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The Most Uncomfortably Honest Quotes From Kiss X Sis (For Ecchi Fans)

kiss x sis anime wallpaper
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Kiss X Sis anime quotes by the following characters:

  • Keita Suminoe.
  • Riko Suminoe.
  • Miharu Mikuni.
  • Yuuzuki Kiryuu.
  • Father Suminoe.
  • Ako Suminoe.

Kiss X Sis is a harem/ecchi series unlike no other. With challenging themes that are considered “taboo” in our society, and comedy that pokes fun at anime tropes.

This is the heart of each anime quote in Kiss X Sis. With all the characters sharing their own perspective on romance, love and all things related.

Let’s get into the quotes.


The BEST List Of Kiss X Sis Quotes:


1. Riko Suminoe Quotes

riko suminoe quotes

“Do you want to have your meal? Or do you want to take a bath? Or… do you want me?” – Riko Suminoe


riko suminoe quotes 1

“This little guy seems to be craving it so badly… Its been eager all morning.” – Riko Suminoe


riko suminoe quotes 2

“We’re siblings so there’s no need to hold back.” – Riko Suminoe


riko suminoe quotes 3

“You’d do best not to underestimate the sexual desire of a woman. In matters such as these they are far stronger than that of a male.” – Riko Suminoe


riko suminoe quotes 4

“Keita…you can do it whichever way you want.” – Riko Suminoe


2. Keita Suminoe Quotes

keita suminoe quotes

“Please stop talking…you’re gonna make it harder.” – Keita Suminoe


keita suminoe quotes 1

“I just want to bolster your confidence in being a woman by doing dirty things.” – Keita Suminoe


keita suminoe quotes 2

“There’s nothing wrong with it right? We can sleep together.” – Keita Suminoe


keita suminoe quotes 3

“A woman cried and was hurt! That’s why it must’ve been me who was at fault! I… I want sensei to call me Keita-kun again!” – Keita Suminoe


keita suminoe quotes 4

“Come to think of it…recently getting kissed by my sisters hasn’t felt too bad eh?” – Keita Suminoe


3. Ako Suminoe Quotes

ako suminoe quotes

“Wearing a swimsuit in the bath is weird don’t you think? Maybe I should… just take it off.” – Ako Suminoe


ako suminoe quotes 1

“I meant that we should just act like always and be natural… so, why won’t you kiss us anymore?” – Ako Suminoe


ako suminoe quotes 2

“So I was thinking… we should become more than just brother and sister.” – Ako Suminoe


ako suminoe quotes 3

“Let’s play some perverted things together on the bed Kei-chan.” – Ako Suminoe


ako suminoe quotes 4

“If you answer correctly then you get a kiss from your sister.” – Ako Suminoe


4. Yuuzuki Kiryuu Quotes

yuuzuki kiryuu quotes

“I don’t care if you’re technically not related with your sisters! What the heck were you doing with them!” – Yuuzuki Kiryuu


5. Miharu Mikuni Quotes

miharu mikuni quotes

“Um… do you have something that you want me to do?” – Miharu Mikuni


miharu mikuni quotes 1

“Is a kiss… really something you can do so simply?” – Miharu Mikuni


6. Father Suminoe Quotes

Father Suminoe quotes

“Enjoy things to the fullest and don’t do anything half-a**sed. That’s the rudest thing to do to your partner!” – Father Suminoe


Father Suminoe quotes 1

“You say that, but deep down, you want to have them kiss you and so on, don’t you?” – Father Suminoe


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