25+ Of The Wildest “Ghost Stories” Quotes For Anime Fans

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Ghost Stories anime quotes taken from:

  • Amanojaku.
  • Momoko Koigakubo.
  • Hajime Aoyama.
  • Akane.
  • Ouma.
  • Satsuki Miyanoshita.

Ghost Stories, depending on which version you watched (subbed vs dubbed) is a wild anime series. With some of the craziest dialogue and lines ever seen in anime.

Aside from the crazy dubbed version, there are some meaningful quotes here and there to take from Ghost Stories.

Either way – let’s focus on both.


1. Hajime Aoyama Quotes

hajime aoyama quotes

“I’m too young to die. The only person I’ve had sex with is my babysitter.” – Hajime Aoyama


hajime aoyama quotes 1

“Non-believers tend to be targeted more. They tend to be stared at from behind.” – Hajime Aoyama


hajime aoyama quotes 2

“You can’t cancel the festival! One little retarded boy has his heart set on this thing! Not to mention all the hours and hours this very handsome personal trainer has spent helping the little dweeb. If you won’t think of him, then consider all the Halo playing and monkey spanking I’ve sacrificed!” – Hajime Aoyama


hajime aoyama quotes 3

“At this rate, the bullies will make him their b*tch my noon.” – Hajime Aoyama


hajime aoyama quotes 4

“You flatter yourself way too much, baby. Look, I just came here to give you a warning, and that’s all I came here for.” – Hajime Aoyama


2. Satsuki Miyanoshita Quotes

satsuki miyanoshita quotes

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, Keiichiro. Monsters only get evil people like Republicans. And we’re not old enough to vote.” – Satsuki Miyanoshita


3. Amanojaku Quotes

amanojaku quotes

“You’re destined to endure a much scarier predicament. You’d better get ready for the worst.” – Amanojaku


amanojaku quotes 1

“I will definitely not forgive you. I’ll curse you. Be ready for the worst!” – Amanojaku


amanojaku quotes 2

“I’ll drag all the children in school into a world of fear!” – Amanojaku


amanojaku quotes 3

“Now that they’ve awakened, no one can escape. You’re all finished!” – Amanojaku


amanojaku quotes 4

“He mocked the ghosts. That’s why he ended up like that… Just as you imagined, he was attacked by a ghost. I wonder who the next victim will be.” – Amanojaku


amanojaku quotes 5

“Everyone who hears it dies at sunset.” – Amanojaku


amanojaku quotes 6

“If you bother them, of course you’ll get cursed.” – Amanojaku


amanojaku quotes 7

“Are you sure it’s really alright?.. Ghosts don’t give up so easily.” – Amanojaku


amanojaku quotes 8

“A curse isn’t something you can easily erase. Because to put it in words, it’s the feeling of bearing a grudge against someone.” – Amanojaku


amanojaku quotes 9

“If you can’t do it, then he’ll just kill you all!” – Amanojaku


amanojaku quotes 10

“I’m not going to let you get away with this! I’m going to give you such a taste of fear that your body and soul will freeze!” – Amanojaku


amanojaku quotes 11

“It’s always the ones who try to deny the undeniable who end up having the worst things happen to them.” – Amanojaku


amanojaku quotes 12

“If we don’t become friends, you’ll be faced with great misfortune.” – Amanojaku


amanojaku quotes 13

“You won’t be able to leave here for the rest of your lives!” – Amanojaku


4. Ouma The Spirit Of Vengeance Quotes

ouma the spirit of vengeance quotes

“I’ll send anyone who goes against me to Hell!” – Ouma The Spirit Of Vengeance


5. Momoko Koigakubo Quotes

momoko koigakubo quotes

“If you keep making light of ghosts with these stories of yours, you’re going to have a ghost show up at your place one day.” – Momoko Koigakubo


momoko koigakubo quotes 1

“When a strong ghost shows up, the weak ghost sometimes gets chased away.” – Momoko Koigakubo


momoko koigakubo quotes 2

“It’s not right to teach a child to respond with violence. He should follow the example of our lord and savior Jesus Christ and forgive his persecutors.” – Momoko Koigakubo


6. Akane Of The Broadcast Room Quotes

akane of the broadcast room quotes

“Just me dying is unforgivable. Everyone should die.” – Akane



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