5 Emotional Life Lessons Violet Evergarden Will Teach You

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Violet Evergarden was one of the most hyped up anime series of late 2017. When I first heard the announcement, my thought was: “It better live up to the hype”.

And I wasn’t disappointed. Kyoto Animation always pulls through.

What makes Violet Evergarden so powerful is the emotional stories it tells from episode to episode. And of course with emotional stories comes a set of life lessons to take away and learn from.

Here are 5 of those life lessons you can learn from the most successful shows of 2018…


Violet Evergarden Life Lessons:


1. The meaning of “I love you”

Violet Evergarden Thinking About The Words I Love You

What is the meaning of love? Violet Evergarden is forced to find out what “I love you” means, after losing someone close to her heart.

On her journey Violet Evergarden discovers:

  • Love is something you feel when you care a LOT about someone.
  • Love is proven by your actions, and NOT by your words.
  • Love is a complicated subject.
  • “I love you” is one of the most difficult things to say.

Love makes you do crazy things if it overwhelms you. Like hate, belittle, destroy and harm others.

And on the other hand: love is the reason people are able to go through hell and come out on TOP.

“Love” by itself is a word most people toss around and misuse. But the real definition of “I love you” is always proven through your actions and body language.

Love is one of the most complicated (and misunderstood) subjects ever created.


2. The pain of losing someone

Violet Evergarden Crying

Continuing on from the last point, Violet Evergarden teaches you the pain of losing someone you love.

How do you deal with it? How do you get over it?

What do you do after the fact? How do you come to accept it and move on?

Violet Evergarden struggles with these questions, and it’s clear to see as you watch her story blossom. And as if real life, there is no real answer to how you deal with the pain of losing someone.

The only thing you can do is do your best, and surround yourself with people who care enough to help you through it.

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3. Sometimes “writing” is the best way to express your feelings

Violet Evergarden Writing

Violet Evergarden is an auto-memories doll. Which means: she writes “love letters” for clients, and helps them craft every word from start to finish. Making sure every shred of emotion is captured.

After Violet Evergarden successfully helps a client craft a letter, the difference in how they feel is unbelievably positive.

It just goes to show you that sometimes, writing is the best way to express your feelings. Because the harder and more painful your feelings are, the more difficult it is to express it through words.

Writing lets you wash your anxiety’s away, and gives you the power to craft every word, bit by bit. Without the pressure of doing it face to face, which helps you take your time so you can accurately say everything that’s on your mind.


4. The “bad” things you do today can never be fixed later on

Violet Evergarden Shooting Her Rifle In Battle

One aspect of Violet Evergarden that’s not obvious if you haven’t watched it, is its military elements.

Violet Evergarden was used as a “weapon” for the army, and so from a young age she’s killed more people than the average teenager should.

Later in the series you see the repercussions of her actions and how they start to affect her mentally and emotionally.

She starts to question what she’s done, while trying to simultaneously deal with the regrets burning up inside her.

You can’t fix the past, and no amount of crying will ever fix it. That’s the brutal truth. It’s the reason why:

  • You should always think before you act.
  • You should strive to do the things you want to do, NOT what others expect you to do.
    • That way, you won’t need to feel or live with regrets later on.

There’s nothing worse than regret, so it’s always best to accept the past for what it is and focus on the future. Or else you’ll sabotage yourself through self hatred and self pity.


5. Everyone’s story is different

Violet Evergardens Eyes Gif

Violet Evergarden feels so much shame for what she’s done, and the lives she’s taken away from others. Not to mention the families she’s destroyed that can never be repaired.

That said, that’s her story and with the help of others, she learns to accept it.

Life is the same way.

Whatever your story is, regardless of how good, bad, or regretful it is, being ashamed is pointless. And carrying that shame with you won’t make you feel any better about it anyway.

So you may as well accept it for what it is, and embrace it.


Can you add anymore Violet Evergarden Life Lessons?

If you have any future suggestions, Just ask. And I’ll make it happen!


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  1. sora says:

    She taught us that if you have something special to protect you can grow stronger.
    she taught us even you are taught to be emotionless somewhere deep you are full of emotion

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