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23+ Of The Best Anime Girls With Big Boobs (Oppai) Who Deserve Credit

Anime Girl Big Boobs Thighs Wallpaper
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Anime girls with:

  • Big boobs.
  • Oppai.
  • Tiddies.

And who are noticeable in the best area are bound to get a lot of attention from guys and girls, just like in the real world. But this isn’t about competition, more just an observation.

Anime almost as if imitating real life has a variety of women of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes realistic, other times unrealistic and exaggerated.

Whatever the case let’s focus on female characters who are busty with sizable oppai.


1. Shigure Kosaka (Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple)

Shigure Kosaka oppai

Shigure Kosaka is the ninja girl from Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple. She’s laid back, easygoing, chilled, and not the best at socializing or expressing her feelings vocally.

She’s good at martial arts and usually if pissed off she can express herself through her ability to fight. And overtime she slowly starts to open up more and become more confident outwardly.

She’s a woman with not just standards and class, but with surprising intellect as opposed to just being sexy for sexy‘s sake.


2. Brandish (Fairy Tail)

brandish fairy tail oppai

Brandish is the green-haired mage who’s able to shrink or enlarge anything she touches and comes into contact with. This makes her threatening to the Fairy Tail guild when she’s first discovered.

She’s able to shrink anyone or anything that is usually powerful, and then crush it like an ant if she chooses. This power makes her a bit savage.

Out of al the Spriggan 12 members though Brandish is the most reasonable and the least savage, and has a past relationship with Lucy Heartfilia, the anime’s main female character.


3. Konori Mii (A Certain Scientific Railgun)

Konori Mii railgun judgment officer 1 e1654788734570

Konori Mii is a busty female character and esper from Academy city, a place where millions of espers live. Each ranked between level 1 and level 5 which determines their strength, output, and skill level.

She’s ranked about a level 3. She’s one of the judgment branch officers across Academy City and leads the 177th branch in particular, making her a senpai to the anime’s main cast.

Her ability allows her to see through anything with an x-ray style vision, and she’s skilled in martial arts.


4. Darkness Lalatina (Konosuba)

Darkness Lalatina oppai armor konosuba

Darkness Lalatina is a parody female character. She has big tiddies, is blonde, she’s a masochist who enjoys being punished (sexually or otherwise), and that also makes her a massive pervert.

In general, Darkness is a princess in secret who’s a knight and fights to protect people and the peace. She’s even willing to sacrifice herself it means accomplishing this goal.

In the dubbed version she’s voiced by the same voice actress as Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach.


5. Lucoa (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

lucoa miss kobayashi wink 1

Lucoa is the most powerful dragon in the anime series out of Tohru’s friends so far. But she’s a dragon who decides to chill, relax, and doesn’t want any drama in general.

After she starts living with Shota, she occasionally hangs out with Tohru and lives like a regular human, though she doesn’t do much outside of that.

Wise beyond her years she’s the woman everyone can go to for advice, and her Oppai serves as a distraction but only to some humans.


6. Manager (The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated)

Manager jahy oppai

Manager is the nameless woman who becomes the manager of Jahy, a demon lord who was 2nd in command before her world was destroyed by a magical girl, forcing her to earth followed by living like a human.

“Manager” is a kind woman, gentle, very feminine but sometimes clueless and absent minded. But when it comes to business she’s on top of everything and is a hard worker.

She’s the type of person others can confide in, share their problems, with, and trust with their life. She’s not one to gossip and she’s so chilled most of the time it’s hard for people to be angry with her.

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7. Alice Nakiri (Food Wars)

Alice Nakiri sexy hot food wars waifu

Alice Nakiri is the white haired female character from Food Wars, and the cousin of Erina Nakiri (who’s more of a main character). Alice is a side character in the anime.

She gets most of her shine during the first and 2nd season of Food Wars when she participates in the food competitions as a quality chef. She’s creative and innovative with her dishes.

In the dubbed version she has the same voice actress as Mine from Akame Ga Kill. She’s a classy female character.


8. Rangiku Matsumoto (Bleach)

Rangiku Matsumoto oppai bleach tiddies

Rangiku Matsumoto is the type of big tiddie woman who pretends to be stupider and denser than she really is at times, but this is more of her playful side showing itself.

She likes teasing Ichigo Kurosaki, the anime’s orange haired MC and she likes playing dumb when she knows she’s in the wrong.

In more serious situations she’s focused, thoughtful, protective, and mature. Rangiku is easily one of the female favorites from Bleach.

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9. Shichijou Aria (Seitokai Yakuindomo)

Shichijou Aria oppai thighs

Aria is the female character of the student council who’s airheaded, a klutz, and absent minded. But sometimes you have to wonder if it’s all an act because of her sarcastic nature.

She’s more of a realistic female character in the chest department, and she’s one of the more open characters when it comes to her preferences in the sexual department.

Being a rich girl she lives in a massive house but is still down to earth and even modest aside from her weird antics.


10. Rebecca Bluegarden (Edens Zero)

Rebecca Bluegarden edens zero oppai

Rebecca Bluegarden is the new Lucy Heartfilia. You can call her Lucy 2.0. Edens Zero has similarities to Fairy Tail on purpose but it does have its own identity.

Rebecca wears a skirt just like Lucy but she operates her own spaceship and is a skilled pilot. She’s also able to wield guns and use them skillfully similar to Revy Rebecca from Black Lagoon.

She’s a lot more modest, sexually, at least compared to Lucy who’s more confident in this way. And her personality is likable.

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11. Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill)

Esdeath blush cute oppai 1

Esdeath is an obvious choice from the Akame Ga Kill series besides characters like Leone. Blue hair, blue eyes, a somewhat tall figure, and a banging body.

She has enough Oppai to make Tatsumi blush despite the fact Esdeath is a villain, a serial killer, and a savage who works for the Imperial capital who plays a heavy role in corruption and mass poverty.

Esdeath is a general in the imperial capital and that allows her to exercise her lust for violence and war without much restriction.


12. Wiz (Konosuba)

Wiz Konosuba oppai

Wiz is one of the undead of the series, and is probably the most powerful mage witnessed in the anime series so far. She runs her own shop and is a business woman who can appear to be too kind at times.

This “kindness” is like a way of avoiding going all out, because when Wiz goes all out she becomes demonic and has enough power to terrify people. After all she used to work for the demon lord.


13. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)

Hinata Hyuga oppai

Hinata Hyuga has been seen to attract envy from characters like Sakura Haruno in the Naruto franchise. That’s because of her busty size in comparison. She’s also thicc in all the right places.

As a Hyuga she had a it rough growing up which seems to be the norm as a Hyuga in some capacity. Hinata had it hard as a woman and was scolded for not being “strong enough” and was constantly compared.

As someone who suffered and struggled with being ostracized or at least feeling excluded, she relates to Naruto and this is why she cheers for him in the beginning and supports him along the journey.

She’s the one true person for Naruto as they compliment each other and her character and personality makes her waifu material since she’s modest, feminine, open minded, and caring.


14. Mira Suou (World’s End Harem)

Mira Suou worlds end harem babe

Mira Suou is the regular purple haired female character who shows up in the anime series. She’s the one who stays by Reita’s side despite the fact he refuses her sex along with the other girls.

Reita is a scientist trying to find a cure for the man killer virus that’s wiped out 99% of the men on the planet. So he avoids “sex” all together to achieve it.

Mira is supportive of Reita and physically she’s an attractive woman from head to toe.


15. Yor (Spy x Family)

Yor forger oppai

Yor from Spy x Family is all the rage right now. She’s constantly being talked about as the anime as dominating the charts, has sold over 21+ million copies, and is even sparking controversy.

She represents the “Mother” of the anime and the wife also. She’s secretly an assassin for hire but she masks this lifestyle with her regular job.

The anime chooses to focus on her more ordinary aspects of her life with her so called “fake” husband and adopted child, which makes Yor relatable and even wholesome in a family setting.

She’s stacked as well and is one of the most attractive adult female characters.


16. Irina Jelavic (Assassination Classroom)

Irina Jelavic professor bitch

Irina Jelavic is a blonde woman who’s nicknamed “professor bitch” in the anime series, especially the dubbed version. The level of disrespect from her students drives her up the wall.

She eventually comes to an understanding with her students and they start to respect her more as they both come to learn more about each other.

Irina is a professional and aside from cleavage, she’s an elegant character with a lot of beauty.


17. Quinella (Sword Art Online: Alicization)

Quinella sao season 3 villain

Quinella usually has her long purple hair covering up her big breasts on either side as she’s usually naked from head to toe. She’s a villain in the 3rd season of Sword Art Online.

She has a certain elegance to her character and sex appeal as well. But she’s also a memorable villain with a backstory and major role in the anime’s plot.


18. Ilulu (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

Ilulu dragon shop oppai e1654786947919

Ilulu is the new girl from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid season 2. She’s a chaos dragon just like Tohru, except she’s still causing chaos when she first shows up in the anime.

Her battle with Tohru is one of the early highlights of the 2nd season.

Ilulu is a somewhat younger dragon with big oppai and a short body, which lead to controversy on Twitter claiming the author’s are pedophiles.

She adds a sense of wholesomeness and growth to the overall slice of life anime series.


19. Goddess Hestia (Danmachi)

Goddess Hestia danmachi

Goddess Hestia is one of the lower-ranking goddesses in Danmachi. In fact, she’s poor and doesn’t have much going for her except hope, dreams, and the desire for change.

She’s constantly mocked by other goddesses of higher status and prestige.

After starting their own Familia with Bell Cranel, an amateur swordsman and adventurer in the beginning, they start to rise up the ranks and do well for themselves. Gaining respect from others far and wide.

Hestia has a tacky dress sense and has the least elegance or class out of all the Goddesses (fashion-wise), but she’s down to earth and genuine which is what makes her appealing since she’s not fake and pretentious.


20. Nejire Hado (My Hero Academia)

Nejire Hado sexy hot mha

Nejire Hado is one of “the big 3” in My Hero Academia, and the only female character to be included in that group. Her abilities (quirks) are quite different to other heroes.

She’s always smiling, happy, and cheerful. The type to enjoy life as much as possible and refuses to mope around or let herself get too down about life.

Nejire is a wholesome character who uplifts and inspires others and has a positive impact on others. She’s also gorgeous and stunning.


21. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Erza Scarlet sexy oppai

Erza Scarlet is a MUST to mention on a list like this. She’s a female character and one of many in Fairy Tail with big breasts and TRUE curvy figures.

She’s nicknamed “queen of the fairies” which is a play on the fact she’s a powerful member of the Fairy Tail guild being a woman. And her other nickname is “Titania” which is tied to it.

Erza was born a child slave and years later decides to wear armor to feel “strong” and protected as a result of her past trauma.

She’s the definition of a woman with principles and isn’t willing to break them.


22. Takao (D-Frag)

takao pink dress d frag hot

Takao is one of the main female characters of the D-Frag series, which is a short anime but a longer ongoing manga.

She’s the main romantic interest of the show in relation to Kenji Kazama, the male MC of this comedy/parody anime with a focus on gaming and Otaku related activities.

Takao is the creator of the “game creation club” and is proud of her work, and can sometimes be bashful and shy.


23. Masane Amaha (Witchblade)

Masane Amaha yellow top big oppai witchblade

Masane Amaha is from the classic Witchblade anime series, an anime that feels forgotten in 2022. It’s about a weapon called the Witchblade that randomly attaches itself to women who have an “affinity” for it.

It’s a technologically developed weapon and it’s responsible for protecting Masane and her daughter during an event called The Great Quake which she’s the only survivor of.

She might not be the greatest parent on the planet as far as stereotypes go, but she fights for her daughter, will do whatever it takes, and does her best to as much of a role model as she can to Rihoko.

He bond and mother-daughter relationship is one of the best examples in the anime industry.


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