What Would Happen If KissAnime Became A Legal Streaming Service?

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KissAnime is an “illegal” streaming service for anime content. With a deep catalog of what seems like every anime.

Compared to Crunchyroll and Funimation, they have 100M+ visitors per month (according to SimilarWeb.).

That leads me to the question: What would happen if KissAnime was a legal service?

KissAnime’s a pirate site, and they tick all the right boxes for what anime fans want in a streaming service.

I’d go as far as saying KissAnime is the future.

It’s a preview of what the anime streaming business needs to look like, ideally.

If this happens, satisfying customers frustrations will be a forgotten memory.

And that will allow wages, salaries, profits and so much more to explode at an exponential rate.

And no longer will fans across the world have to deal with “blocked” content. Or anything of the sort.

Assuming they fix those licensing issues, that is.

So with that said…


If KissAnime Became A Legal Streaming Service, This Would Happen:


1. They’d become the #1 anime streaming service on the internet

if kissanime became a legal streaming service

Assuming they could maintain their humongous anime catalogue size, there’d be no competition.

KissAnime, despite being a pirate site is a brand. It’s shocking how “loyal” their fan-base is.

And the first thing that would happen is: Fans of Funimation and Crunchyroll would flock to KissAnime in the 1000’s.


2. Anime streaming services would be In “DEEP Shit”

if kissanime became a legal streaming service

Obviously I’m exaggerating a little here.

But assuming KissAnime found a way to build relationships with studios, which allowed them to keep their catalogue, other streaming services would be in trouble.

Especially smaller anime streaming sites that charge customers with a monthly subscription.

The whole anime streaming landscape wouldn’t ever be the same again.


3. KissAnime would have a lot of “leverage”

Would anime studios be pissed off? Damn-straight.

Would anime publishers be furious? Of course.

BUT… Many would be smart to negotiate and use KissAnime’s power in the industry to make sweet win-win partnerships.

The type of deals that would compensate anime studios and publishers for their losses (or future profits).

And with a strong fan-base like theirs, it’s unlikely KissAnime would lose out for the most part.


4. Sony, TV Tokyo (or a similar company) would buy them out

if kissanime became a legal streaming service

KissAnime would become a monopoly (no different to Crunchyroll or Funimation).

In fact – they’d be so BIG it would make more sense for companies who work with Crunchyroll and Funimation to buy them out for a cool $$$$.

And either Tokyo TV, Sony, or some other Japanese corporation would eventually buy them out… Or die trying to compete with KissAnime’s huge advantage.


5. Some companies would try taking them to court

This is the #1 thing that would prevent KissAnime from ever being a legal streaming service… The fear of court cases.

If KissAnime was legal, by default they’d be subject to legal damages for past actions.

And with an overwhelming amount of obvious evidence, it’s unlikely KissAnime could talk their way out of it.

But even then it’s debatable whether that would prevent KissAnime from dominating the industry.

All those loyal fans will stand behind them every step of the way.

And the controversy by itself would spark BIG news across dozens of anime sites. Which will only fuel their awareness and popularity even more.


6. The Anime Community Would Go Bonkers

if kissanime became a legal streaming service

Everyone would be talking about it. Especially news sites which I mentioned already.

It would be a conversation on the tip of everyone’s tongue. And I suspect something drastic would happen.

Especially in regards to comments on any of KissAnime’s profiles. Or even emails to their inbox.

Or maybe something else all together that I’ve missed.


What do you think would happen if KissAnime became a legit streaming service?

There’s some obvious stuff I’ve missed out like employees, social media, hiring, etc.

But even still, things would get really interesting, that’s for sure…

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2 thoughts on “What Would Happen If KissAnime Became A Legal Streaming Service?

  1. Umar Fauzi says:

    I’m interested how they would generate revenue. Ads only? Doesn’t seem sufficient to cover licensing costs.

    • Theo J Ellis says:

      You’re right. They’d have to introduce a new payment model that would allow them to do so.
      It’s an interesting thought none the less!

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