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5 Of The Saddest Naruto Moments That Will Make You Cry

Naruto is one of the best anime I’ve ever seen. It hits you on many levels, emotionally.

Naruto has several moments of inspiration, thrill, intrigue, suspense and many more dimensions of human experience is fulfilled in this wonderful series.

Just like any other great series Naruto has many moments where it will make most people tear up.

Here I will be listing out 5 moments from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden which will make you cry.

Although, there are more than 5 moments where a person might cry, I am only listing out 5 to make it more precise and list the main events.

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Another thing to remember is that every emotional scene might hit differently as it depends on the person and how sensitive they are. Not to mention under what circumstance they would cry.

It also depends on whether a particular emotional scene is relatable to the audience and every individual which inevitably will become a popular emotional scene.

Nevertheless, the moments that I’ll be listing are the ones where majority of the viewers have teared up. 


Sad Naruto Moments (Non-Ranking Order):   


 1. Naruto Talks to Zabuza 

naruto kakashi zabusa fight |

This might not seem emotional for many people but the main reason is because of the artistic perfection portrayed by Kishimoto.

This was the first arc of the entire series. Kishimoto just grabs us into the world of Naruto through the first arc which is the “Land of the Waves” arc.

Through great characters such as Zabuza and Haku this arc has several dimensions that most people will miss in their first watch.

This arc teaches us many things such as:

  • loyalty
  • perseverance
  • devotion to a person
  • self-sacrifice.

haku naruto zabusa arc |

Near the end of the arc, we see Haku sacrifices his life for the only person he ever lived and devoted his life to protect.

Haku’s life has a tragic beginning and ending as he was always used as a tool. Yet when he died, he was happy that he died protecting Zabuza.

Whereas Zabuza didn’t seem to care about his death and always thought of Haku as a tool.

We get a good and mature talk from Naruto which as a first-time watcher it hits you emotionally.

Naruto breaks Zabuza emotionally.

We see some of the best quotes from Zabuza where he tears up for Haku knowing what he sacrificed.

This is masterful writing by Kishimoto where he gets us emotionally in the very first arc. The Land of Waves is one of the best arcs in the series and it teared me up when I first watched it.      


 2. Jiraiya’s Death 

YouTube video

Jiraiya’s death was one of the most painful deaths to watch for majority of the audience.

Jiraiya is a fan favourite and his death happens midway through shippuden which was kind of a shock for a lot of people.

I consider Jiraiya’s death as an absolute perfection as Kishimoto succeeds in showcasing the emotion and pain behind Jiraiya’s sacrifice.

Jiraiya while fighting Pain had a chance to escape when he was in the toad stomach using a reverse summoning. But Jiraiya being himself wanted to find Pain’s true identity and help Naruto protect himself.

Jiraiya fully aware that he will be killed faces all the Six Paths of Pain and dies after finding out the true identity of Pain.

This was a very well-done scene and it is one of the most emotional scenes in Naruto.

jiraiya vs pain battle |

What’s more painful about this scene is that Jiraiya dies believing that Naruto is the child of prophecy and he eventually will save the world.

Because of his unforeseen death, Jiraiya never gets to see the Legend Naruto becomes.

It is painful to know that Jiraiya never knew how powerful Naruto became and he was the teacher of the Seventh Hokage and the Strongest Shinobi of All Time.

Kishimoto refrained from reanimating Jiraiya because he thought he couldn’t redo his death as he felt Jiraiya’s death was done perfectly.

Jiraiya’s death was perfectly executed and I tear up whenever I watch it.

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 3. Naruto Becomes the Hero of The Leaf

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This isn’t a sad or a painful emotional scene. Some watchers might not even think of this as an emotional scene.

For those who’ve been connected with Naruto from the first episode, you’ll tear up after watching Naruto becoming the hero.

This is not just for Naruto fans but anyone who has been watching a spoilt brat that Naruto was, to this Hero that saved the village from complete annihilation.

We see Naruto from his darkest days of loneliness, sadness and sorrow rising to these levels of greatness. We as audience feel like a proud parent watching our child achieve greatness.

Naruto Becomes the Hero of The Leaf |

As for the scene it is another masterclass by Kishimoto where he successfully connects Naruto’s tragic childhood from part 1 to Naruto being a Hero in part 2.

We as fans can’t stop crying feeling proud and happy when we see the entire village come to Naruto and lift him up as the hero of the village.

Naruto deserved this and it was one of the best scenes of the entire series.

When I watched it for the first time, it left me in a state of Euphoria.   


4. Minato and Kushina’s Death 

minato and kushina death |

This is probably the most emotional scene of the entire series. No matter how sensitive you are and no matter how many times you watch it this scene will break you into tears. 

Naruto never met his parents as a kid.

He always wondered who are his parents and how they looked.

Naruto doesn’t straightway recognize her but catches on to the way she talks and how she repeatedly says “Dattebane”.

Then Kushina talks about the day Naruto was born and how were they killed. This flashback brilliantly delivers amazing fight scenes backed by badass showcase of Minato’s abilities.

This includes how he defeats Obito using his FTG and Rasengan. We see what The Fourth Hokage and The Yellow Flash of the Leaf is capable of and how he fights.

There are many subtle moments where we see both Minato and Kushina looking great as characters. 

Minato and Kushinas Death |

Soon the flashback shifts into an emotional tone which is gut wrenching to watch. Minato and Kushina get stabbed by Kurama and Kushina delivers the most emotional farewell speech to Naruto.

Kushina basically tries to tell Naruto everything a mother would teach her child.

Despite having less time, she tries to tell Naruto what to eat, how to study, to work hard, be careful with Jiraiya, find a woman like her etc.

It is very painful to hear all of this as we know Naruto never gets to experience life with such wonderful and caring parents.

Kushina’s speech is one of the best farewell speeches in Anime history and credits again goes to Kishimoto


 5. Naruto Says Goodbye to Minato 

YouTube video

This happens at the end of the War when team 7 successfully seals Kaguya thus, ending the war.

The reanimation jutsu is undone and it is time for Minato to go to the afterlife. Minato wishes Naruto Happy Birthday as they end the war in the morning of Naruto’s 17th Birthday.

Naruto not really sure what to say to him basically answers Kushina’s speech to him.

Naruto answers and refers to every single line spoken by Kushina and says although, it was really hard for him in the beginning and he really struggled to find happiness. Now he is doing alright.

Then Naruto says how he lived every day from waking up, to studying, training and working hard to achieve his dream.

He also mentions about his friends and how he is still having trouble with one friend (Sasuke).

Naruto goes on tearing up midway on how hard things were and he wishes that he had some time with them.

Near the end Naruto tells Minato that to tell his mom that he is doing great and to tell her not to worry and breaks down crying.

minato smile proud of naruto |

Minato smiles being proud of the Son that they have and says “I will” and the reanimation gets undone.

Although, this scene has similar dialogues as to the previous scene involving Kushina, it still holds huge gravity in its emotion and the words spoken.

We see Naruto tries to reply and communicate with his mother but can’t. Replying to everything his mother says Naruto wishes that it would have been great to have his parents in every moment of his life.

He tears up knowing this is not possible, and finally saying farewell to his mother and Father fully aware that he will never see the ever again. 


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