The BEST Anime Quotes From “Great Teacher Onizuka” That You Need See

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Great Teacher Onizuka quotes by the following characters:

  • Eikichi Onizuka.

Great Teacher Onizuka is an old school version of Assassination Classroom. That’s a good way to think about it for its life lessons, quotes, and wise words you can learn from it.

So with that said – let’s get into the meat of this post!


The Best Great Teacher Onizuka Quotes:


1. Eikichi Onizuka Quotes

eikichi onizuka quotes

“We cannot go back to the past, no matter how hard we try. No matter how wonderful it was. The past is nothing but the past.” – Eikichi Onizuka


eikichi onizuka quotes 1

“Give a kid a smoke and he’ll be happy for a day. Teach him how to smoke… he’ll be happy for his whole shortened life.” – Eikichi Onizuka


eikichi onizuka quotes 2

“You know, when I was in high school, I was a troublemaker. I hardly went to school. Before I knew it, I was expelled. When I couldn’t go anymore was when I first realized, that school was a great thing. There’s a lot of friends and lots of fun things. When I got this old, I wanted even more to go to school. That’s why I became a teacher. Because, if I become a teacher, I could stay in school until I die, right? That’s why I’m really happy now. I want you to be like that too. I want you to like school. Once it’s over, it’s too late.” – Eikichi Onizuka


eikichi onizuka quotes 3

“You think you can just escape? Walk out of this world like it’s some bad movie? It’s too easy to make like a bird. To flap your wings as you chicken out after causing all these problems. The tough part’s walking. Taking what comes along and walking right through it. That’s what real people do.” – Eikichi Onizuka


eikichi onizuka quotes 4

“Sometimes violence is the only way to get the message across.” – Eikichi Onizuka


eikichi onizuka quotes 5

“A brat who is afraid to be hurt isn’t qualified to love someone.” – Eikichi Onizuka


eikichi onizuka quotes 6

“For you, she maybe just someone among the 400 students, but for a student, there’s only one teacher for them.” – Eikichi Onizuka


eikichi onizuka quotes 7

“It’s my job to make school fun.” – Eikichi Onizuka


eikichi onizuka quotes 8

“There’s no gender distinction among the bad.” – Eikichi Onizuka


2. Kanzaki Urumi Quotes

kanzaki urumi quotes

“I envy you because you can easily forget your troubles and sadness.” – Kanzaki Urumi


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