The Most Relatable Nichijou Quotes You Don’t Want To Miss (As An Anime Fan)

nichijou anime wallpaper
Written by Theo J Ellis

Nichijou quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Fe-Chan.
  • Yuuko Aioi.
  • Koujirou Sasahara.
  • Manabu Takasaki.
  • Mio Naganohara.

Nichijou is the kind of anime you’ll either die laughing at, or you’ll cringe because of how extreme the comedy is.

That’s the kind of anime Kyoto Animation created this time around.

Whichever side you’re on, if you want some of the BEST quotes Nichijou has to offer, this is it.

Each quote carries its own meaning, and you’ll be able to walk away with something after reading each quote. Even if it’s a good chuckle.

Let’s get into the best lines from the anime.


1. Yuuko Aioi Quotes

yuuko aioi quotes

“I fail a lot, and despite how I look, I get depressed a lot too.” – Yuuko Aioi


yuuko aioi quotes 1

“Today, everything’s shining brightly! The air, the people, and even this classroom; because today, I actually did my homework!” – Yuuko Aioi


yuuko aioi quotes 2

“Do you think the principle knows how old all of his jokes are? He must know better than anyone that nobody thinks they’re funny.” – Yuuko Aioi


yuuko aioi quotes 3

“If I’m getting in trouble no matter what I do, I may as well make a grand frontal assault and fight to my last breath.” – Yuuko Aioi


2. Manabu Takasaki Quotes

manabu takasaki quotes

“Necessity knows no law!” – Manabu Takasaki


3. Mio Naganohara Quotes

mio naganohara quotes

“The motivation to get started, huh? You just have to get started anyway!” – Mio Naganohara


4. Fe-Chan Quotes

fe chan quotes

“If you’re always positive, good luck will eventually find you.” – Fe-Chan


5. Koujirou Sasahara Quotes

Koujirou Sasahara quotes

“The ordinary days that we live in may, in fact, be a series of miracles.” – Koujirou Sasahara


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