… I’ve never broken up with a man before. Hence, I won’t be breaking up with you either.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“Don’t move. Oh, my bad. I mean, you can move if you want, but it’d be very dangerous.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“They say a woman is better off with an unloved man, versus a man who loves her.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“Don’t call me “this chick”.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I’m worried about you. But if you don’t come back I’ll never forgive you.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“In our society, letting others find out that you’re a nice person is a very risky move. It’s extremely likely that someone would take advantage of that.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“I’m surprised you know such useless things. This is the first time since birth that I’ve admired you.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“Because of my carelessness Araragi-kun realized that his brain is slower than others.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


“A creature like you having a brain residing in his skull…is already a miracle in and of itself.” – Senjougahara Hitagi


4. Tsubasa Hanekawa Quotes


“I don’t know everything. I just know what I know.” – Tsubasa Hanekawa


“Someone saying that they are happy doesn’t necessarily mean that they are happy, right?” – Tsubasa Hanekawa


5. Shinobu Oshino Quotes

“No matter what bonds you forge with others, time will tear them apart. Well… Doesn’t thinking about it make you sick?” – Shinobu Oshino


“It’s difficult to change the world on your own, but twisting it a little might not be all that hard.” – Shinobu Oshino


“It’s not good to expect too much, but you can’t do anything if you’re being overly pessimistic. If you just wait thinking it’s useless, nothing will come of it.” – Shinobu Oshino


“The sun is my enemy, but the moon has been good to me.” – Shinobu Oshino


“We can’t let the past be mere water under the bridge. Even so, there’s no reason that we can’t come together.” – Shinobu Oshino


“There’s no reason a fake can’t do what the real thing would. And it’s possible for a fake to be more real than the real thing.” – Shinobu Oshino


6. Daishu Kaiki Quotes

“The past is just the past. There’s no inherent value in getting over it or catching up to it.” – Daishu Kaiiki


“Oh, right, Senjougahara. I’ve got a great story to tell you. It’s about that man who tried to rape you way back. He was hit by a car and died in a place with no connection to you, in an event with no connection to you. Without any drama at all. That’s the lesson for you here: You shouldn’t expect your life to be like the theater.” – Daishu Kaiki


“Even if the truth is as one suspects, it may still be worthless.” – Daishu Kaiki


“Humans have a desire for truth or they have a desire to what they know is the truth. In other words, what the truth is exactly second to that. Be careful of what is the truth and what is lie. In other words, always doubt yourself. Harbor an inner devil as you read along… and I won’t forget to add that by that point, you might have already fallen into my trap.” – Daishu Kaiki


“Romance can strengthen people, but it can also make them useless.” – Daishu Kaiki


“Just as there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved by being right, there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved by money.” – Daishu Kaiki


“The fake is of far greater value. In its deliberate attempt to be real, it’s more real than the real thing.” – Daishu Kaiki


7. Nadeko Sengoku Quotes

“You’re all grown up, so you won’t feel dirty looking at my body, right?” – Nadeko Sengoku

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