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Here Are The Most POPULAR Anime & Manga In Russia (According To Google)

Katyusha girls und panzer russia
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As you know if you’re a fan of Anime Motivation, “anime sites.

There aren’t a lot of statistics that are shared publicly in the anime community, so I’ll be sharing some more. Specifically for Russian anime fans this time around.

Russian anime graph since 2004.

All the information is taken straight from Google, which has a massive amount of data on users worldwide. So even though it doesn’t tell the full story, it’s still relevant for anime fans on the internet.

Let’s get started.

Source: G Trends



1. Naruto

naruto manga

The anime) is the #1 most popular in Russia. According to Google Trends.


2. Fairy Tail Series 

fairy tail manga

Manga’s popularity in Russia. And the series in general.


3. Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul manga art

Tokyo Ghoul, a popular anime and Manga in general, makes it to #3 for Russia’s most popular chart.


4. Attack On Titan

attack on titan manga

Attack On Titan shouldn’t surprise any anime fan, regardless of country. There aren’t many countries where Attack On Titan’s Anime or Manga isn’t known.


5. Bleach

ichigo kurosaki manga bleach

Bleach makes it to #5 for the most popular Manga/Anime in Russia. A legendary series in its own right.


6. Sword Art Online Series

sword art online novel series

Sword Art Online, despite the HATE for it, is famous in every country. And it happens to be one of the most famous light novels in Russia.

And of course – as an anime in general, too.



  • Demon.
  • Vampire.
  • Volleyball.
  • Magic.
  • Yaoi.

And there you have it! That’s the full list provided by Google. And until we’re able to dig into better data from Russia itself, this is the best insight into popular Anime and Manga in Russia.

What do you think?


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