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18+ Anime Shows With Lots Of Kissing Scenes And Romance

anime with kissing scenes
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

There are romance anime shows, many without any kissing at all. You even have harem anime that don’t go that far in the slightest.

At times, this is even true with Ecchi shows which is a cliche.

But there are anime with kissing scenes in these genres and others.

Let’s focus on that in this post, and drill down the list of where it’s most common.

Here they are.


1. The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter

the dungeon only i can enter

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter is as cliche as it gets.

The main character is born into a noble family, so already has a little going for him already.

Once he enters an academy, that’s when the girls start piling up and the harem begins.

You have to give the MC credit for getting his first “kiss” within the first episode of the anime. He breaks one of the many cliches these genres are filled with.

He makes it look easy and there’s plenty of it.

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2. Campione


Campione is one of the first Harem/Ecchi fantasy shows I ever came across. You get kissing within the first episode.

There’s quite a bit of sloppy kissing and all that good stuff if that’s what you want.

Whether you’ll enjoy the entire series is another story. But it’s relevant here and needs to be mentioned.


3. The World God Only Knows

the world god only knows

The World God Only Knows is a harem series about Katsuragi Keima. A guy who loves playing dating sims.

He’s not into real girls, and makes this point clear.

After running into a demon girl called Elsie, he ends up “kissing girls” to essentially save them.

He comes across a lot of girls like this for 3 seasons, but how it’s approached doesn’t feel as bad as your average comparison.

In fact, it’s a decent series, cliches aside.

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4. Snow White With The Red Hair

snow white with the red hair

Snow White With The Red Hair is a quality romance series about Zen, a prince, and Shirayuki, a girl he falls for.

Shirayuki isn’t from a royal bloodline, but she’s hard working, smart, and stands out because of her red hair. And that’s a focus point that kicks off the anime.

There are kissing scenes, wholesome episodes, some action, and good interactions between the characters.

The visuals are nice as well.

5. Date A Live

date a live shido itsuka

Date A Live is another harem series that was early for me. One of my first.

The first episode ends on a dramatic note, with Shido’s life hanging in the balance for a moment.

From there, the long and short of it is he kisses girls to save them. A familiar cliche with these genres.

Season 1 is the best, with the 2nd season and beyond dropping in quality for me personally.

Still worth mentioning as it’s relevant here.

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6. Inuyasha

anime with kissing scenes

Inuyasha is a classic at this point. And it has some of the best romance as far as “the feels” it gives off.

It’s about Kagome Higurashi who falls down a well and ends up in a time far into the past.

She meets Inuyasha, a half-dog demon, half-human. But he’s in love with someone else in the beginning (Kikyo).

This is an important part of the anime’s progress, character development, and more that’s revealed (kissing included).

7. Scum’s Wish

scums wish

Scum’s Wish feels like a romance anime gone wrong. Not from a quality perspective, but because of the morally questionable things that go down between characters.

“Scum” is a good clue in the name of this anime.

Plenty of kissing, even intimacy, and scenes that will make you think, make you cringe, or both.

It’s extreme in its themes.

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8. Sword Art Online

sword art online asuna and kirito in bed

Saucy scenes isn’t this anime’s focus. It need no introduction but SAO is about Virtual Reality, MMO’s, and games in general.

With a survival aspect in season 1, season 2, and season 3. All with different ways of portraying it.

Don’t expect too much kissing here. But where the romance counts, there are suggestive scenes and definitely kissing with the obvious characters.


9. Toradora

toradora couple

This anime is about Taiga Aisaka, the palm-top tiger. And Ryuuji Takasu, is a guy who loves cleaning and is wrongly judged for his appearance.

Toradora doesn’t get heavy with romance until later down the line. So you’ve got to “work” your way to it.

There’s a lot of drama involved around this stage, with emotions running high, and plot twists coming out of the floorboards.

If you can get through the first 5 or so episodes, the anime delivers to a high standard and doesn’t disappoint.


10. Darling In The Franxx

zero two and hiro

The story had no idea where it wanted to go, so you literally get everything from suggestive scenes, kissing scenes, action, drama and the list goes on.

This is at the beginning to a degree, but more so in the later stages. With multiple characters.

Whether it’s satisfying or not depends on you. For me, the anime lost focus after the first half and ended up being a massive disappointment for me.

Still, it’s relevant here.

11. Golden Time

golden time couple

If we’re talking about romance, in particular, this is one of the BEST anime on the list.

Not just for quality, but for romance in every sense of the word.

I don’t think you’ll find too many main characters like Kaga Koko (orange hair). She’s a solid protagonist.

The same can’t be said for her partner though, but he serves a purpose.

The level of kissing is moderate but it’ll suit your tastes.


12. Nana

nana anime wallpaper

This is a forgotten anime classic. Made by the one and only Madhouse Studios.

Nana is even better than Golden Time by miles, and that’s saying a lot because Golden Time is good.

Nana explores the lives of young adults and:

  • Romance
  • intimate relationships
  • Music
  • Working hard to live your dreams

You’ll find these and similar concepts. But they’re all connected to the romance.

I’d say it’s the best all-rounder of an anime because it has it all.

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13. Sankarea: Undying Love

sankarea protagonist

Sankarea is a romance and Ecchi series about a guy who wants a zombie girlfriend.

It’s a strange one but it’s surprisingly good. Romance aside, there are some f*cked up themes unrelated to the main characters’ relationship.

At least directly. It’s a good anime that goes unnoticed.

The ending is a little disappointing though. Mostly because of the cliffhanger (needs a 2nd season).


14. Kiss x Sis

YouTube video

Kiss x Sis is an anime mentioned on this site quite a bit for different reasons.

It’s an Ecchi series and a harem of course. Plus it can be classified as a guilty pleasure or even “trashy” depending on your view.

Not to mention the implied incest of this series.

One stand-out feature though is the amount of kissing scenes. If this is what you want, it doesn’t disappoint.

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15. Tonikaku Kawaii

tsukasa and nasa blushing

Tonikaku Kawaii is an anime series with TONS of kissing and romantic scenes.

The anime is about Tsukasa Tsukiyomi, and Nasa. You can call them accidental couples.

The plot focuses on building their relationship, and showing you their journey as they get more comfortable with each other. And learn more about each other.

All In a rom-com setting that just can’t be compared because of its sheer quality and visuals.


16. How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

megumi and tomoyo

Probably the least of what you want is in this anime. But it does happen (kissing).

Saekano, or “How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend” centers around that exact title. Just not in a way you’d think.

A bunch of Otaku, authors, and artists get together to help Tomoya (MC) build a dating sim game.

The anime becomes a lot more than just that.

I added it here because even still – It’s a great anime if romance is the type of anime you like.

It’s Ecchi too but it handles itself pretty well and avoids being over the top.

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17. Bloom Into You

bloom into you couple

Bloom Into You is another good series I ran into, like Sankarea but different.

It’s about Lesbians, straight girls, and the lust, romance and friendships between them.

You’ll definitely find some relatable elements to this series and how the characters manoeuvre and interact.

It’s probably the first Yuri series I’ve watched and enjoyed it more than expected. The art is nice on the eyes.

You can happily expect a satisfying amount of kisses in this anime, but it doesn’t go any further than that.

Very few anime do without being borderline Hentai or straight-up lewd.


18. Say I Love You

say i love you couple

Say I Love You is quite a nice anime man I can’t lie. Lots of romance and plenty of kissing between the main characters.

It’s a shoujo-type series about Mei Tachibana, a girl who’s given up on the idea of friends or anything like that in school.

She’s introverted and has experienced the nasty side of gossiping, disloyalty, and fake friends.

Yamato, a guy who becomes interested in her changes all of that.

Decent anime all the way around.


Other anime with kissing:

  • Chuunibyou, Love, & Other Delusions.
  • Wonder Egg Priority.
  • White Album.
  • Citrus.
  • Maid Sama.
  • Sakura Trick.
  • Domestic Girlfriend.



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