Ishuzoku Reviewers: An Anime About “Monster Girl Races” Is Set For 2020

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I’ve always wondered why anime hasn’t explored certain topics as of yet. Especially topics that are controversial, deep, or more sensitive than your average anime.

I’ve even mentioned before how there aren’t anime that focus on drug dealers or prostitutes in general.

Kinda Ironic since Ishuzoku Reviewers is a Manga being adapted into an anime about that exact thing. It’s set for 2020 January if the date doesn’t change.


Ishuzoku Reviewers – What’s It About?

ishuzoku reviewers cover

Ishuzoku Reviewers is originally a Manga about a legal world of prostitution.

There are different races like:

  • Elves.
  • Humans.
  • Fairies.
  • Angels.
  • Demons.

The main character called Stunk goes on a journey to “review” different brothels in this fantasy world. His goal is to come to a conclusion of which types of women are the “best”.


Here’s what Twitter says about Ishuzoku Reviewers:






Here’s the original Tweet in Japanese about Ishuzoku Reviewers



[Key visual release] The key visual for the TV anime “Heterogene Reviewers” ​​is released!

This is a gorgeous illustration of 17 people gathered in the “Shokutei”, a gathering place for reviewers! TV anime broadcast starts in January 2020! The official website has also been renewed!”



What are your thoughts on this upcoming anime series?

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