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The Greatest Anime Quotes From Studio Trigger’s BNA (Brand New Animal)

Bna Wallpaper Brand New Animal
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BNA (Brand New Animal) quotes taken from characters:

  • Michiru Kagemori.
  • Barbara Rose.
  • Shirou Ogami.
  • Nazuna Hiwatashi.

BNA (Brand New Animal) is an anime series by Studio Trigger. Released in 2020.

The anime highlights discrimination,, navigating through a world that judges you, and other meaningful topics.

This is what gives the anime quotes their flavor and sometimes, relatability.

Here’s the best BNA quotes worth sharing!


1. Michiru Kagemori Quotes

Michiru Kagemori quotes

“The match isn’t over yet! Are you running with the tail between your legs? Are you that afraid of losing? Don’t be cowards. This town’s baseball is all about winning or losing, living or dying, right? If that’s the case, then go ahead and fight, fair and square with all your might!” – Michiru Kagemori


Michiru Kagemori quotes 1

“Actually you’re all so ugly, I can’t help but feel bad. Sneering at people, laughing about things you were born with and can’t change. Putting labels on people and acting like you’ve already won!” – Michiru Kagemori


Michiru Kagemori quotes 2

“Even though I’m really a human, right now, I’m a beastmen like any other. Isn’t it your job to protect all beastmen? Then protect me too. If you admit that I’m a beastmen, that is.” – Michiru Kagemori


Michiru Kagemori quotes 3

“Whether I’m a woman or a beastman or a human, who cares about that crap anymore? I’ll decide what’s normal! I’ll decide how I’ll live my life and what’s pretty! If there are beastmen who want to be human, then let them be! But stealing their right to choose, like what you wanted to do, is seriously creepy as hell!” – Michiru Kagemori


Michiru Kagemori quotes 4

“I will never forgive you for trying to sell those children! Don’t beastmen have human hearts too?” – Michiru Kagemori


Michiru Kagemori quotes 5

“I have to make a boat in Kachikachi-yama, so… Would you hurry it up…?” – Michiru Kagemori


Michiru Kagemori quotes 6

“Look at that! I’m human! What do you mean you don’t make mistakes? Do you understand your mistake now? I hate this city, and I hate beastmen! I’m finding a cure for this disease, and then I’m getting out of here!” – Michiru Kagemori


2. Shirou Ogami Quotes

Shirou Ogami quotes

“I finally understand that you were a human, your existence is dangerous. People would panic if they found out that a human can turn into a beastman. Don’t go until we find out the details. I’ll be bringing you food.” – Shirou Ogami


Shirou Ogami quotes 1

“Younglings like to show off their power…. The stronger one wins. It’s a simple rule.” – Shirou Ogami


Shirou Ogami quotes 2

“Humans are enemies to this city.” – Shirou Ogami


Shirou Ogami quotes 3

“You, who lost pride of a beastman…you don’t need the pride of a deer!” – Shirou Ogami


Shirou Ogami quotes 4

“There is no forgiveness for those who sell beastmen to humans, even if it’s a woman.” – Shirou Ogami


Shirou Ogami quotes 5

“Celebrate. It’s the festival that beastmen have waited for, for a thousand years.” – Shirou Ogami


Shirou Ogami quotes 6

“I never miss, I will protect every beastwoman and child.” – Shirou Ogami


Shirou Ogami quotes 7

“You b*stards aren’t even worth using my claws on. My fists are more than enough!” – Shirou Ogami


Shirou Ogami quotes 8

“Don’t try to stop me. These guys ruined the festival.” – Shirou Ogami


3. Nazuna Hiwatashi Quotes

Nazuna Hiwatashi quotes

“I decided to do anything to achieve my dreams. I’m not Nazuna right now. I’m the Silver Wolf Maiden, Déesse Louve!” – Nazuna Hiwatashi


Nazuna Hiwatashi quotes 1

“When something happens right before your eyes, you jump into it without a second thought. That part of you hasn’t changed at all. Jumping in based on assumptions…deciding to pity someone all by yourself…and thinking about saving someone just like that…isn’t that to just stroke your ego?” – Nazuna Hiwatashi


4. Barbara Rose Quotes

Barbara Rose quotes bna

“10 years have passed since the founding of Anima City, yet the rift between humans and beastmen remain as wide as ever. Even so, this city continues to be a place of respite for beastmen. For the past 10 years, and for the 10 ahead. No, for the future that lies even further ahead. Let us celebrate the anniversary for all of us!” – Barbara Rose


Barbara Rose quotes bna 1

“Since the passing of the Special Beastman Ward Autonomy Act, Anima City has been developed as a place where beastmen can live truly for themselves.” – Barbara Rose


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