The BIGGEST Struggles And Annoyances Of Being An Anime Fan

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There’s no industry like anime in the entertainment business.

It’s the only form of entertainment where dealing with a**holes and stereotypes is SO commonplace. Because of bullsh** propaganda.

Just like what happened with the gaming industry in the 80’s or 90’s.

Or even Hip Hop in the 80’s and 90’s as well.


It makes things “irritating” for your average anime fan

You can’t even have a normal conversation with anyone because of how anime is perceived. So most fans stay in the closet because it’s not worth the headache.

Personally I don’t care either way. But it doesn’t change the fact that I have to deal with it as an anime fan. And you can relate.

So with that said, there’s a couple of reasons why this is the case that I’m gonna talk about.

Which you’ll understand in a heartbeat…


The Biggest Struggles Of Being An Anime Fan:


1. Finding people who “share” your interests

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I know some of you will say “that’s what anime conventions are for” or even anime forums and groups on the internet.

But let’s be honest: even THAT can be a pain. Because of toxic anime fans who think they’re better than you for having different tastes.

And just because you share interests in anime doesn’t mean you’re “on the same page” anyway.

Then there’s the fact that your normal, everyday person shuns anime without a second thought. Almost as if they believe they’re psychic or 100% certain anime is a load of sh**, despite not giving it a chance.

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Finding a level-headed, non-judgmental person who “shares” your anime interests is hard work.

Blame it on brainwashing. Blame it on toxic beliefs. Blame it on whatever.

But it does exist and it’s a legitimate annoyance you’ll have to deal with as an anime fan.

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2. Having others put you in a “box” and judge without context

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It’s shocking how people judge without context… in general. Meaning people judge you without understanding anything about WHAT they’re making assumptions about.

And this is especially true in the anime industry.

A quick Google search will prove it, with suggestions like:

  • Anime is for losers.
  • Does anime cause autism?
  • Anime is for weirdos.
  • Is anime for autists?
  • Does anime cause depression?

anime is google search suggestions

This is the reason a lot of fans “stay in the closet”.

The thought of saying “I’ watch anime” terrifies people. Especially the younger audience in the anime community.

And I absolutely get it. People are bullied for their differences, shamed, ridiculed and abused.

The idea that anyone could like “Japanese cartoons” as they like to say, is too absurd and down-right strange to take seriously.

Hence why you’re judged without context, and shoved into a “box” full of weirdos who are just like you, apparently.

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3. Dealing with Ignorance

I had a conversation about anime this year.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what happened:

Them: “So what do you watch for entertainment?”

Me: “I watch anime.”

Them: “ANIME? But that’s Japanese. You aren’t Japanese?! (starts laughing)”

Me: “……”

Them: “You don’t watch anime Hentai do you? I heard about it.”

and you thought there was never a girl online subtitles

The problem with being an anime fan? The sheer ignorance, narrow-minded and one-sided mentality.

How most people think it’s this lewd, “Hentai”” thing, or whatever bullsh** some loser has spread to those who don’t know any better.

You almost can’t talk to anyone about it, WITHOUT it turning into a stupid conversation.

The thing is: the person I had this conversation with wasn’t even trying to be an asshole.

But like many people who don’t understand anime… they could be interpreted that way, because it’s easier to be ignorant than it is to open your mind and “try to understand”.

It always blows my mind and I’m left speechless, and never for the right reasons.


4. Not being able to watch ALL your favorite anime, legally

kakashi facepalm naruto

You know how the anime industry is by now. And that’s true even if you’re “new” to the anime community.

  • Watching ALL your favorite anime, legally, is impossible.
  • Legal websites don’t offer enough, and it’s partly not their fault.
  • No legal site offers more than 1000 anime shows. Especially not permanently.
  • And so – we use pirate sites like KissAnime and 9Anime to get our “fill” without restrictions.

This is even worse if you’re in a country where anime is basically non-existent.

I’ve talked to 100’s, probably 1000’s of anime fans about this all over the world. And it always shocks me (though it shouldn’t) how terrible legal streaming services are.

Especially outside the USA and Japan.

And that leads me to my next point…


5. Coming across messages like “this can’t be viewed in your country”

Funimation Screenshot Not Available In Your Country not available in your country sony anime

I know you’ve seen it before. I mean sh*** – even I’ve seen it before, and I’m in the UK of all places.

It’s even worse in countries like:

  • India.
  • Pakistan.
  • Parts of Europe.
  • Brazil.
  • Mexico.
  • Australia.

And so many other countries and cities all over the world.

This issue comes back to licensing, and how sh**ty it is when it comes to distribution, laws, rules and regulations.


Different companies hold different licenses

And that creates a ridiculous problem for anime fans. That’s why “this can’t be viewed in your country” is so common and annoying.

Because licenses to anime shows aren’t distributed to “one” company, and because licensors don’t stream their own shows… This is the predicament we’re in.

This will be true for the near future as well. Until innovation and change rolls into the picture.


Can you think of anymore “annoyances” as an anime fan?



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