6 Of The Best Full Metal Panic Quotes You’ll Love As A True Anime Fan

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Full Metal Panic is one of the more memorable mecha shows of the last 2 decades.

What makes it so different? I’m not here to share that. But what I will say is: the chemistry between the main characters is enough to kill yourself laughing. While at the same time, inspire, encourage and help you relate to their characteristics.

If you’re a fan of Full Metal Panic and look forward to the NEW season, here are some FMP quotes worth sharing.


Full Metal Panic Quotes:


#1 – Sousuke Sagara Quotes

“I’ll let you go this time but if I see you doing this again, I’ll come after you and all your relatives.” – Sousuke Sagara

If you understand the context and ridiculousness of this quote, it’ll make you laugh. Especially when you consider how uneducated Sousuke is in social situations.


“I’m not a nerd, I’m a specialist.” – Sousuke Sagara

While it’s an interesting perspective, it’s technically true.


“Wait! If you cut off negotiations, it can only lead to war. Accept a truce, and I will listen to whatever you have to say. Let’s work toward a compromise!” – Sousuke Sagara

This quote is of Sousuke when talking to a dating sim he’s playing in FMP.

Basically he’s losing at the game, and as usual he takes it too seriously.


“Yes I’ve used a condom before. They can store up to 1 liter of water.” – Sousuke Sagara

Only a guy who’s an expert in military combat could say something so ridiculous and extraordinary. As weird as it is, he knows his stuff!


#2 – Kaname Chidori Quotes

“I don’t have any regrets. I’m glad I met you, Sousuke Sagara.” – Kaname Chidori


“Life has its ups and downs, so just cheer up okay?” – Kaname Chidori

Life is about balancing the bad with the good, and staying sane while we’re at it!


Is there anymore Full Metal Panic quotes worth adding?

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