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The Best Life Lessons You Can Learn From Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100, produced by the same creator of One Punch Man, is a lesson in self-improvement. If you were to put it in a “nutshell”.

But being the kind of anime it is, with similarities to Saitama’s story in One Punch Man, there’s a lot of deeper, meaningful lessons to take away.

And you can apply it to any area of your life, no matter what the context of your situation is.

Let’s talk about that.


The Best Mob Psycho 100 Life Lessons:


1. Violence isn’t always the answer

reigen arataka smoking |

If there’s one thing I love about the main character: Reigen Arataka, it’s his philosophy on life. Not to mention how serious he is about “not committing violence”.

There are a few scenes in Mob Psycho 100 where Mob is put into “dangerous” situations.

reigen and mob |

Towards the end of the anime, Mob (Shigeo) is put into a tricky situation, and Reigen drills it into him that “violence” isn’t necessary. Even though on the surface it “seems” there’s no other way.

Mob’s life is potentially on the line, after all.

But instead – Reigen leads by example and uses his communication skills to convince and inspire criminals to back down. And think about their actions, as well as why they’re even doing it.


Life is the same way

All circumstances aren’t created equal. But more often than not, “communication” is the key to solving most problems.

In fact – miscommunication is the reason problems (and violence) gets out of hand in the first place.


2. Even though it’s unethical, there’s a lot to learn from a “con-artist”

reigen sweating mob psycho 100 |

Going back to Reigen Arataka for a second, it’s no secret to Mob Psycho 100 fans that he’s a con artist.

He runs a business called “Spirits And Such Consultation Office”. Where he tricks his customers into believing he can tame, destroy, or even talk to spirits and solve all their problems.

He basically makes a killing off people’s stupidity. But even still – there’s a lot to learn from this guy.


Communication Skills

reigen arataka con artist anime |

The one thing a con-artist is a MASTER at doing, is communicating and talking with people. They’re so good at it, that their whole “business” depends on this one skill.

Now I know It’s not ethical or even moral, but feelings aside, the lesson here is obvious.


The ability to communicate can take you places

Sometimes people are awkward, indifferent, shy, afraid or uncomfortable around other people. And this stops them from having the confidence (and drive) to improve their communication skills.

The fact is: if you’re not a good communicator, it’s hard to get what you want in life. Because as long as people exist, strong communication skills will always matter.


3. “Talking things out” is the best way to solve a problem

reigen arataka con artist |

Reigen Arataka is a natural talker, communicator and extrovert. The guy’s so good there’s almost nothing he can’t do with words.

When we have problems in life, it’s usually connected to another person in some way, shape or form. Like a relationship, a friend, your co-worker or someone else.

reigen arataka shouting |

The only “real” way to solve these problems once and for all, is to talk it out and come to an understanding.

Otherwise there will ALWAYS be animosity, malice and “bad energy” between you and other people.

And as long as that exists, it’ll hold you back in someway. Depending on the kind of “problem” you’re trying to solve.

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4. You can’t get what you want in life without the ability to persuade others

reigen arataka smile |

I have to mention Reigen again because he’s such a powerful example of someone we can all learn from.

Reigen is the prime example of a “salesman”.

If Pokemon was real, he could sell fire to a Charmander or another “Pikachu” to Ash Ketchum.

No matter what the situation is, Reigen is a master at persuasion, and getting what he wants. Even in circumstances where one simple mistake could cost him his life.


Life is the same way

Persuasion matters.

Kids know how to do it. “I WANT ICE CREAM” – I heard a kid say that to his parents in a supermarket.

He couldn’t have been older than 5.

And when he didn’t get what he wanted, he started crying. Soon enough his parents bought the “ice cream” to keep the kid quiet.

Of course this is manipulation on the kids part, but the point still stands: without the skill to persuade others, you’ll never get what you want in life.

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5. Everyone has a “tipping point”, no matter how nice they are

shigeo kageyama mob psycho 100 |

Shigeo Kageyama, better known as Mob, is a nice, kind, gentle anime character.

In fact he’s so nice it’s no exaggeration to say he’s pure of heart, and wouldn’t harm anyone, willingly.

But even a character like Shigeo has limits to his kindness.

mob shigeo |

Teruki Hanazawa learns this the hard way when he acts like an arrogant f*** towards Shigeo, and baits him into “fighting back”.


Everyone has a tipping point

shigeo kageyama mob angry |

Everyone’s threshold to anger is different. I’m no exception to this rule.

I’m the coolest, calmest person you’ll ever meet. And my threshold is bigger than most people when it comes to anger.

That’s why I’m so laid back.

And that’s also why you have to choose who you surround yourself with, wisely. As well as be mindful of the type of “information” you take in everyday.

Because at some point, if you take in the wrong kind of energy too often, you’ll explode. And that’s no good.

Especially if you don’t out have an outlet to “get it out” your system.


6. Insecurity leads to stupid decisions

ritsu kageyama lonely |

Ritsu Kageyama, Shigeo’s little brother, has a similar personality in Mobb Psycho 100.

And being the “smarter” version of the two, Ritsu stands out academically and helps Shigeo where he’s able.

But later into the first season of Mob Psycho 100, Ritsu gets the chance to “develop his powers”. And like most people who run into power too soon, he gets drunk on the feeling that comes with it.

ritsu angry mob psycho 100 |

But in the end: it’s all an act. Which is always the case.

He’s insecure and feels the need to “be better” than his older brother, and that leads to stupid decisions based on his own inferiority complex.

ritsu kageyama quotes 2 |


Life is the same way

When you’re desperate to prove yourself to others, you end up doing the stupidest things to make a point.

Spreading rumors, lying, cheating, putting people down, or even stealing.

Insecurity (low self-esteem) will drive people to do anything to make themselves “feel” better.

The only problem is: pushing your problems on people doesn’t solve your own. And those stupid decisions will only ruin you in the long-run.


7. Knowing your weaknesses is just as important as knowing your strengths

shigeo kageyama in school |

Shigeo Kageyama is aware of his strengths. He’s an Esper.

Exercising ghosts (as an exorcist) and manipulating objects with telekinesis… that’s the highlight of Shigeo’s power.

shigeo kageyama running |

But on the other hand, Shigeo is pitifully weak when it comes to sports. His body is so weak, he can barely run 100 meters without feeling like he’s having an Asthma attack.

And in school, he’s not the best academically.

Shigeo knows this, and works hard to become a better person. In spite of his obvious weaknesses.


Life is the same way

Knowing your weaknesses is the holy grail.

If you know what you can’t do, that gives you the opportunity to focus on what you can do.

In the end – focusing on your strengths is all that matters. That’s how you get the best results for the time and effort you invest into things.

But it’s hard to know that if you’re not self ware of what you’re good at, and what you’re better off avoiding,

Or admitting you’ll never be “world class” at certain skills, regardless of time and effort.


Can you add more?



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