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18+ GREAT Baki The Grappler Quotes Fans Will Love

baki anime wallpaper
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Baki The Grappler quotes taken from characters:

  • Yuijiro Hanma.
  • Baki Hanma.
  • Goki Shibukawa.
  • Chiharu Shiba.
  • Hector Doyle.
  • Kaoru Hanayama.
  • Doppo Orochi.
  • Sikorsky.
  • Kozue Matsumoto.
  • Ryuukou Yanagi.

Baki The Grappler  is an anime series focused on martial arts and action. Produced by Group TAC.

As with these types of anime, you’re bound to come across meaningful quotes that tell a story. Or that have the power to change your perspective.

Here are the best lines worth sharing.


1. Goki Shibukawa Quotes

goki shibukawa quotes

“Yanagi…. Payback’s a b*tch.. Careful.” – Goki Shibukawa


2. Yujiro Hanma Quotes

yujiro hanma quotes

“I’m going to prove that the term father truly means master.” – Yujiro Hanma


yujiro hanma quotes 1

“Only by death is a true warrior defeated.” – Yujiro Hanma


yujiro hanma quotes 2

“If your left fist is caught before it hits the person’s face, then that fist can be crushed by the grip. Within the world of unarmed combat, there’s another world that amateurs like you cannot even imagine. Someone like you that’s in the league of competitors is 10 years too early to be showing off.” – Yujiro Hanma


yujiro hanma quotes 3

“What’s futile is not realizing the reality of your own futility. One hundred cowards are the same as one.” – Yujiro Hanma


3. Chiharu Shiba Quotes

chiharu shiba quotes

“Real men fight with their fists. When you know you’re not indebted to anything in the fight, it’s a man’s fight and pride that powers his fists to victory. But when you use a knife that’s no advantage.” – Chiharu Shiba


chiharu shiba quotes 1

“A real fighter fights with his fists, and nothing else. You’ve gotta adjust your attitude. A disadvantage can help a man fight better. It’s a man’s guts and pride that drives his fists to victory. But when you use a knife you’re just throwing away the advantage of being at a disadvantage.” – Chiharu Shiba


4. Baki Hanma Quotes

baki hanma quotes

“This is the path I chose, win or lose. This is the only move I can make right now. After 17 years of doing nothing, this is what I must do with my life.” – Baki Hanma


baki hanma quotes 1

“If one is born as a male, at least once in life, he’ll dream of becoming the strongest man alive.” – Baki Hanma


baki hanma quotes 2

“You crossed the line you shouldn’t have crossed.” – Baki Hanma


baki hanma quotes 3

“This is the only move I got, and I have to take it.” – Baki Hanma


baki hanma quotes 4

“Someone like you is 10 years old early to be showing off.” – Baki Hanma


5. Hector Doyle Quotes

Hector Doyle quotes

“I know you, you’re no fighter.” – Hector Doyle


6. Kaoru Hanayama Quotes

kaoru hanayama quotes

“Because a Otokodachi without any scars…. isn’t an Otokodachi at all.” – Kaoru Hanayama


7. Doppo Orochi Quotes

doppo orochi quotes

“I used to hate spear-hand training. We had to do spear-hand strikes into bundled bamboo. Can’t remember how many times I broke or dislocated my fingers.  Made me start to wish I didn’t have any fingers.. because then I could punch all out. My dream just came true.” – Doppo Orochi


8. Ryuukou Yanagi Quotes

Ryuukou Yanagi quotes

“Martial Artists are so naive. If you want to fight, you don’t have to challenge me, you simply have to come at me.” – Ryuukou Yanagi


9. Kozue Matsumoto Quotes

kozue matsumoto quotes

“Well ..so things come easy to you… you’re good at fighting and flattery.” – Kozue Matsumoto


10. Sikorsky Quotes

sikorsky quotes baki

“You’d do or say anything to save your skin… probably even lick my ass when nobody was looking.” – Sikorsky



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