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19+ Of The Cutest & Sexiest Anime Girls With Pigtails

Do you watch anime and like to see something different or even the same in each anime series that you watch?

Of course not every otaku fan knows that there are tons of female anime characters that have their hair in pigtails. But if you want an anime with these hairstyles, this is the list for you.

Let’s get right to it!


Anime girls with pigtails:


1. Rin Tohsaka (Fate/Stay Night)

Rin | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

Rin is a successor of the mage craft even though she wasn’t interested at all with the family legacy.

She tries to put her private and school life apart so that she can try to make friends even though she is a good student of education.

Her red pendant was an inheritance as the pendant has a magical energy within. Rin’s birthday is at the beginning of February and she was part of the Fifth Holy Grail War.

She helps Shirou throughout the war as she is his classmate and Archer’s master.


2. Kagami Hiiragi (Lucky Star)

kagami | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

She cares for her friends even though she doesn’t show it and she hates doing house chores unlike her sister.

Kagami likes reading novels, Yaoi, and she is a good team leader (she became class president). She was in the cheerleading opening during the festival after her sister got anxious.

If you haven’t noticed it throughout the anime, Kagami swears the most out of the other characters.

She tries to be with her sister even in school but Kagami was disappointed that they couldn’t even be in the same class together.

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3. Elizabeth Midford (Black Butler)

Elizabeth | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

Have you seen the anime Black Butler? You probably would remember Elizabeth Midford who is the fiancé of Ciel.

Elizabeth is quite protective of Ciel but there are times that she could either annoy or anger him and his butler has to step up.

She tries to impress Ciel but in the end, she can end up disappointed despite trying her hardest. Elizabeth is also the Lady of Midford Manor, she didn’t know in the end that Ciel has a twin brother.

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4. Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)

junko enoshima hair | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

Junko is a high-school teenager and has an older twin sister. She goes to Hope Peak High School and her personality changes throughout the series.

At one point, she was in despair while managing her popularity at school.

Junko isn’t even the main character of the anime series as she is a minor one, but she’s relevant and known.

She has a crush on her friend Yasuke, they were close to one another as neither one had that many friends. And Junko’s a model for magazine’s cover and is called the “ultimate fashionista.”


5. Izumi Akazawa (Another)

izumi | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

Izumi goes to Yomiyama North Middle School and is the class officer; she has an older cousin. She usually wears her school uniform but she does change to other outfits.

She’s antisocial as Izumi barely talks except with the people that she knows.

Her emotion changes when her loved ones were targeted. The curse was killing people around her so in the end she takes drastic measures.

Besides being a class officer, she was in the drama club with her two classmates.


6. Chiyo Mihama (Azumanga Daioh)

chiyo e1643643579516 | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

A smart child who you wouldn’t know is in high school because she skipped several grades.

She may be smart but she still has the personality of a child and gets along with her older classmates. She hates sports but she was chosen as a class representative by her classmates one day.

Unlike her other classmates, she wants to go to the United States to study college. She takes responsibility and tries to be like the older classmates in high school as she tries to make lunch, for instance.


7. Chizuru Hishiro (ReLife)

chizuru e1643643596492 | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

Chizuru is a smart student but she doesn’t talk very much and doesn’t communicate well with others.

She falls in love with Kaizaki; she wants to change how she is after seeing the ReLife Experiment. After the ReLife Experiment, Chizuru has overcome her lack of communication and it was thanks to Kaizaki telling her the important things about life.

Before the ReLife Experiment ended, Chizuru wasn’t able to keep a job because of her communication, but now she was able to talk to other people.


8. Dokuro Mitsukai (Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan)

dokuro | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

Don’t make her appearance or age fool you. Dokuro is actually an assassin who goes after Sakura Kusakabe.

After spending some time with Kusakabe, she falls in love with him and eventually becomes protective and instead of killing him, teases him.

However, even though Dokuro disobeyed orders by not killing Kusakabe, another angel named Sabato takes over the mission of Dokuro.

Kusakabe had a normal life until everything changed between Dokuro and Sabato, nothing was the same again.


9. Nico Yazawa (Love Live!)

nico e1643643823571 | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

A high school student who tried to start an idol group but failed. Her songs are awesome to listen to and some of them are cute.

She became the Idol Research Club president before passing it down to another student. However she does argue with Eli Ayase and Maki throughout the series.

You can’t even tell that Nico is in high school because of her appearance.

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10. Sakura Hanazono (Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama)

sakura hanazono kawaii cute face | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

Sakura is a high school student where a lot of the boys admire her. Not surprising as she’s cute and cheerful.

She has a friend named Misaki. She’s outgoing and falls in love with her “future” husband, Kuga Sakurai. When they first meet, Sakurai flirts with Misaki which hurts Sakura and Misaki tries to comfort her.

It doesn’t look like they would get together, but in the end during a trip, Sakurai has feelings for Sakura.

It’s so sweet between Sakura and Sakurai and how they end up together in the end of the series.


11. Manami Okuda (Assassination Classroom)

manami e1643644397693 | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

Manami is a shy girl, she barely speaks to people and she has an alias name called either: Poison Specs or Poison Glasses.

She used to be a student but but changes at the end of the series. She’s a sweet girl and she is good in science class.

Manami became the top 50 as she was able to beat her Science rival: Koyama.

In the anime series, Manami attends the school Kunugigaoka Junior High School as it is a private school and has the top successful students.

Manami is in class 3 – E where “E” are the lowest students and Manami got low grades besides science.


12. Hazuki Shimada (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu)

hazuki shimada baka to test | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

She’s an elementary school student and is actually a supporting character and not one of the major characters in the anime.

She wants to be Akihisa’s wife someday and becomes fond of him throughout the series. Hazuki goes to Fumizuki Academy, it’s a unique school where students can learn supernatural power.

Hazuki doesn’t appear in the first episode but she has an older sister named: Minami. There are times during the series that Hazuki doesn’t act like her age and looks more mature than Akihisa.

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13. Nana Ebina (Himouto! Umaru-Chan)

nana e1643644478998 | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

Ebina is a high school student where she has a few friends. She eats a lot whenever she and her friends goes to NcDonald.

Ebina has some sort of feelings for Taihei because of his kindness that she sees in him. She is friends with Umaru and lives in an apartment that is nearby her as well.

Both Ebina and Taihei play “the game of life” and eventually become a couple within the game.


14. Kotone Kirishima – Nyan Koi!

kotone | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

Kotone goes to Tokiwa High School and it is there that she knows the curse of Junpei and becomes jealous whenever she sees a girl near him.

Within the anime, viewers would see that Kotone is like a stalker even though she is sweet to others.

Kotone also has an older sister named: Akari.

There isn’t much information about Kotone from the anime because she isn’t a major character but a secondary character.


15. Ayame (Inuyasha)

AYAME INUYASHA e1643646151491 | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

Ayame is the fiancée and wife of Koga of the Wolf Demon Tribe. She gets jealous whenever she sees Koga trying to impress Kagome.

Koga promises Ayame to marry her one day after seeing the Night of the Lunar Rainbow.

At the end of the series, Ayame marries Koga and the two were able to take care of Inuyasha and Kagome’s child: Moroha in the Yashahime series.

When viewers first see Ayame for the first time, she’s protective and a bit aggressive from seeing Koga and Kagome together.


16. Francesca Lucchini (World Witches Series)

francesca lucchini kawaii | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

Francesca loves sleeping and she’ll do whatever she wants but can be quite rude to other people.

She seems childish at times but she is a prodigy for a witch her age as her magical abilities were recognized and she was recruited at a young age.

She has good marksmanship and she is best friend’s with Flight Lt. Yeager. The two know each other so well that they have a special bond together.

Francesca’s rank is a pilot officer and she is still attached to her mother.


17. Moegi (Naruto/Boruto)

moegi | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

Moegi is part of Ebisu’s team that consists of Konohamaru and Odon. She became a jonin in her adulthood and is able to use: water, wood and earth nature types.

Viewers who watched Naruto could see that Moeji could be seen with either Konohamaru mostly but sometimes with Udon as well.

Just like her team, Moegi is a minor character throughout the Naruto series but got a bigger role during the Boruto spin-off.

Her abilities during adulthood are sensory type but she can use skills that others can’t.

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18. Rize Tedeza (Is the order a rabbit?)

YouTube video

Rize is more mature than her other friends, her father taught her self-defense since he was in the military.

She has a lot of vocal music that isn’t part of the anime series but is good music to listen to.

Rize is one of the major characters and she works at a cafe with her other friends.

She’s a good student in school and goes to AWA Academy. Rize is the tallest of the group of friends and her birthday is on Valentine’s Day.


19. Nina Einstein (Code Geass)

nina e1643646414957 | https://animemotivation.com/anime-girls-with-pigtails/

Nina goes to school at Ashford Academy and is even part of the student council despite being shy.

She invented F.L.E.I.J.A but realizes later on the mistake of it as it could do more harm rather than good.

Nina became emotional during the death of Euphemia and she was unaware of what she was about to do. Before Euphemia’s death, Nina had a crush on her and even wanted to be together.

Nina was a shy student that viewers would see at the beginning of the series, but her growth became more throughout the series.

There’s a lot of female characters wearing pigtails in different anime series. There’s a lot of different hair designs that female characters wear throughout many anime and pigtails is one of them.

Pigtails aren’t old fashioned, but it is less worn nowadays but women do still put their hair up in that way, just not much.

It’s fun to wear pigtails style once in a while, especially if you’re cosplaying as an anime character.


Other girls with pigtails:

  • Mine (Akame Ga Kill).
  • Beatrice (Re:Zero).
  • Aoba Suzukaze (New Game!)
  • Towa (Denpa Onna).
  • Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon).
  • Asuza (K-On).
  • Yui (Angel Beats).
  • Kotomi Ichinose (Clannad).


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