The Ultimate List Of “The Familiar Of Zero” Quotes For Anime Fans

the familiar of zero anime wallpaper
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The Familiar Of Zero Quotes taken from the main characters:

  • Louise de la Vallière.
  • Henrietta de Tristain.
  • Saito Hiraga.
  • Charlotte De Gallia.
  • Kirche Von Zerbst.

The Familiar Of Zero is a romance/harem series produced by J.C Staff.

A lot of the times harem types of anime like this don’t have many quotes to offer that are relatable, meaningful, or even worth quoting. But The Familiar Of Zero is a bit of an exceptio,

Here are the best lines worth sharing for anime fans!


1. Henrietta de Tristain Quotes

“Freedom is the best treasure, after all.” – Henrietta de Tristain


“The more you rush, the less careful you become. Even a cautious rat will show its tail.” – Henrietta de Tristain


2. Louise de la Vallière Quotes

“You don’t call someone a noble because they use magic! You call someone a noble who never shows her back to the enemy!” – Louise de la Vallière


“A mage who forsakes their familiar is not a real mage.” – Louise de la Vallière


“My servant that exists somewhere in the universe! My divine, beautiful, and powerful familiar! I wish and assert from the bottom of my heart, answer my guidance!” – Louise de la Vallière


“Death comes at the very end, doesn’t it? Until that time comes, do your best at living!” – Louise de la Vallière


“My name is Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière. Pentagon that rules the five powers, bless this individual, and make him my familiar!” – Louise de la Vallière


“I don’t want to die, either. But I’m an aristocrat. It’s an honor to die for one’s people. You make fun of it, but is it that insignificant to die for everyone else?” – Louise de la Vallière


“You’re my familiar, understand? That means, whatever your master orders you to do, you should nicely obey like a good dog.” – Louise de la Vallière


3. Saito Hiraga Quotes

“I don’t mind if I sleep on the floor. I don’t care if my meals taste awful. It can’t be helped, so I’ll keep going. But, if I don’t want to bow my head down to someone, I can’t bow down to him!” – Saito Hiraga


“It’s only natural for a man to protect the girl he likes.” – Saito Hiraga


“I’m not a man if I can’t make the girl I love smile!” – Saito Hiraga


“So what if you’re an aristocrat?! Dying for the sake of honor is something an idiot does!” – Saito Hiraga


“A Japan without Louise’s presence… It would be meaningless to return back home!” – Saito Hiraga


4. Charlotte De Gallia Quotes

“You killed my father and you broke my mother’s heart. I will never forgive you for that.” – Charlotte De Gallia


5. Kirche Von Zerbst Quotes

“Love and fire are the destinies of the Von Zerbst family. I only wish to burn in flames of love.” – Kirche Von Zerbst

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