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20+ Meaningful Rozen Maiden Quotes That Are Memorable

rozen maiden anime wallpaper
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Rozen Maiden quotes taken from characters:

  • Shinku.
  • Souseiseki.
  • Barasuishou.
  • Suiseiseki.
  • Kirakishou.
  • Suigintou.

Rozen Maiden  is a drama/magic series, produced by Nomad. It’s about a shut-in and his accidental doll.

Let’s touch on the most meaningful quotes and highlights taken from each relevant character.

These are the best lines.


1. Shinku Quotes

shinku quotes rozen maiden

“The world is full of choices unseen. With the willingness to notice, anyone can choose a world of their very own, from an infinity of choices.” – Shinku


shinku quotes rozen maiden 1

“You’re right. You are a coward that knows only how to run away. But there is bravery in you. It takes guts to be able to look squarely at your weaknesses.” – Shinku


shinku quotes rozen maiden 2

“To live is to fight. Is that not true?” – Shinku


shinku quotes rozen maiden 3

“You’ve appeared again, have you? It’s no use. You’ll not trouble me anymore. You no longer exist. Be gone!” – Shinku


shinku quotes rozen maiden 4

“This is what’s inside your heart right now. A sky that has become this lovely will not always remain sunny. There will be times when rain will fall and storms will carry on. The scenery will change, but if it is left alone, it will stay changed forever. For that, you must continue to fight, because that is to live.” – Shinku


shinku quotes rozen maiden 5

“For a servant, this is the first time you’ve been useful, Jun.” – Shinku


shinku quotes rozen maiden 6

“As long as one heeds the voice that calls them, no one can ever turn you into junk. None of us were ever junk to begin with. We all carry the equal radiance that makes us worthy of becoming Alice.” – Shinku


shinku quotes rozen maiden 7

“In the eyes of the weak, everyone is strong. But I am truly strong.” – Shinku


shinku quotes rozen maiden 8

“All I wanted to do was to at least help you live a happy life with Sarah!” – Shinku


2. Kirakishou Quotes

kirakishou quotes rozen maiden

“My heart is a cold cage where lies a person far more than my self, with an eye that can see the truth but reflects nothing, a cold stare from a distant person that use to know how to smile.” – Kirakishou


kirakishou quotes rozen maiden 1

“Humans who can make a contract with Rozen Maidens are dolls of my own. I will have them become the seedbed for the white rose which is me.” – Kirakishou


3. Suigintou Quotes

suigintou quotes rozen maiden

“You spoke those kind words to me….and reached out a helping hand…only because you pitied me. You smugly looked down on me, didn’t you?” – Suigintou


suigintou quotes rozen maiden 1

“There is no way a despicable doll like you can become Alice. The one to become Alice is me. The one who loves father more than anyone. I will become Alice. Father will hold me close to his heart and he will gaze only upon me.” – Suigintou


suigintou quotes rozen maiden 2

“You’re a nasty one. You came into this world just a little bit more fortunate than others. And by chance, you only just happened to be crafted well. My whole entire existence was just a vehicle to elevate your own inflated self-worth!” – Suigintou


4. Souseiseki Quotes

souseiseki quotes rozen maiden

“You’re strong enough to go on without me…you’ve always been.” – Souseiseki


souseiseki quotes rozen maiden 1

“I swear that I will cut you loose!” – Souseiseki


souseiseki quotes rozen maiden 2

“I am nothing like Shinku I can assure you that.” – Souseiseki


5. Barasuishou Quotes

barasuishou quotes rozen maiden

“You cannot fight me, can you? How pathetic and weak.And pitiful. In that case, I shall take great pleasure in breaking you.” – Barasuishou


barasuishou quotes rozen maiden 1

“Pitiful. It’s so sad.You are so pitiful.” – Barasuishou


6. Suiseiseki Quotes

suiseiseki quotes rozen maiden

“If we can express our sadness in words, someone can come and try to comfort us. But there is sadness that we cannot express that we must overcome on our own.” – Suiseiseki

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