The 16+ Greatest Orihime Inoue Quotes With A Purpose

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Orihime Inoue is one of the main love interests in Bleach, a friend of Ichigo’s, and one of the main humans in the Bleach series.

With her bright orange hair, just like Ichigo, she stands out and is differentiated by design alone.

As a sensitive, empathetic character, she plays a the role of support and does a good job of it with her powers.

Her journey of self confidence, dealing with insecurities, and more is reflected in her quotes and the things you can learn from her role.

Here’s the best lines from this BLEACH character!


Orihime Inoue Quotes:

orihime inoue quotes bleach

“It’s like, even though we’re human, we can just spend time here in Hueco Mundo like it’s normal now. Helping out all the Arrancar people, doing our best to help the Shinigami protect their home…it’s just kind of nice, don’t you think? I kind of wish things could stay like this forever. All of us together, helping each other out, trying to do what’s best for everyone’s worlds…and one day we look back and realize the start of the war just never came.” – Orihime Inoue


orihime inoue quotes bleach 1

“I’m a terrible person, aren’t I? “If only Kurosaki-kun would cheer up, I’d be happy.” At least, I thought that was how I felt. Then Kuchiki-san came back and cheered Kurosaki-kun up. I should have been really happy, but… but… [starts to cry] but instead I’m jealous of Kuchiki-san!” – Orihime Inoue


orihime inoue quotes bleach 2

“We don’t look any different from those shinigami. We just dress differently.” – Orihime Inoue


orihime inoue quotes bleach 3

“I was proud of my hair color that my brother admired. I was happy to be told such things, so I grew my hair out ever since I was little. Soon after I entered middle school, 3rd years said they didn’t like my hair color and cut it. I had no choice but to cut the rest short to even it out. I couldn’t tell brother.’I felt like changing it’, is what I said to dodge the question. Then my brother died soon after. I became alone. I stopped talking, even at school, and became more alone than ever before. The one who stopped me from being that way was Tatsuki-chan. Tatsuki-chan yelled at me for backing down and she looked out for me. I could grow my hair out again thanks to her. I will never have short hair again, because my long hair is proof of my faith in Tatsuki-chan.” – Orihime Inoue


orihime inoue quotes bleach 4

“If I were the rain, that binds together the heavens and the earth, whom in all eternity will never mingle, would I be able to bind two hearts together?” – Orihime Inoue


orihime inoue quotes bleach 5

“I don’t care about “subtle”. If you don’t want to get hurt, then don’t attack until I say it’s all right.” – Orihime Inoue


orihime inoue quotes bleach 6

“Thank you, Tatsuki. Please do not worry, Tatsuki. Because Tatsuki will come find me, that’s why I can go anywhere without worry. If the place I’m going is somewhere Tatsuki can’t go, then please wait for me here, I will come back for sure. Come back to Tatsuki’s side.” – Orihime Inoue


orihime inoue quotes bleach 7

“I don’t believe that he showed me the Hōgyoku because he trusts me… but, at least I have learned the location of the Hōgyoku… and… about my own power, too. Everything that has occurred… it reverses it all, and destroys the very event itself. Thank you, Kurosaki-kun, for coming to save me, but I’ve found something I must do here. And it’s definitely…something only I can do. With my power… I will return the Hōgyoku to before it ever existed!” – Orihime Inoue


orihime inoue quotes bleach 8

“That’s right. To begin with, I came here just thinking I wanted to protect everyone. But when I heard they had come to save me, I couldn’t help but feel a little glad, just a bit in my heart. When I look at Kurosaki-kun in that mask, I think that he might not have come here to save me at all. Even though it’s wrong, they shouldn’t be going that far for me.” – Orihime Inoue


orihime inoue quotes bleach 9

“I will not forgive those who hurt Tatsuki!” – Orihime Inoue



“There were a lot of things I wanted to do. I wanted to become a teacher, and an astronaut, and a baker… I wanted to go to a bunch of different donut shops and ask for one of everything! And I wanted to tell the ice-cream man to give me one of everything, too! I wish I could have five different lives! Then I could have been born in five different towns, and eaten five lifetime’s worth of food, and had five different careers, and… fallen in love with the same person, five times.” – Orihime Inoue


Orihime Inoue quotes 4

“It’s just that… It’s just that not being able to fight with everyone makes me feel lonely! But what would make me feel worse than being lonely is getting in everyone’s way… that would make me feel worse! If it means getting in the way of Kurosaki-kun and everyone… then I would rather be lonely, very lonely.” – Orihime Inoue


Orihime Inoue quotes 3

“Kurosaki-kun… I’m weak, so it’s always like I turn back to look to you for help. But now I won’t turn back and I’ll go forward. The next time we meet I won’t look to you for help, Kurosaki-kun, I’ll be able to fight on my own.” – Orihime Inoue


Orihime Inoue quotes 2

“It’s impossible to feel exactly the same as someone else… but when you both care for each other, your hearts are able to draw a little closer together. I think that’s what it means to make your hearts as one.” – Orihime Inoue



“People are all evil. In order to falsely believe yourself to be just, you must inevitably falsely believe that someone else is more evil than you.” – Orihime Inoue


orihime inoue quotes

“When people constantly show their affection for you, you start taking it for granted. If you don’t realize how much they care for you until they’re gone, you’ll only be left with regret and remorse.” – Orihime Inoue

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