The Most Thought Provoking Quotes From “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”

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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Quotes from the following characters:

  • Makoto Konno.
  • Kazuko Yoshiyama.
  • Chiaki Mamiya.
  • Kosuke Yoshiyama.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is an anime movie with some thought-provoking lines. And inspiring quotes that will leave an impression on you after watching it.

Let’s focus on that in this post so you can come back and forth for inspiration whenever you need it.

Here’s the quotes.


A List Of Quotes From The Girl Who Leapt Through Time:


1. Makoto Konno Quotes

makoto konno quotes

“Time waits for no one.” – Makoto Konno


makoto konno quotes 1

“When I’m not lucky, I’m really not, but I usually am, so it balances out.” – Makoto Konno


makoto konno quotes 2

“You don’t get to choose who or when you meet. However, you do get to choose who you hold onto.” – Makoto Konno

Image source: Zero Chan Makoto Konno


2. Chiaki Mamiya Quotes

Chiaki Mamiya quotes

“I’m not meant to let people who live in the past know about time leaps, I broke that rule. That’s why I won’t be able to see you again.” – Chiaki Mamiya


Chiaki Mamiya quotes 1

“There was a painting I desperately wanted to see. No matter how far away it was or what sort of place it was in. No matter how dangerous. I wanted to see it. Unfortunately in my time the painting had already been destroyed and before these times its whereabouts were unknown. The only place where there was an accurate record of it was in this present era, in this place. It was here, in this season. All I needed was to see it. I was going to remember it for the rest of my life.” – Chiaki Mamiya


3. Kazuko Yoshiyama Quotes

Kazuko Yoshiyama quotes

“Sometimes all it takes to fall in love is the guts to try.” – Kazuko Yoshiyama


4. Kosuke Quotes

Kosuke quotes the girl who leapt through time

“It’s not that rare. Many girls do it at your age.” – Kosuke


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