FACTS About Social Justice Warriors In The Anime Community

ryuko and mako kill la kill

At this point in the anime industry – you can’t escape social justice warriors in the west.

Anime has crossed over internationally and it did so YEARS ago.

But now the internet is bigger and so is anime. And the trend in the west where sensitive, attention seeking people “outrage” about minor topics hasn’t stopped yet.


Uzaki Chan’s Blood Donation Campaign Was The Latest Victim

uzaki chan blood donate

The WHOLE point of this campaign is to encourage people to donate blood.

So instead of promoting that cause – people made it about themselves. And added their 2 cents about their self-righteous nonsense.


Facts About Anime Social Justice Warriors

There’s a couple of things I’ve recognized with 99% of these types of people. And the backlash that comes with a lot of modern-day anime shows.

Let’s get into it.


1. It’s all for “likes, retweets” and NOTHING more

Back in Mid October 2019 Hero Hei did a video about the backlash My Hero Academia season 4 was getting on Twitter.

The gist of it is – Nejire Hado was apparently being “sexualized” and Studio Bones was accused of “Misogyny”.


Here’s the image that started the Twitter beef

nejire hado twitter

You might be thinking wtf is the problem here? And that’s the point.

Take another look.


nejire hado manga vs anime

THIS is what SJW’S went out of their way to b*tch about on Twitter.

Sexualization or attention seeking?


The Twitter account who started this CHANGED their username to avoid backlash

As you can clearly see – the Twitter user who sparked this controversy for ATTENTION changed their username.

Basically deleting their account so no one can find them.

This is only one of too many examples of people who do this for attention.

Anime is one of many topics these SJW’S use for “likes and retweets” so they can feel like they’re part of something relevant.


2. They’re NOT part of the anime community to begin with

shield hero sjw 1

When The Rising Of The Shield Hero aired in January 2019 – feminists and SJW’S came crawling out their caves to point fingers again.

There’s a scene in the first episode where the main character is accused of rape. Though it’s nothing more than a false allegation.


Feminists and SJW’S were “rubbed” the wrong way by their own bias

The thing about everyone who complained about this scene and went on to claim “this doesn’t happen in real life” (which is delusional in itself), none of them are anime fans.

Everyone one of the people who made this into a big deal when it really isn’t, has never watched a single anime series in their life.

Anime is a popular topic to criticize these days in the USA because of how BIG its become.


The Shield Hero Director hilariously responded to it as well


And THIS tweet about Shield Hero’s author being female is a point SJW’S missed


3. They’re using anime as a “scapegoat” to deal with their problems

THIS started on Twitter before someone shared an article from Anime Motivation about positive life lessons in anime.

As you can see from the Tweets – this person is negative. And they’re unusually committed to “bashing” anime fans.

Almost to the point of sickening hatred.


This is what anime SJW’S look like

Hatred in itself is toxic.

Once you reach a point where you hate someone so much that you want to do HARM to them, and you go out your way to let them know about it constantly…. It becomes clear you’re running away from your problems.

Hate is a projection of how you feel about yourself, NOT someone else.

Sad as it is – this is the reality of most anime social justice warriors. There’s no rhyme or reason to their madness.

It’s based purely on insecurity and self-doubt.


Anime SJW’S (and SJW’S in general) is a trend that will DIE eventually

The majority of this all starts on TWITTER. Because Twitter is the only platform that gives you the opportunity to “voice” your opinion to the masses.

But at this point – it’s being abused and there’s only so much of this that can happen before it dies out.


As far as anime SJW’S – Ishuzoku Reviewers is an anime that will spark controversy in 2020 once released.

Maybe this will be the beginning of the end of SJW-ism in the US.

Either way – it’s about time it died so we can complain about REAL problems that are going unnoticed.



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