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Racist Anime Fans ATTACK Crunchyroll’s Dubbed #Nagatoro Voice Actress, Unprovoked

Over the past few days Nagatoro has been part of a MASSIVE controversy again. But this time not for minor reasons.

Anime fans on Twitter have come out swinging with their racist remarks, rhetoric, slander, and abuse.

It all started over nothing.

A case of “living rent free” inside the minds of racists who create problems that never existed.


It started from Crunchyroll’s dubbed VA announcement for Nagatoro

Crunchyroll was on their rounds, announcing their many voice actresses (and actors) on Twitter.

They shared plenty, including white voice actors and whoever else for various characters in the anime.

But the moment a black face sown up, these so called anime fans who follow Crunchyroll shown their true colors.

They did it callously and without hesitation as well.

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There’s so many racist quote retweets you wouldn’t believe it.

Imagine how many kids were exposed to it.


4Chan continuing the racism

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Anituber Forneverworld called it out

“A VERY LARGE majority of anime dub actors are white playing Japanese characters but u never hear a whisper of it until a p.o.c grabs a role then OMG THE CHARACTER IS JAPANESE. GTFOH.” – Forneverworld

This part of his message is on point. It’s nothing but facts.

Many people, especially creators, writers, journalists and anime youtubers don’t wanna acknowledge this fact, and will instead stay silent.

They’re complicit in the double standards and are more interested in dumb shit like someone arguing about Uzaki Chan’s tiddies or some other minor thing that gets blown out of proportion.

Fuck the lot of em.


What is Nagatoro?

YouTube video

In case you’ve been living under a rock lately, Nagatoro is an anime that sparked controversy because SJW’S in the west got mad over nothing.

The controversy and outrage soon died out, but not before inflating the anime’s popularity.

The plot is about Nagatoro bullying Senpai, which them progresses to teasing, flirting, and then into a romance between the two characters.

After Kimberley Anne Campbell got the roll recently to voice Nagatoro in DUB, many of Crunchyroll’s followers lost their minds and shown their true colors.

This nonsense will only stop when people call it ot collectively and refuse to allow it to happen.

I’m pointing the finger at you Crunchyroll, Funimation, anime youtubers and whoever else who’s ALWAYS silent on these issues.


Video responses on YouTube:

YouTube video

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