Why Hinata Is More Attractive Than Sakura
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Why Hinata Is More Attractive Than Sakura In Every Way Possible

Is Hinata more attractive than Sakura?

Naruto fans often praise Hinata for individual reasons. At the same time, others hate Hinata’s guts and claim anime fans like her because she’s spineless and she’s a woman men can control.

Others still prefer Sakura Haruno, but the hatred for this character is the most extreme of all anime characters.

That leads to the question, who is the better character between Hinata and Sakura, as far as attractiveness and appeal?

Hinata is the answer.

Here’s why.


1. Mass appeal

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Sakura Haruno is an aggressive woman at the beginning of Naruto, and this continues until after Shippuden (Boruto basically).

This alone makes Sakura LESS appealing on a mass scale compared to Hinata, also because of Sakura’s flip-flopping and changing her mind at the drop of a hat to fit her narrative or agenda.

It’s what makes Sakura annoying at times as a so-called main character.

Hinata on the other hand is more appealing to the average fan and has traits that are generally more likeable and appreciable.

This is in spite of the BS people share about Hinata being spineless and “doing what a man says” type of nonsense.


2. Waifu material

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Waifu material = marriage material in real life. What does waifu material look like? A woman who won’t do a lot of things.

These include:

  • Argue with you in public and try shaming you.
  • Fight you, especially physically.
  • Bait you into doing something stupid.
  • Make you feel bad.

And things of that nature.

Waifu material translates to a woman who’s:

  • Pleasant to be around.
  • Isn’t overly selfish.
  • Calm’s your soul.
  • Makes life easier.
  • Doesn’t cause you unnecessary stress.
  • Enhances your life.

Compare Hinata to Sakura, and you can’t tell me Sakura fits the bill for “waifu material” with a straight face.


3. Doesn’t have a toxic bone in her body

hinata waifu for laifu

The thing with Sakura Haruno is she’s been toxic from the beginning, though this changes later admittedly.

First, she disrespects Naruto who doesn’t have a family and makes him feel bad as well. And then goes on to kiss Sasuke’s ass despite the fact he disrespects her, casually, and doesn’t care about her.

It’s only after Sasuke holds Sakura accountable for what she said to Naruto that she starts to “slowly” think about how toxic she can be.

Compare that to Hinata, who from the beginning is and was supporting of Naruto, and in fact, most characters without any toxic or ulterior motives that put her in a bad light.

She had no toxic attraction to those who do her wrong like Sakura did, and that’s despite many of the privileges Sakura had growing up in comparison to not just Hinata, but many characters.

Hinata remains positive and refuses to lower her standards just because of some bad apples trying to corrupt her mindset.


4. Has enough self-respect to choose a partner who cares

hinata beauty

Hinata pursued Naruto from the beginning, and no, I don’t mean she stalked Naruto as some fanboys inaccurately like to point out.

Sakura Haruno has so little respect for herself that she put up with outright abuse from Sasuke (verbally), and Sasuke even tried killing Sakura, yet she still fawned over Sasuke like he was an angel sent down from Heaven.

Hinata never behaves this way and is consistent with her character throughout Naruto. She’s no pushover either.

Her choice of choosing Naruto speaks volumes when comparing her to Sakura, which is also what makes Hinata more attractive and appealing.

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5. Beauty department

hinata vs sakura beauty

Sakura is a stunning character and there is no denying that from an animation point of view. She’s attractive, intelligent, and has beauty to go with her brains.

But that’s where it ends. Beauty and brains but a bad attitude only spoils everything. Just like good food is spoiled by a bad cook.

She’s not as beautiful on the inside.

Hinata has beauty, and for those who care, she has some oppai and thicc thighs to go with her mindset.


6. Down to earth

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Hinata is grounded and down to earth. A person like this is hard to dislike because they come from a place of honesty, authenticity, and truth.

Even if those truths are painful or come from a place of depression, sadness, or whatever emotion many people love to hide from people.

Hinata is a genuine soul who could do no wrong UNLESS it’s absolutely necessary, meaning to defend herself or others.

Sakura tried to manipulate situations in her favour many times in Naruto, especially once she realized her mistake with Naruto Uzumaki, and even tried to claim she loved Naruto as an attempt at reverse psychology.

It didn’t work, and it made Sakura look even more disingenuous and stupid as a result of her naive, foolish actions.


7. Compassionate soul

hinata eyes beautiful

When all is said and done, Hinata Hyuga is compassionate, kind, and empathetic, but is still not a person to f*ck with either. And that last part is what people love to ignore the most when talking about these things.

Hinata has been through a lot and still remains almost pure to some degree, but not to the point where she won’t defend herself.

Sakura only cared about what she had to gain and nothing else. She was willing to hurt others to get what she wanted, and then when she regretted it later, tried to change her actions to “fix” her mistakes.

It’s clear who is the more compassionate character out of the two, even later down the line, and that’s also why Hinata Hyuga is more attractive and appealing than Sakura will ever be.