The Greatest Natsuyuki Rendezvous Quotes About Life

Natsuyuki Rendezvous anime wallpaper

Natsuyuki Rendezvous quotes taken from characters:

  • Ryousuke Hazuki.
  • Rokka Shimao.
  • Atsushi Shimao.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous is a Josei drama, produced by Doga Kobo. The same studio as Umaru Chan.

Here are the best lines from the anime and its characters.

Let’s get started.


1. Rokka Shimao Quotes

Rokka Shimao quotes

“Sometimes not lying can be a sin too, can’t it?” – Rokka Shimao


Rokka Shimao quotes 1

“The warmth of another person’s flesh is scary. It thaws out the loneliness that you had forgotten about so easily.” – Rokka Shimao


Rokka Shimao quotes 2

“Live a pleasant life in the unpleasant world.” – Rokka Shimao


2. Atsushi Shimao Quotes

Atsushi Shimao quotes

“Life is short, so fall in love, dear maiden, before your youthful ardor cools off, for there is no tomorrow.” – Atsushi Shimao


Atsushi Shimao quotes 1

“When it’s time for the flowers to bloom, they’ll bloom. When it’s time for spring to come, it’ll come.” – Atsushi Shimao


Atsushi Shimao quotes 2

“Even if a fool dies, he won’t be cured.” – Atsushi Shimao


Atsushi Shimao quotes 3

“Without a body, I can’t even cry. Why am I here? I can’t go anywhere. I’m neither here nor there. Who am I here for? What am I here for?” – Atsushi Shimao


Atsushi Shimao quotes 4

“At the end of my life, it was just the two of us… You told me not to leave then so I decided not to go anywhere.” – Atsushi Shimao


3. Ryousuke Hazuki Quotes

Ryousuke Hazuki quotes

“My hands can cultivate the earth. They can plant trees and sow seeds. They can even carry the manager. But will I ever be able to make her smile like that?” – Ryousuke Hazuki


Ryousuke Hazuki quotes 1 1

“If there’s a start, there’s a finish. There’s no rain that doesn’t stop falling at some point. Not as long as you’re alive anyway.” – Ryousuke Hazuki


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