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20+ Chilling Hell Girl Quotes That Give “Meaning” To The Anime

Hell Girl quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Ai Enma.

Hell Girl is a realistic anime series that depicts how immoral, horrid and evil humans can be.

You get to see this play out in almost every episode in one relatable, deep way or another. And the quotes reflect that to a certain degree.

Let’s focus on the best lines from Hell Girl that are worth sharing for anime fans.


1. Ai Enma Quotes

“You are coming with me, we are going to hell.” – Ai Enma


“To hate or to be hated, someone will hate again. To send or to be sent to hell, someone will be sent there again. I have witnessed this cycle over and over again. No one can stop it.” – Ai Enma


“The real hell is inside the person.” – Ai Enma


“When one person is cursed, two graves are dug.” – Ai Enma


“I consign this grievance to hell.” – Ai Enma


“Curses come home to roost.” – Ai Enma


“Human is an existence full of sin.” – Ai Enma


“Do you want to see what death is like? I shall cleanse away thy bitterness.” – Ai Enma


“This is vengeance, so I am to ferry you to hell.” – Ai Enma


“Do you want to experience what dying is like?” – Ai Enma


“Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness, Bringing torment and pain to others. Oh damned soul, wallowing in your sin…. Perhaps… it is time to die.” – Ai Enma


“Once revenge is served, you’ll have to deliver on your end of the bargain. There always has to be a price.” – Ai Enma


“Your grievance shall be avenged.” – Ai Enma


“You’ve summoned me. My name is Enma Ai. Take this. If you truly wish revenge, just untie the scarlet thread from his neck. Pulling the thread binds you into a covenant with me. I will ferry the soul of your tormentor straight into the depths of Hell”.” – Ai Enma


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