7 Of The Most Respected Anime Figure Brands That Produce High Quality Products

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When you’re doing any kind of shopping online, knowing the best brands is crucial.

Especially when it comes to shopping for anime figures, merchandise and toys.

Why? Because the best brands won’t offer bootlegs, fakes, or sub-par quality anime products.

At Anime Motivation we stock anime figures for 7 of the most respected brands and manufacturers.

Here they are…


7 Top-Notch Anime Figure Brands:



1. Kotobukiya

kotobukiya figures

Kotobukiya first started making figurines and toys back in 1947!

Which means they’ve now been in business for 70+ years as of August 28th 2017.

Somewhere along the line Kotobukiya started making anime figures. And they’ve only become higher in quality as the years have passed by.

Here’s a quick example of what Kotobukiya anime figures look like:

Elf Yamada Eromanga Sensei Statue 25


2. Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company Figures To Get Your Hands On

The 2nd anime brand on this list is none other than Good Smile Company.

An anime figure company famous for its Nendoroid figures, mini figures, and PVC Statues.

Good Smile Company started out back in 2001. And have been booming ever since they started creating original products.

Whenever there’s a new release for preorders, Nendoroid’s or anything similar, you can bet Good Smile is behind it.

They also work alongside other top brands like: Max Factory, Megahouse and Orange Rouge.

Example of Good Smile Company figurines:

Hifumi Takimoto New Game Nendoroid Action Figure 24


3. Max Factory

Max Factory Figures

3rd on the list of top anime figure brands is Max Factory.

This company focuses on action figures and figma’s, like Rin Tohsaka from Fate Stay Night.

Max Factory also produces high quality PVC Statues and figures alongside action figures.

The company was first established back in 1987. Making them one of the most original anime figure companies.

Example of Max Factory figurines:

Kemono Friends Figma Action Figure Serval 25


4. Megahouse

Megahouse Figures

4th top anime figure brand is Megahouse. A company that started out back in 1962.

Similar to Kotobukiya and Max Factory, Megahouse is one of the most original anime figure manufacturers.

Megahouse focus on anime figures based on Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Gintama, and many other anime’s.

Usually in the form of a PVC Statue or figure.

Example of Megahouse figures:

Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku Dragonball Gt Pvc Statue 24


5. Orange Rouge

Orange Rouge Figures

5th top anime figure brand is none other than Orange Rouge. A company founded by the partnership of Good Smile and Max Factory.

What makes Orange Rouge stand-out is they focus on Male anime figures. And that’s the reason why the company was founded.

To fill the gap of male anime figures, Nendoroid’s and PVC Statues.

Example of Orange Rouge anime figures:

Izuminokami Kanesada Touken Ranbu Online Pvc Statue 19


6. Aniplex

Aniplex Figures

Aniplex was first established back in 1995 by the SPE music publishing group.

You’ve probably heard of Aniplex because they’re such a massive brand outside of anime figure-making.

For example: they’re the company behind anime’s like Full Metal Alchemist, Asterisk War and countless others.

Aniplex usually focus on PVC Statues and PVC Figures more than anything else.

Example of Aniplex figures:

Akuma Homura Madoka Magica Movie Rebellion Statue 16


7. Alter

alter anime figures

And finally – Alter. A large anime figure brand of PVC Statues, figures and Nendoroid’s.

Alter makes figures from anime’s like Yuuki Yuna is a Hero, Idolmaster and Love Live School Idol Project.

Plus many other anime shows.

Example of figurines by Alter:

Gyoki Yuki Yuna Is A Hero Pvc Figure 16


Bonus Brand: Phat!

phat company figures

As a bonus, we’ll throw the anime brand: Phat! into the mix.

Phat creates PVC Figures from anime shows like Kill La Kill, Love Live, Date A Live and Idolmaster.

Among similar anime shows loved by fans worldwide.

Example of Phat Figures:

7 Of The Most Respected Anime Figure Brands That Produce High Quality Products


Which top anime brand would you add to this list?

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