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The Greatest Quotes Of ALL Time From “Made In Abyss”

Made In Abyss quotes from the following characters:

  • Reg.
  • Riko.
  • Nanachi.
  • Lyza.
  • Ozen.
  • Jiruo.
  • Bondrewd.

Made In Abyss is a mysterious series with “anime hit so hard when it comes to quotes and the feels that come with it.

If you need quotes to remember the anime by, or you’re interested in watching the series, here are some quotes to take from.

Let’s get started.


The Best List Of Made In Abyss Quotes:


1. Ozen Quotes

ozen quotes made in abyss |

“Deep within it, the Abyss creeps into your mind. Eventually, it’ll get your body as well. Unlike the curse from the 6th Layer, those don’t manifest immediately. For every expedition, you’ll stand at the precipice of death and insanity, twisting the skin off your head.” – Ozen


ozen quotes made in abyss 1 |

“Do you have a conception of God? The people around here, you see, don’t believe in God. Do you know what is it they believe in? The answer is this place – the Abyss itself.” – Ozen


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“Don’t stay in the deep layers if you don’t want to kill those who are waiting for you.” – Ozen


2. Riko Quotes

riko quotes made in abyss |

“I want to become a white whistle soon so I can catch up to my mother…and explore the places she went.” – Riko


3. Nanachi Quotes

Nanachi quotes made in abyss |

“Thank you Mitty, for pulling Reg’s Treasure up out of that place.” – Nanachi


4. Jiruo Quotes

Jiruo quotes made in abyss |

“A heavy drinker, quick to get into fights, always going too far with pranks, and you could never tell how honest she was being. On top of that, she had a brutally unbalanced diet. If she weren’t a whistle, she would just be a regular weirdo…Really, she was quite a handful.” – Jiruo


5. Lyza Quotes

lyza made in abyss quotes |

“Ozen. If she (Riko) ever wanted to reach the bottom again and confronted you. I want you to tell her. Tell her what a miracle it is that she can move. Teach her how to brave the wonderful adventures waiting for her afterwards.” – Lyza


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“That wound proves that your mind has repelled the Abyss. An undeniable proof. Ozen the Immovable. An actual white whistle. Hey, would you be my mentor?” – Lyza


6. Bondrewd Quotes

bondrewd quotes made in abyss |

“May your journey overflow with curses and blessing.” – Bondrewd


bondrewd quotes made in abyss 1 |

“You’re saying as if a family can only be made with blood relations. I do not think that is the case. A compassionate heart is what makes people a family. Blood does not help much in that regard. Love. It’s love, Nanachi.” – Bondrewd


7. Reg Quotes

reg quotes made in abyss |

“Nanachi, promise me this… even if Mitty isn’t around anymore, don’t take your own life.” – Reg

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