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Some Of The GREATEST Sakamoto Desu Ga Quotes That Are Full of Wisdom

sakamoto reading
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Sakamoto Desu Ga (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto) quotes:

  • Sakamoto.
  • Ryou.
  • Kubota Yoshinobu.
  • Hayabusa Shou.
  • Fukase.

Sakamoto Desu Ga  is a comedy series about Sakamoto, the “perfect” student who seems to do everything in a perfect way.

But underneath the shenanigans there’s a slightly more meaningful message that give birth to some good quotes.

Here are all the best quotes worth highlighting from the series!


Ultimate List Of Sakamoto Desu Ga Quotes:


1. Hayabusa Shou Quotes

Hayabusa Shou quotes

“However rough the waters in the outside world may be, to find your own lighthouse and swim for it is only logical, isn’t it?” – Hayabusa Shou


Hayabusa Shou quotes 1

“I’m here because I don’t like to be tied down. So you should decide for yourself who you want for your friend.” – Hayabusa Shou


Hayabusa Shou quotes 2

“If I have to win through underhanded means, I’d rather just stand right here until I die.” – Hayabusa Shou


2. Fukase Quotes

fukase quotes sakamoto

“Don’t you think forcing people to help with something pointless is far more cruel?” – Fukase


fukase quotes sakamoto 1

“Looking back on the past is a dangerous thing. It’s nothing more than an attachment.” – Fukase


3. Sakamoto Quotes

sakamoto anime quotes

“When you aim to reach high places, you may find yourself on narrow footing and feel disheartened. And then your confidence will falter, and you will find it ever harder to believe in yourself. If you ever feel that you can’t believe in yourself, please believe in your friends.” – Sakamoto


sakamoto anime quotes 1

“Mankind is a very interesting species.” – Sakamoto


sakamoto anime quotes 2

“Even if they’re only a year older, shouldn’t we respect and serve our elders?” – Sakamoto


sakamoto anime quotes 3

“When faced with a decision… At such times, we must choose only one option and it can be very confusing. When that happens, simply using your head and charging straight into the obstacle is a fine option.” – Sakamoto


sakamoto anime quotes 4

“Accomplishing a shared goal under tense circumstances causes distance between people to naturally close.” – Sakamoto


sakamoto anime quotes 5

“If you have no money, I believe all you can do is work.” – Sakamoto


sakamoto anime quotes 6

“At times, you will probably lose sight of your life goals, as well. When that happens, instead of panicking, why not try indulging in a hobby? Then a new, or perhaps an old, goal might grow stronger, and stronger, into a rousing fortissimo.” – Sakamoto


4. Ryou Quotes

ryou sakamoto quotes

“Have a dream that you can achieve within your lifetime!” – Ryou


5. Kubota Yoshinobu Quotes

Kubota Yoshinobu quotes

“I understand now… What I really need to protect isn’t myself, much less my money. It’s my pride.” – Kubota Yoshinobu


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