10 Mami Tomoe Quotes That Are Meaningful And Inspiring 

Mami Tomoe, the blonde-haired magical girl from Madoka Magica.

She’s seen as a role model and a mentor to the other magical girls. Especially Madoka Kaname.

Whether you’ve watched Madoka Magica or not, you’ll be able to appreciate these Mami Tomoe quotes.

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10 Mami Tomoe Quotes That Are Meaningful And Inspiring


Mami Tomoe Quote #1 

“If you’re not 100% sure why you’re doing it, you’ll most certainly regret it later.” – Mami Tomoe


It’s better to make the right choice than it is to rush and do something you’ll regret.



“The motive behind a wish is what matters most.” – Mami Tomoe


Make sure there’s a good enough reason behind your actions, and the things you want. Motive matters.



“You shouldn’t want to be like me, I’m… I’m just trying to act cool.” – Mami Tomoe

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“If you use your wish to grant someone else’s, you should be careful you know exactly why you are doing it.” – Mami Tomoe


Put that into consideration before you make decisions that will impact other people’s lives.



“I’m not afraid of anything anymore. Because I’m not alone anymore.” – Mami Tomoe

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“If you have the chance to think really hard about what you want, you should take as much time as you need.” – Mami Tomoe


Think it through, look at the facts, decide if it’s worth it then go for it.



“No matter how scary it is, how hard it is, I can’t talk to anyone about it. I always cry alone.” – Mami Tomoe



“Make sure you know what you want. A chance like this doesn’t come around too often.” – Mami Tomoe


Don’t wait around too long for the things you want and the things you want to do.

You may never get a second chance.



“It won’t be easy. You will get hurt. You won’t have time to go on dates or have fun with your friends.” – Mami Tomoe


Everything that’s worth having doesn’t come easy.



“You’re right. I’m not alone. I found someone who’s willing to fight by my side from now on!” – Mami Tomoe


Appreciate the people around you.

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6 thoughts on “10 Mami Tomoe Quotes That Are Meaningful And Inspiring 

  1. Marcos says:

    I love Mami, she is the best character in Madoka. Such a sad fate. But just because her appearance it doesn’t mean it isn’t great and impactful… We’ll never forget you Mami.

    • Theo Ellis
      Theo J Ellis says:

      Me neither Marcos. Mami is one of the best characters in the series. And is a mentor for other Magical girls.

  2. Kitty123 says:

    Thank you for these Quotes! They are kinda relatable :p

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