6 Interesting Anime Girls With A Strong Work Ethic

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Some Anime girls are smart, witty and intelligent. Other anime girls are pretty, cute, talented, etc.

But the girls we’re talking about in this post are hardworking more than anything else.

These hardworking Anime girls are driven to reach for their goals. And have a strong sense of purpose and meaning.

Sometimes it’s a tragic event, wanting to change the world, or a tough life.

Whatever the reason, hardworking Anime girls are inspirational in their own right.


1. Erza Scarlet

erza scarlet heavens wheel

Erza Scarlet is a top fighter from Fairy Tail. But her strength has nothing to do with why she’s on this list.

Throughout Fairy Tail it’s clear to see Erza Scarlet isn’t afraid to put in the work.

In fact, her hard work is the reason she rose up the ranks and became an S class Fairy Tail wizard.

She grew up a child slave. Since escaping, everything she’s earned has been a result of her effort and dedication.

Erza strives to get stronger, not for the sake of strength, but to protect those she loves. And to protect those who need a helping hand.

It’s hard not to be inspired by Erza‘s work ethic, and her intense determination to succeed.


2. Kotomi Ichinose

kotomi ichinose

Kotomi Ichinose is first seen with her head in the books, literally. In the Anime – Clannad.

As you continue to watch the show, you can see Kotomi is committed to her education.

She’s always sat in the library, learning about a range of different topics. Doing whatever it takes, for as long as it takes to gain valuable knowledge and information.

And Veraciously learning and developing herself, non stop.

That’s why Kotomi’s one of the smartest, if not the smartest girl from the Anime – Clannad. Her grades are top notch, which she earned through her hard work and effort.

Here’s a famous quote that reflects Kotomi’s strong work ethic….

“I must study lots of things, or I won’t become a great person.” – Kotomi Ichinose


3. Hotaru Shidare

dagashi kashi girl

Hotaru Shidare is a main character in Dagashi Kashi. An Anime about Dagashi sweets, and the whole culture surrounding it.

What the anime gives you is sweet-tasting scenes, silly challenges and nonsensical moments.

Besides that, Hotaru is the owner of the biggest Dagashi sweets company. And as you learn by watching the show, there isn’t a thing she doesn’t know about Dagashi.

From how it tastes, to how it looks, how it feels, and even the history behind how a sweet was made and manufactured.

Hotaru Shidare knows it all, and that alone proves how hard working she is as a person.

And even though she’s so knowledgeable about Dagashi, she still strives to learn more.

A true sign of a person with a strong work ethic.

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4. Misaki Ayuzawa

Anime Girls With A Strong Work Ethic

Misaki Ayuzawa’s work ethic can’t be denied.

Her father ran away and abandoned Misaki and the rest of the family when Misaki was young.

Her mother ends up with debt that Misaki’s father avoided paying. And so, Misaki works her ass off to clear that debt and create a better life for her family.

Her main job is being a maid in a maid cafe. While at school she’s the student council president.

Misaki works equally hard doing both jobs.

You can’t help but admire Misaki’s desire and determination. Even if she over does it at times.


5. Oda Nobuna

oda nobuna blonde hair

Oda Nobuna has massive ambitions. And she works extremely hard to achieve her ambitious goals.

The main goal she strives for is to conquer Japan so she can unite the people. And have people working together to make it a better country.

Keep in mind: Oda Nobuna is only 16 years old. And doesn’t shy away from actually putting in the work to realize her big goals and dreams.

If anyone should be on this list, it’s Oda Nobuna.

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6. Asuza Nakano

Asuza k-on

Asuza is the youngest girl from the light music club in Anime – K-On!

Despite that, she’s the most hard working and focused of them all. Besides Mio Akiyama.

When the group starts slacking off, it’s Asuza (and Mio Akiyama) who gets the group on track.

Like Yui Hirasawa, Asuza is a guitarist. And a talented one despite being younger. Because Asuza practices a lot and rarely slacks off when it comes to working on her skills.

And as far as her studies go, Asuza excels and never misses deadlines that need to be completed.

If you watch K-On, you’ll know what I mean when I say Asuza’s work ethic is undeniable.

Which Anime girls with a strong work ethic would you add to this list?



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