6+ Life Lessons From S Rank Musume About Life And Family

s rank musume life lessons
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S-Rank Musume is an anime series about:

  • Family.
  • Father-Daughter bonding.
  • Friendships.
  • Adventurers.

And let’s not forget, the wholesome aspects of many of these things.

But the anime does have much more than just this.

Let’s share the biggest anime life lessons to be learned from S-Rank Musume’s adaptation.


1. The importance of fathers in the household

angeline s rank musume moments

If S-Rank Musume promotes one thing, it’s the importance of fatherhood, a father in the household, and the kind of impact a man in the house can have on daughters who eventually become women.

Belgrieve is praised in every direction by his adopted daughter Angeline, who he found in a forest of all places.

This positive outlook is spread among everyone she meets, creating high expectations for Belgrieve which he does love up to since he’s a man of high character.

This makes it clear to people, including Angeline’s friends and associates, why she’s turned out to be such a good person with morals, ethics, and standards that match characters like Erza Scarlet.


2. How your environment shapes you from childhood for better or worse

angeline kid s rank musume baby

In the case of Angeline, the anime’s MC, she grows up in a loving household where Belgrieve treats her like his real daughter. More importantly, he trains her and doesn’t baby her too much, and this is why she leaves the nest so early and is able to fend for herself.

Her environment is everything to her good character.

But the character Charlotte, who looks a little like Illya from FATE has a different upbringing.

Her home and people are burned to the ground, alive, and she escapes with her life as a child. This is why she grows up with so much hatred and anger towards a certain brand of people.

She learns dark magic and is good with it, but in the end, it almost kills her before being “saved” by circumstances.

At heart, Charlotte is a good person who’s in pain and crying for help, but her environment shaped her into an almost wicked person (despite justification).


3. How having humility makes you a likeable person

belgrieve s rank musume moments

Belgrieve The Red Ogre, as Angeline likes to call her father, is a person with a lot of humility. He’s a guy who can sometimes doubt himself despite being a man of high character, good nature, and someone deserving of respect.

He recognizes he has skills, but he doesn’t go out of his way to make others feel small by comparison and is self aware.

Unsurprisingly, many women, men, and people in general warm to Belgrieve because of his personality, humility, and down-to-earth attitude about life while being a guy who doesn’t make excuses either.

The anime shows clearly the opposite of this when showing certain characters and how likeable they are by comparison.


4. The unpredictable nature of life

belgrive village s rank musume

Life can be unpredictable. Sometimes you can’t tell where something is going, or what might happen next to a certain extent.

In the anime, Belgrieve in his past adventuring days ended up in a situation where he lost his leg, and had to get a peg leg. From then on he quits adventuring, which ironically destroys his adventuring party and their friendships along with it.

It all happened from one accident, one tragedy, and everything collapsed around him and his best friends.

There is another side to this though.

Angeline turns out to be a daughter Belgrieve can be proud of despite him never wanting to choose to have kids of his own. He found her and adopted her, and it unexpectedly made his life much better than it would have otherwise.


5. The benefits of being straightforward and honest

s rank adventurer angeline musume

Angeline is a straightforward and honest person, but she’s not an asshole about it or the type of person who does it to piss people off, aggravate, or provoke.

She’s honest to get her feelings across without causing problems which arise from not being honest and true to yourself or other people.

As a result, people respect her because they know where their boundaries are, and that makes her a trustworthy person as a result as well.

The same is true with her father Belgrieve, whose honesty is that of a “nice” person who’s straightforward but not as we’ll say, passionate when he is.

This comes back to his humility and laid-back personality, and the benefits of their honesty are clear.

Lying only makes things more awkward, painful, and irritating for everyone.


6. It’s hard to change when others forever judge you

Charlotte and the boy who protects her and associates with Charlotte know this all too well.

It is partially their fault, but the way they were groomed into a life of violence, and the “dark side” from a young age is mostly to blame.

Angeline takes them in and leads them down a better path, but most people judge, hate, and dislike the idea of it because of the trouble they’ve caused beforehand.

At first, it makes it hard for them to change their ways or even want to change when they’re being judged for their past actions, and this is just like in real life.

Some people make mistakes or do bad things in the past that people try to hold them accountable for in the present and the future, always finding a way to remind them of it as if it’s supposed to define or haunt them forever.

You can’t make everyone happy, despite the fact the people judging have also done their fair share of “bad” or unacceptable things, only that some people are unaware of it.

In the end, S-Rank Musume is a lot of things, like:

  • Educational.
  • Relaxed.
  • Wholesome.
  • Eye opening.

And entertaining to watch, but the life lessons it’s packed with can teach fans a few things about life that carry importance on a day to day basis.

Some life lessons which are worth keeping in mind (like point #6, which is why you shouldn’t worry about what people think).


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