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The Most Memorable Boruto Quotes You Need To See As An Anime Fan

Boruto quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Boruto Uzumaki.
  • Metal Lee.
  • Naruto Uzumaki.
  • Kawaki.
  • Mitsuki.
  • Kakashi Hatake.
  • Chocho Akimichi.
  • Shikadai Nara.
  • Imojin Yamanaka.
  • Momoshiki Otsutsuki.
  • Sarada Uchiha.
  • Shikamaru Nara.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a follow up of Naruto, just like DB Super is the follow up to DBZ.

Opinions aside and regardless of what people think of Boruto, let’s focus on the quotes. Because it’s the quotes that bring meaning to the anime, and they can bring meaning to the lives of anime fans as well.

Here are the BEST lines taken from the Boruto series.


1. Naruto Uzumaki Quotes

naruto uzumaki quotes 3 |

“The many lives lost during long years of conflict… because of those selfless sacrifices, we are able to bathe in peace and prosperity now. To ingrain this history within the new generation will be a vital cog in helping to maintain the peace.” – Naruto Uzumaki


naruto uzumaki quotes 1 1 |

“You’re no person… you are just a monster.” – Naruto Uzumaki


2. Chocho Akimichi Quotes

Chocho Akimichi quotes |

“You never know until you step up to the challenge, right? So now, you’ll know what to do next time.” – Chocho Akimichi


Chocho Akimichi quotes 1 |

“Harsh experiences in life polish a man.” – Chocho Akimichi


3. Kakashi Hatake Quotes

kakashi hatake quotes |

“Without knowing where you really want to go… Having a grace period like that isn’t so bad. But if that’s all you end up doing, you’ll come up against barriers that you won’t be able to break.” – Kakashi Hatake


4. Boruto Uzumaki Quotes

Boruto Uzumaki quotes |

“To me, the hokage is just a path. Just because my grandpa and dad are Hokage, doesn’t mean that I have to walk the same path. Sarada, what I’m really aiming for is to become a Shinobi like your dad.” – Boruto Uzumaki


Boruto Uzumaki quotes 1 |

“Make me your disciple. There’s someone I really want to defeat no matter what!” – Boruto Uzumaki


Boruto Uzumaki quotes 2 |

“I’ll walk my own path.” – Boruto Uzumaki


5. Inojin Yamanaka Quotes

Inojin Yamanaka quotes |

“How can you call it a fair fight after breaking the rules?” – Inojin Yamanaka


6. Kawaki Quotes

kawaki quotes boruto |

“The age of the Shinobi is over.” – Kawaki


7. Mitsuki Quotes

Mitsuki quotes boruto |

“You adults can’t tell me what to do. I’ll decide what i want to do for myself.” – Mitsuki


8. Momoshiki Otsutsuki Quotes

Momoshiki otsutsuki quotes |

“Hmph. You are nothing but inferior life forms after all.” – Momoshiki Otsutsuki


Momoshiki otsutsuki quotes 1 |

“Oh the irony. if we’re talking about monsters, then that makes two of us.” – Momoshiki Otsutsuki


9. Shikadai Nara Quotes

Shikadai Nara quotes |

“It’s like the train. As long as it stays on the tracks, It’ll get to its destination easily. So just sit tight until you get there.” – Shikadai Nara


10. Sarada Uchiha Quotes

Sarada Uchiha quotes |

“I plan on becoming the Hokage by choosing a different path than my dad!” – Sarada Uchiha


11. Shikamaru Nara Quotes

Shikamaru Nara quotes |

“There’s no such thing as a perfect kid.” – Shikamaru Nara


12. Metal Lee Quotes

Metal Lee quotes |

“This kind of thing should have been a piece of cake. But I couldn’t. When I mess up I get nervous.” – Metal Lee


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