10 Head-Scratching Questions About Anime (That Will Make You Giggle)

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Sometimes I slap myself to make sure I’m not losing my marbles. Because some of the questions (and statements) I’ve seen about anime… make no sense to me.

The kind of questions that leave you asking… Is this REAL life? And where the F do these outrageous questions come from?

It’s obvious the anime industry has a level of respect equal to a piece of dog sh** on the pavement, when judged through the eyes of “society”.

And these questions (mostly discovered through Google) show it.


10 Mind-Boggling Anime Questions People Ask Online:


1. is anime bad for your brain?

is anime bad for your brain google search

Where did this question come from, and who convinced this person to even “think” such a thing is real?

Answer: anime is a piece of entertainment. So if entertainment is bad for your brain, than yes. I suppose it is.

But that makes me question what “anime” is going into your brain in the first place.


2. can anime cause seizures?

can anime cause seizures google search

Just so we’re clear – this is the definition of a seizure:

“a sudden attack of illness, especially a stroke or an epileptic fit.”

A seizure is no laughing matter. Your body loses control and what follows isn’t sexy.

Answer: if entertainment, films, batman or Superman cartoons can cause seizures… than yes.

But in all seriousness: this is a joke, right?


3. can anime make you depressed?

can anime make you depressed google

Misinformation is everywhere in our society. Especially when someone has a hidden agenda and the common sense of a stone

Anything can make you depressed, including video games, TV, films and even binge-shopping.

But that’s a lie. Depression is a personal issue. Caused by your own thoughts, feelings, actions and suffering.

And other people’s B.S like bullying.


4. does anime cause autism?

does anime cause autism google

Now you’ve heard it all. Autism is a funny but serious topic that pops up in the anime community, all the time.

From my perspective – I can’t wrap my head around how these questions are even conjured up.


5. Is anime a drug?

is anime a drug google search

OK. Fair enough. I’ll admit it: anime is a drug and I get high off it everyday.

Jokes aside – Negative addictions can be classed as drugs, so it’s a matter of perspective and your state of mind.


6. Is anime a sin?

is anime a sin google

Well that depends,

If you ask the witches cult in Re:Zero about “sins”, I’m sure they’ll have a boat load of bullsh** to spoon feed you.

But if we’re talking about anime itself, ironically – I can imagine the only person who would believe this, is a religious cult trying to brainwash the masses.

Or an online cult of trolls who’ve got nothing going on with their lives.


7. Is anime a religion?

is anime a religion google search

You could call anime a religion. But that’s an ugly word to paint something as trivial as entertainment with.

Anime is a culture, a Japanese form of entertainment. But at times – It kinda does feel like a religion because of all the politically correct B.S I’ve come across.


8. Does anime make you dumber?

does anime make you dumber google

I’ve been watching anime for years now. I watched DBZ as a kid.

I know a few people in the anime community who from where I stand – seem like reasonably smart people.

But there are trolls and elitists who run around the anime community, preaching their superiority bullsh** in a desperate attempt to get attention.

So maybe anime does make you dumb, but only if you’re an idiot to begin with.

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9. Does anime cause mental illness?

does anime cause mental illness google search

Oh I don’t know – if it does, I guess I’m mentally ill. As are a large portion of the anime community. Including Akira Toriyama (and other industry influencers).

But in all seriousness – you have to wonder who’s going around, infecting people with the belief of anime causing mental illness.

It makes no sense.


10. Does anime cause violence?

does anime cause violence google search

We’ve all heard this argument before. Video Games, even in 2019 still get criticized for “causing violence” by incompetent losers looking for something to blame.

And in the screenshot above – there’s a website that has nothing to do with anime, talking about whether anime violence is helpful or a hindrance.

If this belief is more common in the anime community than I thought, than I can only wonder what these people’s hidden agenda is.

Saying anime causes violence is like saying Homer Simpson causes people to “lose a few brain cells”.

This argument is tiresome, and I’ll probably do an in-depth post on it myself.

What do you think?

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