Subaru Kimura Jujutsu Kaisen VA Called Out For RACISM Towards African Tribes |
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Subaru Kimura (Jujutsu Kaisen VA) Called Out For RACISM Towards African Tribes

Subaru Kimura is a German-Japanese voice actor, known for many roles.

Some of those roles include:

  • March Comes In Like A Lion.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen.
  • Tokyo Revengers.
  • Devilman Crybaby.
  • Assassination Classroom.
  • Akuma Drive.

And many more shows and anime.

Recently he was called out for his racist depictions of Black African tribes.

The person, so far one of an extreme few to bring this to light is Fornever World. A known anime YouTuber.

During his latest video covering anime news and anime shows, after the 6 minute mark Fornever World talks about Subaru Kimura.


It starts at 6:19

YouTube video

Foreverworld talks about Subaru Kimura’s deleted Instagram posts being blatantly racist to Black African tribes. And #Blackface.

These Instagram posts were not only deleted (apparently dated from 2018), but there was no apology for it either.

It was swept under the rug and despite some being aware of it to this day, no one has said a word… As usual when it comes to racism in the anime community.

There’s more coverage on anime platform when it comes to racism.

Most anime platforms don’t give a damn, regardless of size.


Deleted Instagram posts of racist depictions towards Africans

subaru kimura blackface |

As it can be clearly seen, Subaru Kimura was deliberately mocking Black Africans and their tribes.

He used a Pizza in place to make fun of the depictions so casually on his Instagram account. Not to mention the deliberate black face in the last picture by Subaru Kimura.

It seems this has been talked about since 2020 on social media, but only to a small degree with no major coverage.


subaru kimura tweet |

subaru kimura ignoring tweets racism |

kyoudai express subaru kimura tweet july 25th 2021 |

Kyoudai Express Tweeted this out yesterday (July 25th 2021). I can only assume this is what moved the needle somewhat.

As it states, NO apology or acknowledgement of this blatantly racist depiction.

I swear it’s like a lot of people can’t help thinking about black people 24/7. Literally just yesterday a racist comment slipped through here on the site and that was someone from Malaysia.

That’s besides the point.

Just like ForneverWorld said about the voice actor: “he’s a piece of sh*t”.

Anyone who supports this can go f*ck themselves. That goes for every BS anime news outlet who knew of this and ignored it.

Sources: ForneverWorld & Twitter


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