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Daman Mills Dub Voice Actor Outed As A RACIST Who Groped Underage Boy (Breakdown)

I’m not the type to jump on bandwagons just because I know it’s gonna get attention at the expense of fake news or hurting someone’s reputation.

But in this case, there’s too much evidence and too much suspect bullshit going on.

I’ve been carefully watching the Daman Mills situation and it’s been spiralling out of control over the last few weeks.

Now its reached boiling point if it didn’t already. Let’s touch on the facts of the situation.


Daman Mills outed as a child groomer

misconduct sexual ann daman mills | https://animemotivation.com/daman-mills-voice-actor-groped-child-racist/

First off it all starts with Anime News Network. We might not like them, but they do their part with “news” from time to time.

After an ANN correspondent had a conversation with the alleged victim, they published this article about Daman Mills being accused of sexual misconduct.

As pointed out, the anonymous victim claimed Daman Mills groped him, and masturbated next to him in his sleep.


“In a public document, an Ohio man has accused Evangelion film and Sonny Boy voice actor Daman Mills of groping him and masturbating next to him while he was asleep. According to the alleged victim, the incidents took place between 2014 and 2015, when the man was a high school student and Mills was 20 to 21 years old.”

They continue:

“According to the man, who spoke to ANN over a video call and has asked to be called “Duncan” due to concerns over retaliation and privacy, he met Mills via Facebook when he was “just a shy, quiet, and anxious” 15-year-old boy. He said they began talking in December of 2012 when the yet-undiscovered voice actor was living in Hawaii. According to Duncan, they became familiar with one another through the fandub scene. Duncan told ANN that the friendship intensified, and Mills confessed sexual and romantic attraction which Duncan did not reciprocate.”

How the groping and sexual misconduct took place:

“Duncan said that Mills moved to Ohio in January 2014, approximately a year into their friendship. He said Mills’ new home was about an hour from where Duncan lived with his mother and brother, and the two would see one another about once a month. Duncan claimed that the first time Mills stayed over at his house, he insisted that they sleep next to one another in the 16-year-old’s twin-sized bed.”

Originally this was made public through a GOOGLE DOC but that document has now been deleted.

Fortunately, the information still lives on.

google docs deleted daman mills accusation | https://animemotivation.com/daman-mills-voice-actor-groped-child-racist/


Duncan retracts his statement out of FEAR and apologizes

duncan statement daman mills anime news network | https://animemotivation.com/daman-mills-voice-actor-groped-child-racist/

“When I reached out to anime news network a few months ago, I wasn’t in the best place. I think what I really needed was advice or help, instead of this.

I retracted my allegations because I regret my actions. I’d take them back If I could. I guess I hoped my statement yesterday would fix some of the damage I’ve caused, but Instead It looks like people are spinning it to where I was threatened into retracting. I wasn’t. I haven’t heard from that attorney in weeks.

I retracted my statement because I regret my actions. Honestly, the thing I want more than anything is just for the article to e taken down.” – Duncan


Proof of emails by Duncan between ANN

The problem with Duncan’s apology is not only did nobody buy it because was speaking in riddles, but he already proved he said all of that out of fear because of Daman Mills and the pressure he and his team put on Duncan.

This is proven by the following image.

duncan tweet daman mills anime voice actor | https://animemotivation.com/daman-mills-voice-actor-groped-child-racist/

This alone proves that his thoughts were genuinely about the situation, and it wasn’t a case of others spinning it, but him speaking in riddles out of fear and legal pressure from Daman Mills team.

This is proven by the fact Daman Mills had THIS to say to ANN:

“Mills told ANN that he has sought legal counsel and has been advised not to comment on the allegations. He sent the alleged victim a Cease and Desist letter on February 18. As well as claiming that the relationship was mutual and consensual and the allegations be retracted, Mills also demands that the alleged victim cease and desist from further contacting Mills’ employers or contractors. He was given until February 25 to agree or face potential legal action, including potential liability for damages, costs, and expenses.”


Screenshots between Daman Mills and the teenager, including racist comments


Isn’t it amazing how even when black people aren’t in the room, you have Westerners like this who can’t stop thinking about us.. To the point of saying “n**** with a hard ER so casually.

This alone tells you what kind of person Daman Mills is based on what you can SEE with your own eyes. No one has pointed out this detail.

Besides that, the screenshots clearly show conversations between the child and Daman Mills, and Daman basically flirting with the guy and being a beg it.

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Western anime Industry professionals tried bullying ANN into deleting articles


Daman Mills backstabbed Vic in 2019, showing double standards

The first image shows Daman Mills praising Vic Mignogna after working with the guy… Only to then go on a slander campaign and jump on the bandwagon later.

The 2nd image as it shows says:

Many voices have been echoing a pressing issue, and this needs a strong united front. I believe survivors. It takes a tremendous level of courage to speak openly about sexual assault and trauma. Please support victims, don’t dismiss their stories. There’s truth to be heard.”

Why is this important? Because it shows the hypocrisy of Daman Mills knowing he had skeletons in his closet.

He’s actively shut down and fought back against a “victim” of his own actions with lawsuits and legal action, and yet was preaching about believing survivors and all that grandstanding bullshit during early 2019.


Sites who slandered Vic Mignogna are silent about Daman Mills

This is another detail some are missing. The moment the Vic Mignogna case was let loose regardless of it being true or not, sites like CBR, comicbook.com, and the rest of them went on a killing spree.

They covered Vic multiple times, especially CBR, and did it without hesitation.

Now these same sites are quiet, silent, complicit, and haven’t said a word about Daman Mills and what’s going on… With the exception of ANN surprisingly.

Even to this day, there’s no video or image evidence when it comes to VIC, regardless of whether it happened or not. And yet everyone attacked him relentlessly.

In comparison, Daman Mills does something with proof and evidence behind it, and the world stays quiet. Goes to show how the western anime industry works, and how certain people will protect each other regardless of morals.

Those are the facts of the situation so far. This will be updated if needed.

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