5 Of The Biggest Anime Companies In The UK You Should Know About

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Ever notice how “small” anime companies are in the UK, compared to the USA? Even if we’re talking about “anime” in general, a UK company is the last thing to come up in conversation.

We haven’t got to that point yet on a global scale (not like the BBC has for British Television).

I’m not here to say why that is…

Today I want to talk about (and share) some of the biggest anime companies contributing and making a difference. Some of which are pretty big, and others in between…


The Top UK Anime Companies:


1. MVM Entertainment

mvm films uk

MVM Entertainment call themselves: “the leading supplier of all things anime” for over 20 years. According to Twitter.

One things for sure though: MVM Entertainment has been in business for a long time. Specializing in anime DVD’S.

MVM Entertainment is the parent company, with the “actual” business being done over at Anime-On-Line.

MVM Films started out in 1998.


2. Animatsu

animatsu screenshot

Animatsu Entertainment Ltd is a UK distribution and production company.  Focusing on DVD’S of anime films and TV shows.

The company was founded in 2015 by Jerome Mazandarani and Andrew Hewson.

At the moment they have a couple dozen anime series you can buy, like Golden Time, Parasyte and Attack on Titan.


3. Manga UK

mangauk company

Despite the name, Manga UK is not what you think. They’re actually licensors and distributors of anime films and TV shows. On an international scale.

They also publish news often for the anime community in the UK and beyond.

According to their about page:

Manga UK successfully handled international sales for the award-winning animated feature, IN THIS CORNER OF THE WORLD”.

Out of all the companies on this list, they have the biggest social media following by far.

The company started in 2007.


4. Animax TV

animax uk company

Animax UK is an alternative to Crunchyroll for UK fans. They don’t have a catalogue of shows comparable to Crunchyroll, but it’s UK dedicated none the less.

Animax is actually a company found all over the world, in places like France, Germany, India (previously), and other countries.

It’s owned by the Sony Corporation.


5. Anime Limited (All The Anime)

all the anime uk

All The Anime is similar to Manga UK. Selling, licensing and distributing anime dvd’s, films and TV series. They also sell cinema tickets to upcoming anime films on their website.

Similar to Manga UK, they run their own blog and publish anime content related to their businesses.

The company was founded by Andrew Partridge in 2013. And is based in Glasgow, Scotland.


Make sure you check out these companies if they have something you want. And of course, if you’re a native in the UK.

On another note:

If you’re like me and you’re wondering why there are so few anime companies in the UK… here’s a question:


Why Is the UK unrecognized in the global anime market?

All 5 of these companies are known in the UK to somebody. But they’re not known in the sense that no matter who you ask, everyone knows them…

Why is that? Why is it the UK has so few licenses, too many restrictions and almost no alternatives to Crunchyroll, Funimation and other types of anime businesses?

Why is the catalogue of anime shows so small compared to the USA in particular? Surely it can’t just be the fact that America is larger, right?

I recommend you read these 2 posts for more info on that:

Why Anime Is NOT Popular In The UK Compared To USA & Japan

The Anime Industry Has A SERVICE Problem


Do you have anything else to add?

Share your thoughts in the comments about anime in the UK, or anything relevant to this post.

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Rahul Francies
Rahul Francies

This is one do my digital art please do suggest if there is any corrections

Rahul Francies
Rahul Francies

I am Rahul
I love animies
And i love to draw animies
Watching animies really relaxes my stress , sadness
I love drawing animies .
Animies motivates me and i start drawing
I would love to draw animies to improve the animation industry make animies famous
Thank u


I think the UK hasn’t supported anime content as much as it is enjoyed in the US or Japan because of the differences in cultures. Japan could afford to churn out anime content because of the cost of production, and the US had access to the resources to replicate Japanese animation content to a high standard. The UK has always preferred live action television and movie entertainment because of our history with theatre, the cost of production was cheaper to use actors and cameras, and we couldn’t hire armies of artists. I think for any British-made Anime to be successful… Read more »


am form the uk and I love anime. I have been working on my own anime story but don’t know what to do with it. Like where to get it published etc.

Reply to  Liban

Get your key scenes illustrated. It gives you way more leverage to getting investment, production and publishing.
An anime costs about £200,000 per episode or about £4,000,000 per film.
and make sure your anime has the option for expansion. If it is successful, and people want more, you can drag it out and sell merchandise.

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