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The Future Of Anime: Big Changes We’re Likely To See Because Of Technology

Image courtesy of Deviant Art Artist: Vashperado.

What does the future of anime even look like?

And how can we know what will happen in future?

The best way to change the future is to start changing it in the present.

And a lot of that is already happening.

Will anime art change in the future?

We’re unlikely to see big changes with anime art, because that’s done by artists.

You can’t “manufacture” art after all. You can’t manufacture creativity either. And you can’t use technology to create unique, sophisticated anime characters and designs.

Especially not to the extent that artists and creatives are able.

Art and creativity will always come down to artists, whether done through technology or pen and paper.

BUT… what we will see is changes in other areas of the anime industry. And these changes will be driven by technology for the most part.

Here are my thoughts on what’s to come in future…


How Technology Will Change The Anime Industry:


1. Integration with holographic technology

The Future Of Anime: Big Changes We're Likely To See Because Of Technology
Hologram of Hatsune Miku on stage.

How will that happen? No idea.

But it’s easy to imagine an experience where it feels like you’re able to reach out, connect, and “touch” anime characters on screen.

So imagine you’re watching Dragon Ball Z for example.

The way I picture it is: while you’re watching DBZ, you’ll be able to interact with the characters. As if they were sat right beside you.

And possibly even shake hands with the characters on screen. As a result of Holographic technology, or a mixture of other tech that makes the impossible into something possible.

Or maybe with the use of Holographic tech, you’d be able to pause an anime show, and have the character projected as a hologram in real life.

Giving you the opportunity to interact with that character in multiple ways.

From what I can imagine, there are so many different possibilities. 

And it’s easy for me to see something like this happen in the future.

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2. Realistic visual experiences

The Future Of Anime: Big Changes We're Likely To See Because Of Technology
Image courtesy of wallpapermaiden.com

With technology, it’s easy to imagine the art style being able to “pop out” because of realism and graphics.

This is likely to happen through innovations with Television screens, computer screens, and any type of screen that allows you to “watch” an anime series.

And maybe innovations with production as well when creating an anime series.

So imagine you’re watching your favorite anime series.

Now imagine the experience is so “real” that it feels as if you’re in the same room as the anime characters.

I’m not sure “how” this will come about, but in my mind the picture is clear.

And with the way technology is growing, it won’t surprise me when something like this is possible.

I can only imagine how mind-blowing it will be to experience it first hand.

That takes me to my next point….

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3. Virtual Reality

The Future Of Anime: Big Changes We're Likely To See Because Of Technology
This is already happening as we speak, and will come to fruition in no time.

Within the next 10 years Virtual reality will be so big it’s unbelievable to think about.

But I digress.

At some point in the future, virtual reality will be common place in the anime industry.

I can imagine it being an “addition” to the anime you’re watching. Kind of like an accessory that helps you better experience the “main” product.

And if that’s true, just imagine what it would feel like to explore the worlds of your favorite anime shows.

Through nothing more than a virtual reality headset.

In general, VR is used for virtual worlds created by the creators.

But In the anime industry I believe they can take it even further. By taking the worlds seen in anime’s, and planting it into a virtual reality headset for fans to experience.

You can only imagine how much more powerful it would be to experience your favorite characters in “real” life.

And in a way it would help you connect on an even more emotional level.

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How do you think technology will change the future of anime?

Share your thoughts with me! 😉

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