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The 19+ Best Shadows House Quotes From Your Favourite Characters

Shadows House quotes taken from characters:

  • Emilico.
  • John.
  • Kate.
  • Louise.
  • Edward.
  • Maryrose.
  • Rum.
  • Shirley.
  • Rosemary.
  • Sarah,
  • Shaun.

Shadows House is an anime series about Emilico, a chipper, energetic girl who’s considered a “doll” in the world of Shadows House. And her twin called Kate who essentially mirrors each other like yin and yang.

This is a trait seen in all characters in Shadows House.

Here’s a list of quotes from the anime and its favourite characters.


1. Emilico Quotes

emilico quotes shadows house 1

“The world is filled with wonders. I want to explore every one of them.” – Emilico


emilico quotes shadows house 2

“The world is full of mysteries. The more you learn, the more questions you have.” – Emilico


emilico quotes shadows house 3

“The journey may be long and difficult, but the destination is always worth it.” – Emilico


2. Kate Quotes

kate quotes shadows house

“The reason why we exist is not important. What matters is the bond we share.” – Kate


kate quotes shadows house 1

“No matter how dark it gets, there’s always a light that shines somewhere.” – Kate


kate quotes shadows house 2

“We Shadows are merely servants, existing only to serve the Light.” – Kate


3. John Quotes

john quotes shadows house

“It’s not the mask that’s important. It’s what’s inside that counts.” – John


john quotes shadows house 1

“Even in the darkest of times, there’s always hope.” – John


john quotes shadows house 2

“Just because we’re Shadows doesn’t mean we don’t have our own thoughts and feelings.” – John


4. Rum Quotes

rum quotes shadows house 1

“The past may be painful, but it’s also what makes us who we are today.” – Rum


5. Shirley Quotes

shirley quotes shadows house

“I thought we Shadows were all the same, but there’s so much variety to us.” – Shirley


6. Louise Quotes

louise quotes shadows house

“Everyone’s different. It’s what makes life interesting.” – Louise


louise quotes shadows house 1

“We may be Shadows, but we have our own unique qualities that make us special.” – Louise


7. Rosemary Quotes

rosemary quotes shadows house

“The world is not black and white. There are shades of gray in everything.” – Rosemary


8. Maryrose Quotes

maryrose quotes shadows house

“Even though we don’t have faces, we can still show our emotions.” – Maryrose


9. Shaun Quotes

shaun quotes shadows house

“It’s okay to be scared. It’s what makes us brave.” – Shaun


10. Edward Quotes

edward quotes shadows house

“In the end, it’s the relationships we build that matter most.” – Edward


edward quotes shadows house 1

“Sometimes the most important things in life are the things we can’t see.” – Edward


11. Sarah Quotes

sarah quotes shadows house

“We might be Shadows, but that doesn’t mean we can’t shine.” – Sarah


sarah quotes shadows house 1

“We may be different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t understand each other.” – Sarah


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