26+ Classic Quotes From Legend Of The Galactic Heroes

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Legend Of The Galactic Heroes quotes taken from characters:

  • Yang Wenli.
  • Hildegard Von Mariendorf.
  • Paul Von Oberstein.
  • Reinhard Von Lohengramm.
  • Dietrich Saucken.
  • Boris Konev.
  • Olivier Poplan.
  • Dusty Attenborough.
  • Allex Cazellnu.

Legend Of The Galactic Heroes is a classic old school OVA, produced by Artland, Madhouse and Magic Bus in 1997.

For an OVA it has 110+ episodes and plenty of quotes to go with it.

Here’s the best lines for anime fans.


1. Boris Konev Quotes

Boris Konev quotes

“A student who is too loyal to his master has no chance of surpassing that master… A mutinous spirit is the source of independence.” – Boris Konev


2. Reinhard Von Lohengramm Quotes

Reinhard Von Lohengramm quotes

“Perfection is a fairly nonexistent thing. If you couldn’t do it, it was probably impossible for anybody else, too.” – Reinhard Von Lohengramm


Reinhard Von Lohengramm quotes 1

“Something that’s supposed to die and doesn’t will eventually rot away, whether it’s a man or a nation.” – Reinhard Von Lohengramm


Reinhard Von Lohengramm quotes 2

“There is great satisfaction in fighting for the sake of gaining power, but it’s joyless to fight for the sake of maintaining it.” – Reinhard Von Lohengramm


Reinhard Von Lohengramm quotes 3

“I’d rather fight and regret it than not fight and regret it.” – Reinhard Von Lohengramm


Reinhard Von Lohengramm quotes 4

“For those who have come to power, wealth and glory not by their own strength and effort, but simply through inheritance, what right do they have to complain? The very existence of such blood-lineage dynasties is disgusting. Power is the property of one generation. It shouldn’t be transferred, it should be seized.” – Reinhard Von Lohengramm


Reinhard Von Lohengramm quotes 5

“No matter the era, whichever the society, people always gaze at the stars when young. Then they stretch out their hands and try to catch them. And then one day, they realize their arms are not long enough to catch the stars, and that’s when they grow up.” – Reinhard Von Lohengramm


3. Olivier Poplan Quotes

Olivier Poplan quotes

“Even if the clothes are too large in the beginning, they’ll fill out as you grow. The same goes for courage… The secret of not getting killed by the enemy is to underestimate life’s difficulties.” – Olivier Poplan


Olivier Poplan quotes 1

“One cannot live by jokes alone. But if there were no jokes, I’d rather not live.” – Olivier Poplan


4. Yang Wenli Quotes

Yang Wenli quotes

“There certainly are things that cannot be told in words, but that can only be said by people who have exhausted their use of words. Words are like icebergs that are floating on the ocean called “heart”. The parts that show above the sea surface are small, but they still let us perceive the larger parts that are hidden below the water. Use words deliberately. If you do, you’ll be able to convey more things more accurately than if you were to keep silent. Right judgement can only be made with right information and right analyses.” – Yang Wenli


Yang Wenli quotes 1

“For as long as human history goes on, the past will continue to accumulate. History isn’t just records of the past. It’s also proof that civilization has continued to advance to the present. Our present civilization is the result of our past.” – Yang Wenli


Yang Wenli quotes 2

“The greatest freedom is the freedom not to get involved.” – Yang Wenli


Yang Wenli quotes 3

“Alcohol is humanity’s friend. How can I abandon a friend?” – Yang Wenli


Yang Wenli quotes 4

“In the long flow of time, living things know nothing of their ancestors, except for the genes they’ve inherited. Only mankind has history. Having a history differentiates mankind from all other living species. That’s why I wanted to be a historian.” – Yang Wenli


Yang Wenli quotes 5

“Someone who cannot hate something, cannot love something, either.” – Yang Wenli


Yang Wenli quotes 6

“Dictatorship itself isn’t absolutely evil, it’s just another form of government. The point is how you can run it for the benefit of society.” – Yang Wenli


Yang Wenli quotes 7

“Everybody has to display a certain loyalty to their paycheck. I was the same way. It isn’t just a piece of paper, but a chain that binds people.” – Yang Wenli


Yang Wenli quotes 8

“Neither terrorism nor occultism have ever impacted history in any constructive way.” – Yang Wenli


Yang Wenli quotes 9

“It’s the most powerful words in the world. No just argument or eloquence can stand a chance against it. It’s… ”So what?” – Yang Wenli


Yang Wenli quotes 10

“Perhaps in this universe, there exists a solitary, absolute truth. Perhaps it clarifies every question. But that’s beyond the reach of these short hands.” – Yang Wenli


Yang Wenli quotes 11

“Children don’t grow up looking at perfect parents. Rather, using their imperfect parents as anti-teachers, children nourish a spirit of independence.” – Yang Wenli


5. Alex Cazellnu Quotes

Alex Cazellnu quotes

“Love and the human mind can’t be analyzed with formulas. It’s not so unusual for love to make you forget the sense of care and respect for others. There’s no logic. It’s an uncontrollable urge. To tell you the truth, it’d be worrisome if you became like that. Your mind is keen, and your character is good. But passion has nothing to do with mind or character.” – Alex Cazellnu


6. Dietrich Saucken Quotes

Dietrich Saucken quotes

“Admirals without soldiers are equivalent to fixed stars without planets. Their lights will only illuminate the darkness without any effect.” – Dietrich Saucken


7. Hildegard Von Mariendorf Quotes

Hildegard Von Mariendorf quotes

“Maybe humans are capable of committing far more shameless acts than they imagine they are. If they hadn’t faced adversity, they might have gone without discovering such ugly facets of themselves.” – Hildegard Von Mariendorf


8. Dusty Attenborough Quotes

Dusty Attenborough quotes

“Either way, the only ones who can die tomorrow are those who survive today.” – Dusty Attenborough


Dusty Attenborough quotes 1

“What we need now is not the diary of the past, but instead the calendar of the future.” – Dusty Attenborough

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