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How To Be More Confident Like Anime Characters

Anime characters are usually most confident in genres like:

  • Shounen.
  • Action.
  • Fantasy.
  • Isekai.
  • Supernatural.

And any genre where the characters get an unnatural boost, or just happen to be created in a certain way. But it can stretch to other genres as well.

If we all had the confidence of anime characters, we’d accomplish so much more in life, think bigger, and end up much further ahead than e realize is possible.

But in a more practical sense, how can you be more confident like anime characters?

As long as you pick up these points and apply them, there’s no reason you can’t do exactly that.

It all comes down to how your approach.

Let’s talk about it.


1. Keep your eyes on the prize

sistine fibel pointing |

An unconventional example would be Sistine Fibel from Rokudenashi, a magic/fantasy series. Sistine’s grandfather wanted to know the secrets of a mysterious castle in the sky.

This “castle” becomes Sistine’s goal which she promised she’d achieve in her grandfather’s last moments.

Nothing stands in the way of this one goal of Sistine. It’s why she gets so poised off in the beginning when Glenn Radars initially is lazy and impotent when teaching her class.

It’s the one thing that drives her, and it’s the source of her confidence, even at times when she seems to lack confidence or is unsure of herself.

Life is the same way.

Having a goal or a prize to focus on is what will not only keep you motivated but will keep your confidence where it needs to be as you push towards it and make it happen.



2. Take immediate action and don’t overthink it

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Remember when DEKU acted without thinking after seeing that Bakugo Katsuki was in trouble, despite DEKU not having a quirk to speak of?

You could say this was impulsive or something else, but in reality, Deku took immediate action and refused to overthink it.

Overthinking leads to fear, and fear leads to anxiety, which paralyzes you.

Taking immediate action, especially when it comes to things you believe in, you believe is possible, or things you want to do, is an absolute necessity in building self-confidence.

A lack of confidence comes from overthinking and not doing the things you want to.

This causes self-doubt to kick in because of the exaggerated scenarios you’ve now made up in your head about what could go wrong instead of what could go right.


3. Be willing to accept your own flaws

vegeta thumbs up buu goku |

Vegeta had to learn this the hard way in the Dragon Ball Z saga, especially when it came to KID BUU and seeing Goku in action.

His willingness to accept his flaws, finally, was a changing point in his life, his strength, and his progress in the franchise.

The same is even true for Frieza. At some point, he had to cast aside his arrogance and stubbornness, and that’s when he decided to TRAIN to get stronger, becoming more confident and powerful in the process.

In a more realistic way, Tomoya Okazaki accepted his physical flaws, one which stopped him from playing sports early on. And he’s generally a happy guy because of it during his school days.

And then there’s Kuga from A Galaxy Next Door who eventually accepts more of his own flaws thanks to his girlfriend, and becomes more confident in himself because of it.


4. Priotirize the good things over the bad

goku db super tournament vegeta |

Goku was dumb for potentially causing the end of the universe when he talked to Zeno about starting a tournament. But even in the thick of it, he prioritized the good over the bad.

He kept a level head and focus on WINNING which mattered the most.

In season 6 of MHA, many heroes lost their lives but still prioritized the good over the bad in the middle of a life-threatening situation, which saved so many more lives than they would have otherwise.

The latter is dramatic but the confidence booster is the same. Prioritizing what’s good in a situation, in life, is always how you build and remain confident.

Focusing on the bad will always bring down your mood, cause you to lose confidence, create self-doubt, and make everything 100x times worse than it needs to be.

Always prioritise the good and utilize it.


5. Work with what you have, and get creative

aqua oshi no ko glasses |

You see this play out in action anime shows. But it’s also true for more realistic shows like Seinen, romance, or slice of life.

In the anime Oshi No Ko, Aqua is confident he’ll find the culprit behind his mother’s death. He works with what he has and finds ways to get creative to get closer to his goal.

He does a good job of it.

Mikoto Misaka (Railgun) in her 2nd fight with Accelerator found a way to win by getting creative, though not without the help of Touma Kamijou.

You can’t build confidence if you stress about what you DON’T have, and therefore refuse to find ways to be creative to achieve something.

Anime characters are good at working with their circumstances, thinking creatively, and coming out on top. And this can be done in the real world as well in a practical sense.


6. Compete only with yourself and set challenges

Mikoto Misaka Quotes 6

Mikoto Misaka from Railgun has a level head, is modest, and most of all, she likes to challenge herself but not at the expense of her self-esteem or other people’s self-esteem.

She doesn’t shrink at the thought of rising to the challenge or doing something out of her comfort zone. Especially not in the end.

When you obsess with other people and what they have, and you forget about your own strengths and skills, you become weak, lacking in confidence, and you lose yourself to negativity and envy.

That can never happen if you focus on yourself, your journey, your path, what matters to you, and take time to see how far you’ve come without putting yourself down.


7. Acknowledge your accomplishments, even if small

ochako fist |

This leads off from the last point. Anime characters acknowledge their accomplishments, even if small, followed by a dumb-looking smile or expression on their face.

It can be cliche, but there’s a lesson there to be learned.

The little things make the big things, and the big things make bigger things. Small accomplishments matter as much as any other. Acknowledging it gives you something to be confident about.

Refusing to acknowledge what you have and what you’ve done will always dampen your mood and make the game of confidence and courage a struggle.

In the end, being confident like anime characters come down to your mindset, how you think, and whether you’re open to accepting new ways of doing and thinking.

Perfection isn’t the goal, it’s progress. Focusing on that will help you build the confidence you want.



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