12+ Of The Greatest Quotes From Bunny Girl Senpai Worth Sharing

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Written by Anime Motivation

Bunny Girl Senpai quotes taken from characters:

  • Shoko Makinohara.
  • Mai Sakurajima.
  • Sakuta Azasugawa.
  • Kaede Azasugawa.
  • Rio Futaba.
  • Tomoe Koga.

Bunny Girl Senpai is a deep, thoughtful and somewhat complex anime series released back in 2018. Produced by CloverWorks.

On the surface there’s romance but it tells a deeper story.

A lot of the quotes reflect the introspective nature of this anime and its characters.

Here are the best lines worth sharing.


1. Shoko Makinohara Quotes

shoko makinohara quotes

“What I think, Sakuta-kun, is that life is here for us to become kinder. I live life every day hoping I was a slightly kinder person than I was the day before.” – Shoko Makinohara


2. Sakuta Azasugawa Quotes

sakuta azusagawa quotes

“I don’t mind if I only had one person. Even if the whole world hated me, I could keep living if that person needed me.” – Sakuta Azusagawa


sakuta azusagawa quotes 1

“No matter who you were before, how you look right now is who you are.” – Sakuta Azusagawa


sakuta azusagawa quotes 2 1

“It’s foolish to fight the atmosphere when the people creating it don’t have a sense of it.” – Sakuta Azusagawa


sakuta azusagawa quotes 3

“It’s not like I live for all of humanity to like me.” – Sakuta Azusagawa


sakuta azusagawa quotes 4

“Once the class takes shape it doesn’t change easily.” – Sakuta Azusagawa


3. Kaede Azusagawa Quotes

kaede azusagawa quotes

“Big Brother has given Kaede so much happiness. She loves him now, has always loved him, and will always love him.” – Kaede Azusagawa


4. Mai Sakurajima Quotes

mai sakurajima quotes

“Forget what you saw today. Also, don’t have anything to do with me under any circumstances. If you understand, then say yes.” – Mai Sakurajima


mai sakurajima quotes 1

“I can’t allow her to sleep in the same house as you, so I’ll have to sleep there as well to keep an eye on her.” – Mai Sakurajima


mai sakurajima quotes 2

“You’re having lewd thoughts, aren’t you?” – Mai Sakurajima


5. Rio Futaba Quotes

rio futaba quotes

“Nothing less from you, Azusagawa. Such a rascal.” – Rio Futaba


6. Tomoe Koga Quotes

tomoe koga quotes

“I want everyone to like me. Or rather, I don’t want them to hate me.” – Tomoe Koga



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i like how futaba only has one notable line out of the millions of quantam mechanic lines she has

Theo J Ellis
Theo J Ellis
Reply to  eeerwefew

That’s how it is sometimes Lol.


Bunny girl senpai is my favourite anime of all time, like it’s so good! and the words used to describe such stuff is amazing.

god of tears
god of tears

Y’all didn’t even get the quote where dude says it’s okay to hate yourself. SMH


awesome <3

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