19 Anime Shows With Some Of The Most Memorable Characters

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Even the worst anime shows have memorable characters. So quality is never an issue.

But in the end – you want the best of both worlds. An anime series where:

  • The main and support characters are memorable.
  • AND you enjoy the anime to the fullest.

This is subjective, and everyone’s tastes are a little different.

But from my perspective, these anime shows are worth mentioning.


Anime With Memorable Characters:


1. New Game!

aoba suzukaze and umiko ahagon angry

Umiko Ahagon is a support character who’s just as memorable as the main characters in New Game.

Her skin tone, style of clothing and personality add a nice flavor to the overall anime series.

And of course – Aoba Suzukaze as a protagonist is bright, cheery with big dreams and professional attire that helps her stand out.

Almost all characters in New Game have something unique about them, making them easy to remember.


2. Fate Zero

fate zero saber vs lancer

Fate Zero is the “dark” version of the more romantic: Fate Stay Night series. With the action and disturbing levels of violence being comparable to Akame Ga Kill.

Like all great historical/fantasy series, Fate Zero has a brilliant protagonist: Kirtsugu Emiya, who’s a mix between a hero of justice and someone who opposes those same ideals.

And then his servant – Saber. King of Knights, who’s become one of the most famous female characters in the anime industry. Mostly for her prideful but firm, and likable personality.

Fate Stay Night and most fate series in general have memorable characters with unique designs.


3. The Promised Neverland

the promised neverland cover

Right from the start – the promised neverland introduces its 3 main characters. With one of them, Emma, being the most memorable out of the 3.

But even still – Norman and Ray have their own peculiar personality traits that make them individuals.

How memorable this anime‘s characters are is no surprise, considering the tragic first episode with similar vibes to Attack On Titan and Owari No Seraph.

It has impact.


4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

tengen toppa gurren lagann anime characters

Gurren Lagann is one of the few Mecha’s I’ve bothered to watch. Because most Mecha’s seem boring and dry as plain white bread.

But an anime like Gurren Lagann makes the mecha series “cool” with its inspirational speeches, flashy animation, and energetic battle scenes that get you fired up.

Characters like:

  • Kamina.
  • Simon.
  • Yoko Littner.

Make Gurren Lagann one of the most memorable anime shows ever made. With characters who are so memorable I’ll never forget them from now until forever.

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5. Mob Psycho 100

mob psycho 100 reigen and shigeo

This is a new anime series for me. And I enjoyed watching all 12 episodes.

Produced by the same creator of One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 knows how to “hook” you into the characters simple, but somewhat meaningful story.

Shigeo Kageyama (the MC) is memorable for more than his fancy psychic abilities and immense power.

He’s an introvert who keeps to himself, is quiet, and would rather talk things out than fight and cause trouble.

On top of that – he’s self-aware enough to know his own weaknesses, and what he’s terrible at doing (like sports).

reigen arataka mob psycho 100 e1548689203982

And then there’s Shigeo’s master: Reigen Arataka. A con artist with a heart of gold and tons of life lessons he shares with Shigeo to make him a better person.

Their relationship makes them some of the most memorable characters of recent years.


6. Golden Kamuy

golden kamuy sugimoto and asirpa

Golden Kamuy has 2 main characters who you just can’t separate from each other. Like Siamese twins.

They’re both Asirpa and Saichi Sugimoto. Their bond and shared purpose is what makes them so memorable, and well-written characters.

Support characters like Tanigaki, Inkarmat and Shiraishi are important characters who “add” to the anime, instead of taking away.

It’s a fun series if you’re looking for action, history, and the occasional comedy as well.


7. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

puella magi madoka magica main characters

Madoka Magica is a short magical girl series. 12 episodes at most.

Within that short time, the anime manages to transform into something horrific from something cute and childish.

The darker meaning to this series, once it sweeps through the later episodes, is why Madoka Magica‘s characters are some of the most well-known. Even in 2019.


8. My Hero Academia

YouTube video

The reason My Hero Academia‘s characters are so memorable should be obvious. More so if you’ve already watched this anime.

The anime is proof you don’t need an original, 100% unique story or plot to make an anime feel great. And have characters who are so relatable you could never forget their names, or why they exist.

My Hero Academia does all this without leaving or abandoning its characters, or kicking them out the limelight to focus on others.

In that way – it’s similar to Fairy Tail.

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9. Magical Girl: Spec Ops Asuka

rapture asuka magical girl

This anime is still brand new. It started airing on January 10th 2019 (If I’m not mistaken).

So far I’m enjoying the new take on the magical girl genre, and the military, police elements that help differentiate it from anything we’ve seen so far.

Asuka – the main character, has a genuinely dark past because of her role as a magical girl. And as much as she tries to give up on that life, fate knocks on her door and drags her back into it.

It’s turning out to be a series worth remembering.


10. 3D Kanojo

3d kanojo arisu tsutsui and eto e1548690164339

3D Kanojo (3D Girlfriend) came as a surprise to me in 2018. I never expected the series to “wow” me or keep me entertained, but I was wrong.

Iroha Igurashi, the popular main character, and Tsutsui, the nerd who’s used to being treated like sh**, end up in a relationship together.

The dynamics of their relationship is so unusual, weird, and will even make you cringe a little.

But that’s the same reason they’re memorable characters.


11. Yona Of The Dawn

yona of the dawn funny moments

Yona Of The Dawn is an anime I watched in 2018. And happens to be one of my favorites.

Somehow it manages to have some of the best comedy, romance, and more serious, darker moments that gives the anime a purpose. Similar to Golden Kamuy.

Think of it like My Hero Academia, except the main character is female, the era is much older, and both characters are driven to become stronger than they’ve ever been.

Because compared to everyone else – they’re weak and fragile.


12. Bungou Stray Dogs

junichiro and atsushi nakajima

Bungou Stray Dogs is a fu*** weird anime series. I have to say it.

The main characters are absolute nut-jobs. Each with their own “weird” personality trait that makes me question wtf is even happening while watching Bungou Stray Dogs.

But that’s the funny thing about it. This is what makes the characters and odd action scenes so memorable.

And it’s not like most characters are weird for the sake of it. It’s just there’s so many of them working together, it’s hard to go unnoticed.


13. Himouto! Umaru Chan

himouto umaru chan slice of life anime

Umaru Chan is a silly slice of life series about a lazy, spoilt little sh** of a sister: Umaru.

And her responsible older brother: Taihei Doma.

Umaru’s the literal definition of “two-faced”.

When she goes to school or is seen outdoors, she’s bubbly, talkative, beautiful and selfless.

Almost no one has an issue with her.

But behind closed doors?

She’s a hardcore Otaku, sitting around gaming, stuffing her face with crisps (potato chips) and being a worthless couch-potato.

I guess that’s part of what makes Umaru Chan’s characters worth remembering.

You’ll love the comedy in this one.


14. Kill La Kill

kill la kill anime moments

Ecchi series are stupid. I’ll be the first to say it. But each to their own. I get the appeal of the fan-service.

But Kill La Kill is different. The fan-service feels justified. Almost as if it doesn’t distract you from the main point of the series.

In fact – that’s exactly why Kill la Kill is in a league of its own.

The action is enough for fans of DBZ, Naruto or Akame Ga Kill, and yet the fan-service is enough for anyone who can’t stand your average “Ecchianime show.

This perfect balance is why I’ll never forget Kill La Kill for as long as I live.

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15. Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World

rezero subaru rem and ram gif

Re:Zero’s first half is mind-blowing.

True to studio White Fox who produced it, you get to see all the best action, violence, and depth the studio is known for.

Subaru Natsuki is relatable because he’s a normal guy who ends up in another world for no fault of his own.

And without warning, he’s forced to deal with the dangers of it, as a normal 18 year old teenager who’s used to living an easy life and burying his head in video games.

Almost everyone Subaru Natsuki meets (main characters and support characters) is unforgettable. And that carries over into the anime‘s story from start to finish.


16. One Punch Man

saitama shouting

Similar to Mob Psycho 100, One Punch Man has a simple protagonist who doesn’t seem like much. Until you dig a little deeper into their back-story and their general mindset.

One Punch Man is proof you don’t need a flashy, extroverted, or even an energetic protagonist to carry the story forward.

And because of the comical approach to the Shounen genre, it only makes everything about OPM more memorable and easy to enjoy.

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17. Dragon Ball Z

vegeta goku and gohan dragon ball super

DBZ is a classic. It’s one of those anime you don’t have to like, but even if you don’t – you’ll remember the main characters.

That’s because a lot of emphasis is put into the characters in the DB universe.

No character goes unmentioned. Even the most pitiful, worthless characters are famous and memorable in DBZ.

Hercule (Mr Satan) is a  good example. And so is the cat: Puar.


18. Little Witch Academia

little witch academia anime series

Produced by Studio Trigger, Little Witch Academia is an anime I wished I could have enjoyed as a child.

That’s the type of anime it is.

There’s no fan-service, sickening violence, or anything inappropriate for anyone of any age.

That’s why the story and character development in Little Witch Academia is so carefully written. Highlighting the importance of aspiring to be something bigger than yourself, and never giving up until you get what you desire.

No matter how many people try dictating what you should and shouldn’t do with your life.


19. Inuyasha

inuyasha and kagome

Inuyasha is another classic alongside DBZ. With 150+ episodes, there’s plenty of time for the anime to leave an impression on you.

It left an impression on me within the first 10 episodes, and it only gets better from there.

Kikyo, Inuyasha and Kagome, along with Sesshomaru make Inuyasha a stand-out series I’d recommend everyone watch. If history/romance is your cup of tea.

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Honorable Mentions:

  • The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.
  • Samurai Champloo.
  • Fairy Tail.
  • Sakura Quest.
  • Rokudenashi.
  • Orange.
  • Bleach.
  • Owari No Seraph.
  • Naruto.
  • One Piece.
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