Upcoming Anime Controversies In 2021 That Will Break The Internet

shigaraki tomura creepy smug
Written by Theo J Ellis

Anime controversies are nothing new. They’ve been happening consistently for the last couple of years.

The last 5 years is the period we’ve seen the most of any other time.

If you think:

  • Uzaki Chan
  • Ishuzoku Reviewers

Or any other controversy was big in 2020, just wait till you see what 2021 will bring.

Here’s a taste of what’s coming.


Anime Controversies 2021:


Redo Of Healer

redo of healer dark fantasy anime

Redo Of Healer is a manga being adapted into an anime series. It’ll be sometime in 2021.

By winter we’ll probably have a more accurate date of what month and what day in particular.

I’d go as far to say it’ll be the most controversial anime in 2021. Given the material.

The anime is about revenge, and the main character goes back in time to get his revenge.

Part of his methods are anything but “moral”. And it even goes as far as rape in a revenge style plot where the MC takes no hostages.

The clear controversy here is obvious.

Goblin Slayer was a dark fantasy that did the same thing, but Redo Of Healer will take it to a whole other level of insanity.

The beauty (depending on your perception) of Japan’s unrestricted creativity is why it exists.

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World’s End Harem

worlds end harem girl brown hair

World’s End Harem is another definite anime that will stir the pot of controversy online.

In fact – it won’t just stir the pot, it’s gonna break the damn internet along with Redo Of Healer. And Twitter’s gonna explode like you’ve never seen before.

The anime‘s plot is essentially a man who goes around making women pregnant to save the world.

After the population was destroyed to the degree that only 1 man exists, he makes it his mission to repopulate. Hence “making women pregnant to save the world”.

Sexism will be high on the list of complaints, while others will talk about how trashy the anime is.

The trashy part is correct, and that’s part of why it’s gonna cause so much controversy in 2021. Just like Ishuzoku Reviewers in early 2020.


Please Don’t Bully Me Nagatoro

Please Dont Bully Me Nagatoro anime

Also known as – Don’t Toy With Me Nagatoro, this anime is about a smug girl, similar to Hana Uzaki from Uzaki Chan.

In the case of this manga (being adapted into an anime), Nagatoro “bullies” and teases her Senpai, constantly.

Shes secretly interested in her Senpai and is dishonest with her feelings. Even more so than you see in Uzaki Chan.

This is expected to change later in the series. With an exhibitionist character who will also stir up trouble.

While the controversy here will be mild compared to others on this list, it’ll be interesting to see the double standards of how “news” outlets respond to this.

Not to mention the radical feminist side of the industry.


Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Season 2

Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid Season 2 anime

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid first dropped in 2017, made by Kyoto Animation. That’s why it’s so wholesome.

The anime has staked its claim in the slice of life and fantasy genre.

With season 2 coming in 2021 you might be wondering why this anime will stir the pot of controversy.

It’s simple: a new Loli character with big tiddies makes an appearance.

We already know what’s happened with Hana Uzaki from Uzaki Chan, so it’s not farfetched to expect the same from Miss Kobayashi season 2.

Especially since this anime was and is already popular.

Fans and the controversy will only make it that much more popular than it ever was.

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Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi

Heion Sedai no Idaten tachi anime

This anime adaptation from a manga is about young deities, and the coming battle between humans, gods and demons.

Nothing to shout about when it comes to controversial content, but as usual – when an anime character has “features” that aren’t acceptable, an all out Twitter war is bound to follow.

If we’re talking about designs, this anime is bound to follow and be criticized for it.

That’s the natural way of things when it comes to anime of this standard.


Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun

Megami ryou no Ryoubo kun anime

Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun is a new anime that’s been announced in 2021. No official release date yet.

It’s likely to come a lot later (winter time) though.

It’s an Ecchi series with a 12 year old female protagonist. So you can already see where the controversy is.

In response to this anime‘s announcement, some MAL users said this.

mal Megami ryou no Ryoubo kun comments

“Ecchi harem with 12 years old protagonist. Are we sure about this?”


The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2

YouTube video

The Rising Of The Shield Hero season 2 already caused sites like CBR to claim Shield Hero needs “to redeem itself”.

This because of the TRUTHS the anime laid out with false accusations against Men. And the man being treated as guilty until innocent (and not the other way around).

It’s unpredictable to say what season 2 will bring this time around, but a lot of critics aren’t happy about it.

So if something controversial does take place, that will only drive up the outrage even more.


Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out Season 2

uzaki chan season 2 anime 2021

Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out doesn’t need an introduction at this point. It’s caused enough trouble for existing.

Season 1 did well enough to warrant a 2nd season, expected to air later in 2021.

It’s unknown what’s to come unless you’re a reader of the original manga, but it’s an Ecchi series. So it’s bound to rub people the wrong way.

Mostly people who AREN’T anime fans to begin with.

Are there anymore controversial anime in 2021?



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i love how nerds on the internet that are attracted to children constantly have to make “10 THINGS THAT WILL TRIGGER LE SJWS XDDDD” posts to defend their f*cking Chinese cartoons from critique… and you call sjws butthurt when ya’ll are obsessed with fucking drawings and what people think about them

Fight Me
Fight Me

Chinese Cartoon damn you, racist! you’re in the same category of people you are talking about.

Deepak Saini
Deepak Saini

The comment section became controversial lol   

Nathaniel Duncan
Nathaniel Duncan

lolicon is disturbing in my view if you defend that shit your a pedo well in my view at least.

Deepak Saini
Deepak Saini

Well dude look i am not defending anyone and first of all i am not a lolicon So don’t get the wrong idea. I am representing some facts here. Look Does Video Games makes you murderer in real life because you kill people in games or violent and gory movies makes you psychopath and as far as you talks about lolis look dude those are fictional characters and if we try to give rights these fictional characters it will be always a vice versa the real life will be affected. And there are literally every type of people in this… Read more »

Nathaniel Duncan
Nathaniel Duncan
Reply to  Deepak Saini

Wow you really are passionate about your pedophilla now are you, i swear man.

Nathaniel Duncan
Nathaniel Duncan
Reply to  Theo J Ellis

dude if a person is into seeing sexulized 11 year old female anime characters i’m going to call that person a pedo same goes for shotacon to,there are other people in the cummunity who think it is to like thatanimesnob.

Deepak Saini
Deepak Saini

Well look dude age is irrelevant for anime characters for example shinobu from monogatari is a 500 years old loli now what can you say about it. These characters are drawn in attractive way. We can’t give anime characters a biological age if we then that should be grow according to time as i said it’s just a drawing on paper and nothing more. From a technical view not a moral view think about it. I know morals changes person to person. Calling people pedos will not solve anything.

Nathaniel Duncan
Nathaniel Duncan
Reply to  Theo J Ellis

it was one of his videos he did on digibro.

Just some dude
Just some dude

Shield Hero tells us the reality of this story subject matter. Is that we don’t know the full story and nothing is black and white. Doesn’t mean that majority of rape allegation is proven true, doesn’t mean it always is. A false allegation affects the livelihood of the accused just as much as the victim of sexual abused. So stop bring the social norms of western culture, and stop with the tunnels vision. The male character is falsely accused of rape, is not a bad thing, it is good thing, because it is indeed show the reality of this issue,… Read more »


But Shield Hero has evil female…. Malty and arguably Glass. So why is this controversial?

Nah mate
Nah mate

Alternate title: Crappy yet boring anime no one will care about in 2021

Alice Harcourt
Alice Harcourt

What we REALLY need is a fresh new incest anime like Yosuga no Sora & Koi Kaze. None of this “not related by blood” nonsense.

I really love these & their musical scores are always killer!

Let the SJWs howl about that for a while!

Reply to  Alice Harcourt

I believe that Kirino and Kyousuke from Oreimo are related by blood.

Alice Harcourt
Alice Harcourt
Reply to  Andrew

I mean they should make different, brand new incest anime. There are several really good incest manga that deserve an anime & other incest manga that have enough for a second season.

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