Attack On Titan Is The Most Popular In These 25 Countries!
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Attack On Titan Is The Most Popular In These 25 Countries!

Attack On Titan has been consistently killing it ever since it released around 2013-2014. It slowed a bit before the release of S4 due to the big gap in time, but it’s risen once again and has staked its claim.

With that said, there’s enough data to focus on:

  • Where the most popular AOT fans are in the world.
  • Which countries are the most fanatical about AOT.

And everything else in between. So let’s do that.

Data is taken from Google, which processes billions of searches on a daily basis.

attack on titan statistics google anime |

Let’s get to it.


Top 25 Regions/Countries by Popularity (Attack On Titan):


1. Philippines

Philippines Flag Country


2. Thailand

Thailand Country Flag


3. Hungary



4. Vietnam

vietnam flag red

5. Puerto Rico

puerto rico flag logo


6. Singapore

singapore flag


7. Malaysia

1920px Flag of Malaysia.svg

8. Indonesia

indonesia flag medium


9. Tunisia

tunisia flag


10. Canada

canada flag logo


11. United States

Flag of the United States


12. Morocco

morocco flag


13. Bulgaria

bulgaria logo country |


14. New Zealand

new zealand logo


15. United Arab Emirates

united arab emirates flag logo


16. Kuwait



17. Algeria

algeria flag


18. Australia

Australia flag


19. Jordan

jordan logo country e1645049105149 |


20. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

21. Bangladesh

Bangladesh flag


22. Norway

norway flag logo


23. Serbia

serbia logo |


24. Egypt

egypt logo e1645048886738 |


25. Ireland

ireland logo country |

attack on titan map google anime statistics |


Did your country make it to the list of top 25 for Attack On Titan? Either way, share your country in the comments!

Source: Google Trends



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