How To Be Motivated Like Anime Characters

How To Be Motivated Like Anime Characters soma yukihira
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Anime characters are motivated like no other. At least, this is true when this is the narrative of the anime series.

Common genres where you see motivated characters are:

  • Shounen.
  • Action.
  • Fantasy.

And things along those lines.


What is motivation?


Motivation is your purpose, your reason, and your why for doing the things you do, want to do, or have done. The question is how do you reach this point, and what can you do?

So with that in mind, here’s some anime motivation (and steps) from characters who are motivated.


How to be motivated like anime characters:


1. First, look outward

deku and all might

Sometimes you don’t know what motivates you, and you’re not at the point of knowing how to be self-motivated. So the best solution is to look outward.


  • Find people who motivate you.
  • Find things that motivate you.
  • Think about those people who are encouraging.
  • Model those you feel have positive traits.
  • Work towards being the kind of person you admire.

If looking outside of yourself helps kickstart the process of motivation, then so be it.

DEKU from My Hero Academia was first motivated by All Might, and that lead him down the path of motivation and eventually motivating other people around him.

The same is true for Naruto Uzumaki, and many other motivated anime characters.


2. List out the things that are important to you above all else

deku taking notes desk

Everyone has things that are important to them. You have things that matter to you more than they matter to me, and vice versa.

These things aren’t hard to find, but sometimes they are.

Best way to figure it out:

  • What do you like?
  • What do you hate?
  • What gets you excited?
  • What can’t you live without?
  • What’s the ONE thing you’d love to do?
  • What’s the ONE thing you want to accomplish?
  • What would make you miserable if you couldn’t have it? (within reason).
  • Who in your life is important to you?

These questions and similar questions help you get to the root of what matters most to you.

Your Google or YouTube history could be an indication. Or what you do every day or think about every day could also be an indication.

It’s the key to being motivated not just like anime characters, but just in general anyway.


3. Cut out the things that stand in the way of your motivation

sasuke thinking face

Sometimes the worst enemy is the person standing in the mirror, looking back at you.

Self-sabotage is real. From:

  • Bad habits.
  • Behaviours.
  • Past behaviours.
  • Thoughts.
  • Feelings.

A lot of things can stand in the way of your motivation if you let it, consciously or unconsciously. And that’s why you have to be aware of it in the first place by thinking about it.

And then slowly but surely replace those things with better things that will make life easier, boosting your motivation in the process.


4. Reevaluate your social circle if necessary

charlotte ep 7 nao tomori friends

There are plenty of examples for this or at least examples that indicate it. Like how Yunyun from Konosuba (the pre-series) is clearly manipulated by people she sees as “friends”.

Megumin behind closed doors steps in to stand up for her.

In some anime, one person is being bullied and strung along under the guise of being friends, and almost always these people aren’t the most motivated.

For good reason.

Either change your social circle, which takes courage or let them know what boundaries can’t be crossed. It’s hard to be motivated when your social circle is making your life more miserable than it needs to be.

And it’s hard to be motivated when you’re not being honest with yourself.


5. Set challenges for yourself

Soma Yukihira knife food wars

Soma Yukihira is this type of motivated anime character. He’s worked most of his life in a small restaurant with his father, and once he starts attending an elite type of school, he’s now in his element.

He spent years challenging himself with his father, going head to head, and building up his self-motivation. And that drive to challenge himself only brings about even more motivation to do and accomplish more.

If you don’t challenge yourself, things can get dull. Leading to the next point.

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6. Refuse to be stagnant or rest on your laurels

YouTube video

Goku from Dragon Ball Z is a perfect example. Since he hit his head off a rock as a baby (literally), his mindset shifted slightly. That’s less relevant to the point being made here.

He’s obsessed with self-improvement, betterment, and always refuses to rest on his laurels. Because that would mean getting weaker and it would also mean less flair and excitement in his life.

The same is true in real life. Finding new ways to progress makes life more interesting, and it refuels your motivation which is important for happiness and success.


7. Surround yourself with motivated people

nightraid friends

Akame Ga Kill might sound like an extreme example, but it fits. The anime characters who are assassins are all united by one goal: to destroy the corrupt government and bring about a revolution.

This ONE goal unifies many people, both behind the scenes and within the group to work together for a greater future not just for themselves, but the people, society, and their nation.

Being motivated yourself is one thing, but surrounding yourself and working with motivated people only multiplies your own motivation even more. Because all of you have goals bigger than yourselves.

It’s like a magnet that pulls you towards that future and that ideal.


8. Uplift others by helping them

fairy tail crew

Fairy Tail might get dissed, downplayed, dismissed, and seen as cringey by certain fans, but one thing it does well is showing people helping people.

Aka – the Fairy Tail guild making a difference in the lives of the people of Magnolia.

Natsu, Lucy, Gray, “Gramps” as they call him (the leader of Fairy Tail), or Levy are all good examples of characters who uplift and help other people. Sometimes seemingly at their own expense.

And it not only boomerangs back and benefits them in many ways, but it’s also a clear source of motivation for many Fairy Tail characters.

It helps them push through the harder times as well.


9. Think about the bigger picture beyond just yourself and what you want

anime character staring into the sky hyouka

People have the tendency to be selfish, self-serving, and ignorant of other people’s problems, pains, issues, and struggles.

Self-preservation is normal of course, but being motivated comes down to thinking about the picture as well.

You can’t see the bigger picture if the only picture has you in the frame. And if you can’t think beyond just yourself and what you want, you’ll lack the motivation you could have if you did think about the bigger picture.

DEKU in MHA had the right idea about this (ignoring season 6). He never only thought just about himself and was able tod raw motivation from that to kick himself up the ass when he needed it (so to speak).

Natsu Dragneel is an example of someone who thinks beyond just himself and his needs and is highly motivated as a result.

In the end, there are many ways to be motivated like anime characters. And I mean ways that are realistic, genuine, and without the bullshit or exaggerations.

Follow them, think about them, make the changes, and there’s no reason why you can’t be motivated like any anime character you identify with.

It’s all down to you.



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