Kyoto Animation Shares Heart Breaking Message To Honor Victims (Memorial Event)

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We all know of the awful tragic events that took place in Japan in July 2019. And the heartbreak, pain and suffering that came with it.

Families, as you can image, have been mourning the eventual deaths of their loved ones. While others were lucky enough to see their family and friends recover from the tragedy.

Kyoto Animation even went out their way to say they’ll use the $10.1 million funds raised by fans to help the arson victims.

Kyoto Animation Will Use $10.1 Million Dollar Donations To Help Victims Of Arson Attack


Kyoto Animation Memorial Event In November

One of the people at the event Tweeted out to thank everyone for the post cards given out on the 3rd of November 2019.


Post cards in both Japanese and English:

Kyoto Animation shared the message in both Japanese and English.

If you’d rather read it in text, here’s the message below.

“The kind messages and support from all over the world since that day have reached all of our staff, and have been a big help for us to move forward once again.

We lost many of our friends and colleagues with bright future and were left with many deeply injured. Our grief will not go away, but the love and passion for our works, and the sure breath that exist there, are firmly engraved in us and shall continue to live.

The feelings received from all of you. The feelings entrusted by our friends and colleagues. The feelings to our future.

We will connect those feelings and combine these emotions, and we will move forward. We will continue to create animation for all over the world that help people have dreams, hopes, and impress them. Please what over us as we make our advancements.”

Kyoto Animation has come a long way in the past few months, alongside the anime community who’s been supporting them.

And as they’re proving – they won’t allow this to stop them from doing positive things.

And on with that said – at least this can now end on a positive note.

Rest in peace to the victims and all the best to the families.



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