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Top 30 Countries Who Love Anime The Most In 2020

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If you’ve followed Anime Motivation long enough, you’ll know these types of articles started here.

The first one was published in 2016: Top 25 Countries Who Love Anime The Most, According To Google Trends

It’s popular in the anime community.

But now we’ll do a refresh. Focusing on 2020 in particular, instead of in general.

google trends 2020 top countries anime

Data taken from Google Trends for 2020.

Let’s get to it.


Top 30 Countries for Anime Popularity 2020:


1. Mongolia

mg flag


2. Philippines

philippines flags



3. Bolivia

bl flag



4. Vietnam




5. Myanmar (Burma)

bm flag



6. Nicaragua

nu flag



7. Peru

pe flag



8. El Salvador

es flag



9. Indonesia

id flag 1



10. Malaysia 

malaysia flag



11. Panama

panama flag



12. Costa Rica

costa rica flag



13. Chile

chile flag



14. Ecuador

ecuador flag



15. Nepal

nepal flag



16. Honduras

honduras flag



17. Paraguay




18. Thailand




19. Guatemala

gt flag



20. Mexico



21. Dominican Republic

dominican republic flag



22. Puerto Rico

puerto rico flag



23. SIngapore

singapore flag



24. Colombia

co flag



25. Venezuela

gt flag



26. Morocco

morocco flag



27. Argentina

ar flag



28. Algeria

algeria flag



29. Tunisia

tunisia flag



30. Uruguay

uruguay flag


Honorable Mentions:

  • United States (31)
  • Brazil (32)
  • Romania (33)
  • New Zealand (34)
  • Canada (35)

Did your country make it to the list?

Leave a comment and share on social media.



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